Punar Vivah 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 14th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
While they are searching for ansh, in their car, arti is very tensed about what prashant has in mind. She calls up shobha who tells her that the last call, prashant made, she could hear a mosque in the background and also children’s playing. Arti tells yash to go to the playground near the school.

Scene 2:
Location: In the playground
Prashant tries to get ansh on his side, showing his pics with arti at their wedding. Ansh asks why isnt he in these photos. Prashant says that kids come after parents marry. He asks how come he was in yash and arti’s marriage then. Prashant tells him that it was arti’s second marriage and that the first time was the real one when she married him. ansh however retaliates, saying that where was he when he called for him during his childhood and why and where had he gone, after leaving arti and himself. He hugs ansh and tries to tell him that he would give him every luxury from now on and for that he had left arti and ansh, to be able to earn money
for them. But she didnt wait for him and married yash due to his money. yash too married arti for his want of a son. He tries to plant negative ideas in ansh’s head that his mother sold ansh, for money. But ansh doesnt listen to him, saying that his parents love him very much. but prashant still keeps instigating ansh saying its his mother who lied and not him, and for that she was punished by suraj too. he hugs ansh, who doesnt seem to know whats happening.

Meanwhile, yash and arti reach the playground and frantically search around for ansh. While ansh is with prashant, arti spots them and calls out to him. Prashant immediately changes his mood, and says that ansh was feeling hungry and hence he got him some icecream. He tries to give ansh a gift, but she throws it all away and takes him away. Ansh on his way back, relates what prashant told him and arti is angered that prashant said all this to ansh and tried to corrupt his mind.

Arti comes back to prashant and reprimands him for having put wrong ideas in his head. But prashant falsely accuses her of being from a modest family, and therefore marrying yash for his money and being a low standard girl like her, never really loved yash, just married him for the sake of his money and status. Arti slaps him real hard and he threatens her that she would have to bear the consequences. when she gets to slap again, he holds her hand and doesnt let go even when she and ansh tried hard. Arti, whose hand prashant has held asking her to hit him, snatches her hand away from him and takes ansh and begins to leave. When prashant tries to follow them, yash intervenes and throws him on the ground threatening that if he ever tried to disturb anybody from his family again, he would kill him. yash leaves with arti and ansh.

Prashant who is lying on the ground is lent a hand by suraj in being able to get up. when he is confused as to why suraj is helping him, suraj puts his queries to rest citing the reason that he wants to retrieve yash from arti and prashant wants revenge from the girl who took his son away from him and insulted him in front of everyone and therefore they can make a pact to help each other.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
While the girls are playing, ansh and arti are in a sulken mood. Yash comes and arti tells him that what happened between them and prashant in front of ansh, has affected ansh severely. Yash tries to get ansh also to play along with them. He tries to involve ansh and the girls also into a word game that instantly gets ansh attracted and distracted too from his previous occupation. arti too joins them for their further enjoyment. When yash accuses her of cheating, she begins to say that EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN… and then stops midway, finally saying MAA ki MAMTA. yash tries to get hr to cheer up saying that she loves their children, but she doesnt love her husband i.e. yash. But arti is still a little tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: In the playground
Prashant says that he would destroy arti and take each and every revenge, for whatever she has doen to him. Suraj agrees saying that it would fulfill two tasks, his revenge and suraj’s son going back to his family. Prashant asks how would this happen. Suraj says that arti’s biggest strength is yash’s love and his support, but everyone has certain weaknesses too. Suraj reminds prashant of an old parable where the queen’s soul was trapped in a parrot and whenever the parrot was disturbed or tortured, the queen herself submitted to every torture by the trapper. This sets prashant to thinking hard. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Prashant gives arti a legal notice citing it as a revenge for her slap. when she reads it, she is horrified to find that prashant has applied to the court for ansh’s custody. Prashant says that this has been done since ansh is his son and he would get him back from her. Arti is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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