Punar Vivah 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 13th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence in mumbai and in the hotel
As arti comes with the food, she finds aysh stuck, trying to wear a shirt. She gives him a lecture, and then goes on to eradicate his dilemma. She helps him get dressed. as she is about to go, he holds her hand from behind, and turning her around and says that soon the sadness that has engulfed her would be over, and he would bring a smile back to her face again. arti says that he neednt bother about that, as he has the fullest faith in him. Seeing arti so hard trying to cope up for her sake, Yash thinks that he should tell arti that his important work is regarding ayu. Yash says that he values his happiness about the kids more than anything else, and therefore he has a very important reason and surpise too for her, becuase

of which he is going today. He hugs her tight saying that he would forever be with her, once he gives her the best surprise of her life.

While the whole family is excited about the celebration of Mother’s day, Ishita thinks that she has to reach in the next 15 minutes, as yash is very punctual, and hence she has to leave the family early. Ishita pretends that she gets a phone call from akash, saying that he needs to talk to her urgently. She asks them to go ahead, as she would soon follow. Arti remembers ishita’s negligence in going to the temple too earlier with the family, and then finding her on the phone, wonders if she’s making an excuse again. She gets radha’s call, and has no option but to leave. Seeing them gone, Ishita cancels the phone, and leaves.

They attend the community function. Arti is tensed that something isnt right, and thinks about calling yash. She tries his number, and yash, picks it up in the hotel, and tells that he’s waiting for the client. As arti asks where is the meeting, yash asks if she’s doubting him. She says that she’s just feeling worried and hence called him up. Yash asks her not to worry, as he would soon finish his work, and then join them if possible, and that she should just pray that this meeting be a success. After cancelling the phone, arti hopes that everything would be alright.

As arti tries to help pari in managing the bbay, she again is rudely confronted by pari, who asks her to manage her own business, and not try to meddle with her child. Vidhi reprimands her for talking like that. But pari says that she lost her own son, due to her own carelessness, and now is eyeing her child. As pari leaves, vidhi asks her not to feel bad, especially not on mother’s day, and that she also shouldnt feel bad. She says that she hoeps they find out something about the person, who is responsible for ayu’s loss. Arti is in contemplation.

Arti prays to the Goddess that its her prayer to her, that arti would be helped by her, in finding about ayu, and then showing ishita’s true face to everyone. Just then, she notices the dancers, and thinsk that its the same dancer, who had come on ayu’s celebration party, and had given them a scare of his kidnapping. The dancer is confronted by arti, who keeps her asking who asked her to kidnap ayu. The dancer says that she’s right in assuming this, and is about to spill the name of the person, who asked her to do this, but she is stopped by radha, who interrups them, and then when arti turns back again, she doesnt find the dancer there. she is very tensed, and radah is puzzled seeing her like this.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hotel and yash’s residence
Ishita fixes up a waiter, and tells her that she will order for a juice, and then he knows what he has to do. The waiter nods, taking in the package of money, that she gives him. Ishita thinks that while arti is celebrating Mother’s day, her happiness would be done and over with. She comes to the table, and then as per plan, orders a juice. She asks him not to think anything, and cupping his cheek with her hand, says that tonight something would be significant, that would tell them about ayu. Yash jerks her hand away. He finishes the juice, much to her. She thinks that this medicine would just take 15 more minutes to work, and then yash would be all hers. The waiter comes and tells them, that they should wait in Room No 402, where Mr. Harsh Rastogi has asked them to wait for him. Ishita smiles at her plan working, when yash nods.

The celebration begins in full swing, with dances and cultural programmes happening. Arti thinks that she shouldnt try his phone, again, but cant resist herself. But the mobile in ishita’s hand, causes ishita to cancel the phone
As she tries the phone again, she cant get through, and is asked by radha to come and sit along with them to enjoy the function.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hotel room
As the detective is getting late, as cited by ishita, yash is in a dizzy state, ishita gets him water and deliberately poursd it on yash, so that she can ask for the shirt to be removed. But yash vehemently denies. But Ishita insistently takes off his shirt, with strong resistance on his part first, and then increasingly getting feebler, while he is almost unconscious, under the influence of the medicine. The screen freezes on ishita’s evil face.

Precap: The dancer tells arti, that the person who tried to kidnap her child, ayu, is somebody from her family only, telling her that its Ishita. Arti is horrified that her worst fears have come true.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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