Punar Vivah 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 12th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Raj angrily comes to his room, remembering the reason for the anger. He inflicts a wound on his leg, in rage, and sarita is shocked and sad too that raj has gone to this extent. As she dresses his wound, Raj asks her why does she care for him so much, when he gave her nothing for ten years. Sarita says its because she loves him and asks why did he take that oath. Sarita asks Raj where would he search for a prospective groom who’s suitable enough according to him. she asks him to consider the fact that it isnt easy for a married woman to have a second husband on her own terms. Raj says that he would show the world, that it is possible to get a married woman remarried, without any compulsions and compromising terms. Sarita is tensed to see

such rage. she asks why has he taken such a burden on himself. He says that what about the selfless burden that she has taken for ten years, then why cant he for a month. As she dresses his leg, she is teary eyed at the emotional conflict that she’s going through right now, while raj stares into her eyes, as if staring in her soul. She finishes the dressing. Raj tries to get up, and sarita assists him in that, and carries him with her arms’ support, giving them a chance for a proximity and eyelock. she makes him lie on the bed, and adjusts the pillow under her head, and while he rests, she sits by his bedside.

Kamla is lamenting at shiela, as to how raj spoiled the chnces of getting rid of shiela. Shiela asks what would have been her reaction had she been asked for that test for one of her three daughters. kamla asks why would someone ask this test for her unmarried girls. Shiela says that they are living in a hypocritic world, where one doesnt believe the world, as they themselves are tainted. kamla asks her not to overthink and only do what is told of her to do. Fatso comes and tells them that rohan and his mother have come. kamla asks shiela to get dressed in a saree, and tells the fatso to get her brother and father. Shiela asks why should she wear a saree, as he wotn change to dhoti, and why cants he wear a suit. Kamla asks her not to argue and do what is asked. she goes out to greet them.

Sohan asks them that last night for the way raj misbehaved with them, have they come to break off the relation. Rohan’s mother says that they actually have a request for them. they are tensed while she hesitates to spill it out. she finally says that they want sundari out of the house for some time, till they get married. Kamla is very happy, when soham agrees, and hopes that she’s gone forever.

As rohan is searching for shiela, sarita says that the one who he’s searching is getting ready just for him. kamla sees this and reprimands sarita that its not she who’s marrying, but shiela. She takes rohan from there. Sarita is in tears. She comes back to her room. She goes to shiela’s room, where she is dressing up. Shiela asks how does she look. sarita compliments her, and asks her to hurry as rohan’s waiting. As sarita stops her, shiela says that she knows that she would be asked why hasnt she worn a saree. sarita says that isnt the reason, and wishes her all the best. shiela hopes that this dress doesnt cause a furore. Sarita assurers her that nothing like that would happen.

As shiela comes down, and kamla eyes her, rohan asks her to let be. His mother too agrees, saying that her mother in law had burnt all suits of hers. raj too ask to let be. His mother shows a modern approach saying that she’s happy when rohan and his wife are. She refuses to let her touch her feet, saying that her place is in her heart. Raj thanks sarita in his heart, that for her, this has been possible, and shiela is so happy. He thinks that sarita thinks so much about his family, and what would happen when she leaves.

Sarita reprimands raj for going out, when he needs to rest. As raj cites an urgent reason, sarita nags that she wont let her go. raj says that she has become very adamant. Sarita says that has happened since he has started caring for her. Raj says that she’s going again to the matrimonial site, as he has to fulfill his promise. Sarita dulls out at this, and raj leaves. she rushes out asking him to take care of his right leg, and not kick start the engine with much effort. Raj says that he felt she came for something else. Raj nicknames her Chotu as she is like a child. He says that she shouldnt care so much, that when she leaves, he actually misses her. While sarita is in a trance, raj leaves, and sarita is unable to believe what she just heard. She thinks that his chotu too would miss him wherever she is.

The girls discuss as to how expensive the gifts are. Granny is happy at shiela’s in laws and their behaviour. Sarita says that she’s very happy for shiela. Kamla thinks that she’s too sweet to believ and believes that she definitely is upto something. Sarita smiles at the latest positive turns in her life.

Sarita gets a phone call from divya’s friend that she’s leaving bhopal forever, and would go back to her TV life. Sarita asks how can she go like this. He asks her to hurry up or else her flight would leave. Sarita thinks that raj is doing so much and she has to stop divya from going, and doing the same mistake that she did ten years back.

Scene 2:
Location: The matrimonial site’s office
Raj fills out the biodata, where the qualities are endless, and say that the grrom shouldnt be like him. The officer says that he cant write that, as then noone would come. the officer asks him not to tell about his wife’s qualities, as a person would feel he loves her so much as he too feels the same. Raj says that he loves someone else. Raj says he is just caring for her. The officer asks him if he’s sure of what he’s about to do and think it over again. The screen freezes on Raj’s tensed face.

Precap: The fatso tells sarita that shiela is going out on a date with rohan. Sarita says that she shouldn go unchaperoned, and asks if she can go along with her. kamla asks why cant they go alone, or she has some other plan that she wants to go with them. sarita is hurt. Kamla refuses her to go with shiela and rohan.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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