Psycho (Episode 6)


Hello friends. Hope you remember me. After a long gap I’m here again with a new chapter, so lets go…

Sanskar felt his heart somersaulting inside his chest. Everything became blur except her excited moving posture, in his vision. A smile crept on his lips as he gaped at his enthusiastic dreamgirl roaming around the pool area, curiously.

‘How beautiful! how lively! You are a perfect girl Swara and it always makes me feel that whatever I would do, I can never get you.’

“Bhai! are you alright?”

His body tensed up with the voice and he looked down at his sister’s inquiring frame.

“Yeah. I’m fine. What are you doing here? You are suppose to be with Rags, if I’m not wrong?”

“Hello! she is your friend. I don’t have to do anything with her.”

“But you’ve given the responsibility to take care of her, by mom and dad, and you’ve accepted it.”

“And I’ve arranged a master bedroom for her service. So, I think I’ve done with my responsibility.”

“No, you haven’t. Its better you go back to her and ask her whether she needs anything because I’ve to go out for the party stuffs.”

“Why don’t you go there and ask her by yourself?”

“Salina, didn’t you hear me?” He, gruffly.


She went away furiously, tapping her feet on the marble floor and his eyes again shift back to his craving.

‘It feels like a dream, I’m having you here with me, actually. I wish if it would be just only, me and you, and our lovely moments.’ He thought while his steps covered the distance between him and her.

He stood beside her like a statue. Words that were rolling inside his head left him like a dumb. She was there beside him and it was the first time he was getting this close to her but his mind played against him. His body dived into an involuntary shaking feeling her near him. Pretending as if looking towards the fresh watered pool his eyes cunningly stole the glances of her but it doesn’t remain for too long as his greedy eyes were caught by her big stingy eyes.

“You like it?” He asked hastily, covering his embarrassment.

“And why do you care?” She, carelessly.

“Just wanted to know if you are comfortable here or not.”

“For that, you need to give a space to your guests, I guess.”

“But you aren’t a guest.” He with an amuse smile.

“Are you flirting with me?” She, coldly.

“Sorry!” Tension evident in his voice.

“Do you want to hear more?” She, idly.

“Yes, I mean no… Actually I wanted to ask you out for some party stuffs.”

“Where is your friend?”

“She is feeling little tired and wants to have some rest. Salina will be busy taking care of her and I need someone with me for shopping, so will you accompany me?” He asked her expectantly.

She stood there, thinking deeply for some time and finally her face looked up at him with a finality,


“Hey, chill dea. I’m alright ok.” Ragini said through her haggard breath.

She was tossing around the wide room which is going to be her den for tonight. Farmhouse didn’t let-her-down a bit, its a huge beautiful bungalow containing two master bedrooms, 2 guestrooms, a big posh hall, study room, beautiful pool n of course a beautiful kitchen, which is the most lovable part for any person interested in home science. But here she was again suffering from a pit of extreme thirst. Though she was attending her every rehab session thoroughly but this unending thirst was something that needs to get satisfied anyhow. Its been really long that she hadn’t taken her doze due to her occupied schedule and 24/7 spying gazes, thanks to her sister. She just need a little doze anyhow as she felt a knot forming in her throat, blocking the needed amount of air to pass by.

“What the hell Di, how could u do this? You left apartment without Shiv? You very well know that I need to know every single detail about you and you are there going around on your own, with that useless gang of urs. I can’t be ok, and I’m not. I just need to know the address of that place you are at, right now……” Raima chimed from the other end.

“Look dea, I know u care for me a lot but please don’t worry, I’m not alone n for your kind information Salina n Swara are also here with us. So, please, check on your temper and let me have this one day to live on my own, ok.” Ragini said between the continuous ranting from the other side which at last downed with getting the information of the other 2 girls’ presence.

“Ok but this is the last time Di and I don’t want to hear anything like this for the next time.” After a long pause, at last Raima said in a defeated tone n hung the call.

Ragini felt a sign of relief by the time her sister ended the call, as she ran towards her bag that she left on the bed. She opened and scuffle her things on the bed from her hand bag, hurriedly. Desperate, her eyes and hands shoved the things around but she couldn’t get the thing she needed at the time. Her shaking hand took a hold on the back of her neck and rubbed on the spot frantically. Disappointed, she stood up off the bed and paced around the room like a lunatic. She felt her head getting numb, a huge blockade forming in her dry throat n her body parts shaking vigorously as if crying for the relief. She started to see the black spots in her vision as she fell down in the floor with a thud.

They were driving through a secluded way leaving crowded n populated area of the city behind, now, to a different world, that can be called eco friendly as the tall looming trees passes by, welcoming the guests inside their territory. He was feeling a pang of unfamiliar sensation all over him since the morning after having that dream. He turned his head to the window shield trying hard to shove off the every thoughts regarding dream. It wasn’t the first time he had that dream but aftermath of the dream was different from the other days. His head wasn’t mad at him and it wasn’t boiling like before but it was rolling back to the past again and again which he never wants to. The haunting memories from the past was something always led him to do something very unpleasant. But at last, a booming sound of music player pulled his focus inside the car which was running in the speed of his thought. As he observed his cousin’s frantic activities he was sure there was something in his head that he was driving his car like a rocket n without missing a word of the Enrique’s song Heartattack.

‘Like really, he is not only listening to this girly song but humming himself.’ Laksh thought.

….I didn’t think I miss u
now I’m feeling like a fool,
It hit me like a heart attack
when u finally left me girl
And I never thought I want u back
But now, I don’t wanna live in a world without u……

Irritated from his continuous ranting of the lyrics in ever so frustrating enthusiasm, Lucky went through the collection at the dashboard but to his disappointment, all he could get was lady gaga, Taylor Swift n One direction.

“What bro, feeling bore with this song? Or is it because of my honey-sweet voice?” Swaroop let out a mocking remark on himself while throwing a grinning look at the man beside him.

“Oh man! please turn that shit off, first. Is it what u called music?” Laksh asked in a clear disinterest.

“Brother, u need to fall in love first, then you’ll come to know what it feels like, when any song plays in the background sounds like if there is someone depicting your own story.” Swaroop said dreamily smiling inside.

Morning dream rolled over his head n a sharp intangible thing pierced inside his left chest, he felt.

“I don’t need any heartattack brother, I’d like to give u that aches which belongs to my part, also.” Laksh said dryly shoving off the dream thing.

“Thank u so much brother but my girl is capable of giving me a no. of heartattacks in a single time, so lets just keep ur part, with u.” Swaroop said with a chuckle.

Though he was smiling like a winner but Laksh sensed a little hurt in his cousin’s voice.

‘Girls, n their capability of messing things, who could know this better than me.’ Laksh let out an erratic breath, feeling a uncertainly throbbing heart in his left side.

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Guys, after a long gap finally I’m here with a new chapter, don’t know whether you like it or not, just finger crossed…

Akshata, thanks for remembering this ff. I’ve actually posted this chapter today because I’ve made you a promise. I don’t know how is it, so bear me dea…


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