Punar Vivah 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 10th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: At the temple
All kids surround the hurt boy and call for his mother, while prashant congratulates his son for showing off his bravery. When his mother arrives, she tries to scold ansh on knowing that he was behind this. But prashant snubs her off saying that she should try and control her kid instead of giving them a lecture. suraj and his faamily too arrive at the scene and watch all the drama.
Arti comes and sees it all and asks for apology. The lady taunts them for the mother being so apologizing and the father gloating about his kid’s wrong doing. arti says that prashant is not the father and she doesnt know him. The lady demands to talk to the father and yash arrives on the scene. Seeing the lady’s anger and the kid’s wound, he too apologizes for the same and Yash asks ansh to say sorry to the kid and his mother while prashant keeps arguing that ansh doesnt need to ask for forgiveness since the kid started the fight by pushing ansh first. Yash tells prashant that he cant teach his kid the form of revenge and would always teach them to ask for forgiveness. Yash keeps telling ansh to ask for forgiveness, while ansh stands there undescisive what to do when prashant keeps insisting not to make ansh a sissy. Yash says that on humaintarian grounds, he would make ansh a better man and not think about him being brave. Ansh on yash’s insistence, says sorry to the kid and his mother. the lady lovingly forgives and asks him to learn from his father the importance of maturity and forgiveness. Arti offers to take the kid to hospital but the lady refuses and says that she would take her son himself. yash, ignoring prashant, takes the kids along with arti out of the temple. Suraj watches all of this.

Prashant is snubbed by the lady for unnecessarily being interfering and giving wrong teaching to other’s child. He tells her to mind her own business and thinks to himself that ansh would definitely prove that he’s his son and would walk on the path that he wants him to walk on. Then he would in true manner win his son from arti.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
While the scindia family is having dinner together, arti takes their dinner from the kitchen and longingly looks back at them while leaving. gayatri too is upset but suraj remains stoical as buaji watches victoriously.

The kids are sad with yash trying to pacify them saying that arti would arrive soon with their dinner. Just then, arti arrives and starts serving dinner. The kids asks when is their punishment going to end and start longing for having dinner with the whole family where they would have fun at the dining table on prateik’s jokes. Arti and yash are upset at their kids’ sadness.

Gayatri starts cribbing that the food is not to yash’s taste but then stops herself realising that yash nomore stays with them. All are sad and tensed to see her like this. suraj asks them to start.

Yash tries to divert them saying that he too can be humourous just like their prateik uncle. Arti gives yash the task of making them laugh in a minute and starts a countdown. Seeing his time finishing up, he makes up an instant joke, he tries to narrate and get them to laugh. but noone finds it funny except for yash. He is embarassed but to save his face, arti starts laughing and the kids too join them.

Hearing them laugh on the first floor, gayatri is all the more upset and leaves the dining table without finishing her food. Suraj too is upset seeing her like this.
In the kitchen, Vidhi tries to pacify gayatri asking her to be calm while she breaks into tears. Gayatri says that she cant bear staying away from her child after being in the same house. She says that arti’s punishment is being severe for all of them, whereas arti, the main culprit is happy with her family and has nothing to lose but she is being tortured as her happiness, her family and her peace has been snatched from her by this descision of suraj’s. He reprimands her that she turned out to be so weak after being his wife. Buaji tries to instigate suraj and others on the same lines, that its not arti who is suffering but them who are being distanced from their own son. She says that her true punishement would have been if she was all alone without her kids and her husband. Gayatri says that all her life, she has respected every descision of his and stayed beside him but today she has to be granted her wish that either she be allowed to die or else she should be allowed to get her son and daughter in law back, and for this favour she would not ask for anything else forever in her life. Suraj marks a date on the calender and says that he would get yash and their grand daughters back to gayatri by then. Buaji asks whether it means that arti would go unpunished. Saying that arti would never be forgiven, Suraj pledges that he would allow only yash and his daughters to come in the house and that arti and her son, ansh would have to leave not just this house but also yash’s togetherness, and that this descision taken by him wouldnt be changed. Gayatri and others too are shocked to hear this, while buaji smirks at her plan being a success. The screen freezes on suraj’s face.

Precap: The teacher tells suraj that ansh got hurt today during his P.T. class and after being given first aid, he’s stable now. She says that she called so that someone could come and pick him from school. suraj cancels the phone saying that they dont have any relation with ansh whatsoever and cancels the phone while the teacher is confused. Suraj is tensed at the recent happenings.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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