Psycho (Episode 7)

Episode 6

“Lucky, please be comfortable. I’ll just check around for others.” Saying that Swaroop lost inside an alley.

Lucky walk around the beautifully designated hall, skimming every piece of details coming along his sight. A part of him still, feeling restless. The velvety white and chocolate brown colour combination of sitting arrangement and walls, having beautiful family pictures hanging on it somehow split his thoughts for a while. And then his eyes glued on a picture of a guy, he hated Sanskar. A flood of memories rumbled in his head, in flashes and stopped on her. ‘A beautiful lie. Deceiving soul.’ Shutting down his eyelids he let out a deep sigh.

“Hey, when have you arrived? And by the way where is Swaroop?” A sharp voice filled the room breaking his trance.

His posture straightened up to looked up at the girl stepping down the wide staircase, Salina.

“We’ve just arrived. Swaroop is looking for others.” He answered gruffly focusing back on the pictures.

“Chhoti, where are others?” Suddenly Swaroop appeared there from the same alleyway.

“Don’t call me that.” She snapped annoyed. “And for your kind information, they’re out on shopping.”

“What? When did they go?” Swaroop asked in an urgency.

“Just about 5 minutes before you reach here.”

“Why didn’t they wait for me then?” He muttered in annoyance, checking his pockets, a clear disappointment entered his sapphire eyes. “Shit! I think I’ve forgot my cellphone in the car. Salina keep him company, I’ll just come.” Giving a quick nod, Swaroop jumped towards the main door.

“I’m also coming with you.”

He stopped on his track and looked back at her, blankly. Lucky was having his eyes on both of them, his face covering in his poker look.

“What? I know you’re going out. I just want to come along.” She clipped carelessly, shrugging her shoulder.

“Lucky is here alone. You should accompany him.” He stressed tiredly.

“So what? He doesn’t need any babysitting. He is big guy. He won’t mind living alone here for some time. Right Lucky?” Salina flashed a wide smile at Lucky, ignoring now frowning Swaroop.

“Yeah. I don’t have any problem.” Lucky confirmed them walking away from there.


He heard Swaroop trying to refuse but interrupted by Salina’s sharp voice,

“Lets go.”

Voices stopped and he was surrounded by a dead silence. His steps unknowingly led him upstairs as if an unknown force was calling him there. With every passageway, he got introduce with modern architecture and smell of fresh paints cleared him that the mansion has recently went through some polishing.

Reaching near a tripartite alley his feet stopped moving. His eyes scurried away towards his right side, a closed door appeared, then before her, leading towards a balcony, a fresh breeze smoothing it’s way to him but something pulled him to turn to his left side. His thumping heart. With each longing steps he covered a distance between him and a closed door. It was squeezing of his heart that instinct him something is waiting him inside. His hands jiggled on the doorknob and it opened with a creak. A different atmosphere engulfed his senses with a fragrance of something soothing, delectable. It was a big, well arranged, spacious, comfortable bedroom. His steps motioned inside there towards the bed where some girly stuffs were splattered on. Getting near the bed his eyes directly landed on the figure plastered on the floor on the opposite side of bed.

He reach there for her rescue in a heartbeat. A heavy churn he felt in the pit of his stomach. She was there landing on her face, senseless. His hands turn her around grabbing by her shoulder and numbness washed over his senses.

“What should we get?” Rubbing her forefinger on her cheek Swara raked through the pile of snacks arranging on the shelf.

“You can always go for the pretzels or potato cracker or nachos.” Sanskar interjected softly from behind her.

It was a snacks section in a food mart they were roaming around. Goosebumps spread over her body feeling his hot breath on her back and she jerked away from her place looking for the said stuffs.

“I’m not seeing any of those.” She exclaimed in a cut tone avoiding looking at him.

“I can help you finding those?” He offered.

“No thanks. You go get some beverages. I’ll handle…” Her words left in the middle following his goofy eyes staring at the top shelf where said things were arranged on the pile. Her height wasn’t sufficient to get those after also a high jump she could do. Her face scrunched in a scowl but she kept her composure.

“You can always ask for a help, you know.” He chuckled beside her fuelling her temper.

“I can help myself, OK. You just go and do as what I said.” She scowled. “And, in the name of beverage, don’t go for any wineshop. We’re having a safe and sound get together. Not like your usual type.” She spit out menacingly.

“What do you mean by my usual type, hmm? You are talking as if you know me very well.” He drawled intensely, locking his mischievous glare with her bulky big eyes.

“Stop flirting OK.” She cracked in a trembling voice.

“You got me hmm…such a clever girl.” Saying so he covered a little distance between them playfully.

A tickle ran all over her body and lungs tightened with a wobbling weight, feeling his breath caressing her face in a lascivious warmth and there he wasn’t even touching her slightly. Everything blurred for a moment, just two of them in a staring contest and with a slow motion his tall posture lower down to meet her eye level. Her eyelids becoming heavier stooped down and she felt his hot breathing near her lips. A dead sleep craving filled her senses and her hands lift up to grab him by shoulder, tipping on her toes. Her sudden action took him by surprise and he stiffened on his move then her lips brushed over his jawline sending jolts of electricity all over his body.

“Whats happening here?”

Magical spell broke. They jerk away in a fluid motion. Their head snapped up towards the person taking them in his line of sight. Then two voices broke out at a same time,



“You’re beautiful.”

A voice grazed her senses. There was only light fogginess surrounding her line of sight, that’s it. Then she felt a feathery touch tracing over her eyes, temple, cheekbones, nose, jawline then it again trace back to her lips and stayed there for a long moment.

“Red. You still have it on.”

The voice again knocked in her senses with that feather touch tapping over her lips shakily and it travel down to smother her neckline. A bubble of pleasure shoot over her senses as the touch run around in a caressing.

“Limit. It was that limit I could never cross in reality, however how much I wished.” A smooth caressing stopped holding a part of the back of her neck. A gentle warmth tickled her nerves, “Your dreams also traumatize me so much but this doesn’t feel like one. It feels so real. As if you’re actually here.”

The voice getting clear by second, she felt herself pulling up suddenly and a rush of minty breath filled her lungs. A familiar presence stung her senses. Her eyes shot open as if in an impulsion and an equally shocked eyes stare back at her. Her popped out black eyes locked with his stormy brown.

“You??” Jerking out of his grip she screamed.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” He shot dryly.

“What are you doing here?”

“I said, tell me something I don’t know.” This time he stressed demandingly, an intensity seeping in his eyes dangerously.

“I’m not your servant to do as you say, OK. I’m not doing it.” She retort back adamantly.

“Good lord! it’ll help definitely.” He exclaimed heavily and pulled her in, for a deep kiss.

It took her by an extreme surprise. Everything stopped except for their chasing heartbeats and his desperate lips hovering over her delectable lips, greedily. A little resistance she was having on her part died down slowly and she gave into his passionate kiss. A light of pleasure bust into their senses as their lips start molding in a sync. They lost into a blissful world.

“So, you’re really here.” He confirmed brea, finally getting out of the mindnumbing kiss to get a breathing space.

“What are you doing here?” She cried out sharply, trying hard to fight back the red hue coating her skin, jerking out of his hold.

“Lets not waste this moment with this all. Did you remember anything?” He asked suggestively, fixing his eyes on her swelled up lips.


“Our first encounter. Stella’s booze party. Back at Darjeeling…” He stressed deeply, raking her posture with his blazing orbs intensely.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said uncaringly avoiding looking at him.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make it sure to knock it in your head completely.” With that he pulled her again in for another deep kiss.

Thank you so much for reading.

I’m thinking of keep this ff aside for some time until I’ll complete my another ff. So guys, whoever read this ff, please keep patience for some time.

Or, I’ll try to update short one’s in time.


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