Punar Vivah 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 11th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti, decorating their room, with the scindia family pictures’ collage while the kids watch happily. She asks for forgiveness from their photos along with the kids and asks them to forgive fast. When she goes over to pamper them, the kids put her on statue and deliberately try to get her to laugh by sharing a joke. ansh starts telling the joke and arti desperately tries to stop laughing. Yash sees this from a distance. The kids complain that arti is strictly not moving. He gives them the idea of tickling her but they say its against the rules. Then yash says that he has an idea and starts making funny faces so that she laughs and moves from her stature. The kids say that she won since she didnt budge under yash’s pressure and go out to play. while she is stuck in her kissing position, yash comes close to her making her finally withdraw away and yash leaning in on her. The kids statue them in this position while they have fun. The whole family engages in fun.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house and ansh’s school
The next morning, teacher tells suraj that ansh got hurt today during his P.T. class and after being given first aid, he’s stable now. She says that she called so that someone could come and pick him from school. Suraj hears ansh’s voice on the phone crying out for yash. He begins to call out to arti but then thinks otherwise wondering about buaji’s words. suraj cancels the phone saying that they dont have any relation with ansh whatsoever and cancels the phone while the teacher is confused. Suraj is tensed at the recent happenings. The teacher begins to check her diary for any other contact no.

She contacts the dubey house and prashant picks up the phone. The teacher tells him the entire story and he leaves lying to his mother that it was his friend on the phone who has called him urgent.

Scene 3:
Location: Outside the school
Ansh is not very happy that prashant came to visit him since arti would get angry, but prashant reminds him of their freidnship and how he had helped ansh with arti and ansh had given a friendship band in reciprocation of his love. He asks ansh to shake hands with him but ansh does it half heartedly. Prashant asks about ansh’s health and says that they would have a fun day today. But ansh refuses saying that he would only go with his parents. After thinking, he says that yash is busy in meeting and therefore didnt bother about ansh, and refused to come to ansh. Hence he had come since he could never leave his kid alone. Ansh remembers prashant’s taiji’s words saying he is prashant’s son. He lures ansh by giving him chocolates and toys and takes Ansh with him in the car.

Scene 4:
Location: In the market and yash’s house
Arti and yash are marketing when they come across an unfortunate kid who sells balloons for a living. He takes that kid and buys all balloons from him. He asks arti to give 1000rs. to the boy and asks him to go get food. yash wishes that all children should get food, education and the love of their parents. Arti too wishes for the same. They think that balloons would thrill their own kids and drive off in the car. They come home and ask for ansh from the girls. They tell arti that ansh was hurt and was sent home, so he would be here only. While yash gives balloons to the girls, Arti goes inside and comes running outside saying that ansh isnt at home. He is shocked to hear this.

yash calls up the school about this and finds out that ansh has been taken by prashant by the teacher, pretending to be his guardian. He asks her why they didnt call at his house, she tells him the whole story of how suraj had refused to come. When arti asks him what happened, yash tells her that ansh was taken by prashant. She too is shocked to hear this. Yash, in anger, leaves.

yash comes and tells arti that shobha told that prashant hasnt returned yet. arti is shocked to find that he lied. Yash asks arti to come along with him and they would find ansh together. The kids too sensing the gravity of the situation, tell arti that they would behave and she should go with yash, without bothering about them. They begin to leave when yash finds suraj wacthing them from a distance.

Scene 5:
Location: In the playground
While prashant is trying to get ansh on his side by saying that arti loved him forst, ansh vehemently denies having seen arti loving prashant ever, and that she only loves yash. Prashant is irritated to hear this.

Scene 6:
Location: Yash’s house
Yash stops suraj and says that he never could have thought that suraj would give yash’s punishment to his son ansh. He accuses suraj being responsible for his son’s disappearance. Suraj retorts back saying that now could he understand the pain of losing his own son and the pain that is borne when the child is in torture, when ansh is not even his real son. Just one year of bonding is such important to you, that you forgot the pain that he would inflict on his parenst when he left them for this girl and leaves. They are hurt and tensed and the screen freezes on Arti’s face.

Precap: Arti, whose hand prashant has held asking her to hit him, snatches her hand away from him and takes ansh and begins to leave. When prashant tries to follow them, yash intervenes and throws him on the ground threatening that if he ever tried to disturb anybody from his family again, he would kill him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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