Psycho (Episode 5)

Hello friends. Sorry for the delay. I haven’t thought earlier but now, I’ve my imaginary casts for the characters, let me introduce them,

Lucky____Namish Taneja.
Ragini____Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar.
Sanskar____Varoon Kapoor.
Swara____Helly Shah
Swaroop____Danish Taimoor.
Salina____Shivangi Joshi.

Lisa, this casting stuff is especially for u.

Episode 4

There were fog everywhere as she looked around. Nothing came into view except for the smoky fog n a blurry, gloomy atmosphere. She was there, waiting for someone. Suddenly her heart scrunched up, pumping the warm blood oddly, seeing a masked man, a prince, riding on a horse, approaching towards her n in the next moment he was on his knees, in front of her. Feeling extremely excited, her hand went to push off his mask but suddenly her vision burnt with a mind numbing light, god knows from where. She lost her vision. There was no more fogs, no peace n most importantly, no prince, her prince.

Salina entered inside the room covered with big fat soft toys n teddies, hastily n tripped by a doll lying on the floor. She threw an irritated glance towards the bed covered in pink, where a beautiful girl was sleeping peacefully if depicting the story of The Sleeping Beauty, muttering irritated stuffs under her breath. She slid the thick white curtain in a jerk n the early bright sun rays fell directly on the figure on the bed.

“Prince…” The figure shrieked, annoyed with the unwanted interruption in her dreamland.

“Swara. Get up.” Salina pulling the pink duvet off the irritated figure.

Irritated, sleep hazed big eyes blinked for a while, if thinking of something.

“U clumsy crone, get up.” Salina burst out irritated.

“Hey, don’t call me that.”

“Whatever. U just get the hell out of ur dreamland n open ur eyes in reality.” Salina, annoyed.

“Cool girl. Seems like someone is really tensed?” Swara, getting up on her knees.

“No, no. I’m very happy. U see…” Salina, showing her whole teeth outraged, “Useless fellow.”

“OK, now tell me, whats the matter?”


“Is there anything u want to talk about?” Swara, twisting up her eyebrows.

“She is here.” After a while, Salina broke the silence in a low voice.

“U mean…”

“Yeah. That bitter bone is here. I just don’t know what to do.” she, desperately.

Some flashes from the past flashed in the back of her head.

“Chill girl, Swara-the-great is here for u. Don’t worry.” Swara, boastfully.

“How do I do that? Didn’t u see ur brother, he is completely mad after her. I don’t know what is his problem? He is running after that b*t*h still, who didn’t care for once before breaking his heart, leaving the one standing right in front of him.”

“What can we do. Just leave that. I’ll not allow her to break my brother’s heart again.”

“Whatever u do, but I know my young love story is in grave danger. I couldn’t figure out, what’s ur brother want in a girl? I love him, deeply from the time I got to know, what is love. I proposed him as well but he rejected it giving me a ******* long speech about attraction n age. I was 16, then. I thought that he rejected me because I was an immature girl. But now, I’m 18, not a minor anymore, what’s the problem now. He can see me like the one he used to. I’ve everything that a boy wanted in a girl. But he is still treating me like a kid. I did everything just only to get his attention but no, he would run after her like a dog but never give his pricey look at me.”

“Control ur tongue Sally, it’s going wild.” Swara, moving out of the bed.

“Cut the crap n get fast, we need to head back to my place. She is invited for the breakfast today.”

“Oh really.”

“U r acting as if having a great news.” Salina, sharply.

“It is.” Swara, moving inside the bathroom, giving a teasing smile at her fuming friend.

Her eyes bored on a king sized bed where a figure of a man was lying on his chest, dozed off deeply in the world of slumber. Her lips curled in a wide grin n eyes gleamed up in a mischief as she approached towards the man n leaned down near his ear.

“Hey! wake up dea.” She whispered.

“Hmmm…” He hummed, eyes still closed.

A hearty chuckle muffled in its way as she saw a slow smile creasing on his lip.

‘Lets have fun dea. Lets keep out ur junked dirty secrets.’ Her eyebrows quirked up.

“Hey honey! wake up.” She whispered huskily.

His smile widened with that n she heard his sleep hazed words,

“I don’t want to wake up because u’ll disappear if I do so.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t go anywhere. I’m here n I’ll be, baby.” She, playing along.

“No. I know u won’t be here because its a dream. Reality always keeps u away from me n dreams always gets u close to me. Do u know y I’m visiting ur place early in the morning with all those excuses? Just only to see u. Y can’t u understand Shona, y don’t u, what I feel for u? I like u, very much…” His feeble intense voice muffled as his eyes opened up widely n clashed on a shocked face, just a little up off his head.

‘Now, hold on, what is he talking about? Who is this Shona? I know, I heard it somewhere but where? He hadn’t even tell me about this.’ Her eyes rolled over his trapped face while he tried to muster up his senses in the situation.

“Rags.” He exclaimed surprised n shocked.

“Shona!” A suspicious, curious n investigative tone retorted back n she lifted her head up, looking for the answer.

A misty shadow covered up his face n he flashed a meek smile at her.

“Don’t show me that stupid smile. Come on, just spill out the beans u clumsy concealer.” She, coldly while shooting daggers at him.

He sat up in his bed n rubbed on his forehead, baffled.

“What? R u dumb? Come on, speak up. I’m waiting. Honey.” She stretched on the last word, teasingly.

“Actually…I…” He stuttering in his words.

“Oh! just hold on ur self man. U r acting like a blo*dy caught-up-criminal. Whats there in that name, that u r fumbling thistles much, hmmm?” She, narrowing her gaze sharply at him.

“Actually, I’m going through a weird phase, Rags. I don’t know what but it’s really out of my control. I’m experiencing weird things like good n bad at the same time, for the same thing. She is making me crazy. Shit.” He, exasperated.

“Oh my goodness! what have u done to urself buddy? The cool dude n player no. 1, Mr Sanskar maheswari has become a useless jerk. No man, it sucks.” She, mockingly.

“I knew it, u’ll react like this, that’s y I kept it as a secret.” He, annoyed.

“OK, now just leave it all. I want to know the girl. Who is this Shona? Do I know her?” She, thoughtfully.

“Actually, yes, u know her very well. Her name is Swara.” He, avoiding to look at her eyes.

“U mean Swara the detective, that little girl. Swaroop’s sister, right?” She, unsure.


“Oh no. She is a kid, man. Ur best friend’s sister, of ur sister’s age. How could u do this?” She, baffled.

“I don’t know how, how did this all happen? I just cant point out but I’ve been going through this tormenting phase from this past 3 months. I know she is my friend’s sister n my sister’s friend but it doesn’t matter anymore. What all matters to me is, she affected me, the way no one could.” He, stressing on every word.

“OK, cool man. So, u r a gone case. Now get up, go, freshen up n come down. We r waiting at the breakfast table.” She, moving out of his room.

At the dining hall.

“Finally, we got u here for having a sweet time on this breakfast table. So, Whats going on in life?” RP, warmly.

“Thank u so much for the invitation n I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it earlier. Actually, I was engrossed in my business, I think u know well.” She, flatly.

“Its alright beta. We know everything n we’re happy to know about that. I know ur situation. I know what it feels like to fight against ur weakness, addiction as I’ve already went through it.” He, comforting her, “U made a right choice dea, just put ur all strength in it, we’ll support u always.”

“Thank u.” She, dryly while forking on the salad on her plate.

“U know what, my situation was worst than urs…” He, thoughtfully.

‘Oh no! I’ve to go through that boring-creepy-overdramatic-centuries old-so-called love story. His teenage love story with aunty n marriage in the young age n then struggles, obstacles, separation, depression, addiction, him being devdas because of the twist n turns in their life n at Not again god.’ She, irritated.

“So, what have u thought about ur stay, Ragu?” Sujata, interrupting her husband in the middle.

“Stay? I didn’t understand aunty?” Ragini, confused.

“Mom is talking about ur shifting here with us from ur current place.” Sanskar, entering into the conversation.

“Finally, ur friend is here. Sujata, serve this idiot also.” RP, looking towards Sanskar.

“Not only him, we r also here.”

All the gazes turned to see the three figures approaching towards the table.

“Oh, its really good to see u Shona. Come here, join us.” Rp, joyfully.

“Yeah.”Swara, brightly.

“What about me, oldy? U didn’t even greet me.” Swaroop in a complaining tone.

“Stop ur drama n take ur seat. At last, u finally got the time to come here, right busy man.” Sujata, narrowing her gaze.

“I’m sorry gorgeous. I was little busy.” His cheery voice turned into a whisper as soon as he took a seat n his eyes stuck on the girl sitting next to him.


“Hey Swaroop, good to see u.” Ragini, dryly.

“Hey, whats up?” He.

“I’m fine. What about u?” She.

“Fine. Well, r u free today?” He, excitedly.

“Handsome, have ur breakfast n let her too n then talk, how much u wanted to.” Sujata, serving him.

“Concentrate on ur breakfast pal, u r looking like a volcano, about to burst out.” Swara muttered in a low voice near Salina’s ear.

They were sitting in an order so that Sanskar, Ragini n Swaroop were on the one side n Sujata, Swara n Salina on the opposite side with RP at the other side. Salina was burning like hell seeing Swaroop blushing excessively near Ragini which Swara was noticing from a long without having the knowledge of being watched by someone.

“Ur brother is so sick.” Salina, in a deep low voice.

“Shut up n focus on ur breakfast.” Swara, elbowing her friend.

“I think ur girl is talking about me, buddy. She didn’t change a bit.” Ragini whispered near Sanskar.

“Just keep ur mouth shut, dea.” Sanskar, mumbled.

“Ragini, we need to talk.” Swaroop in a low voice.

‘What? No god. This man will suck out my patience, please help me.’ She, tensed.

“Guys, what is this? R u playing a secret-secret game? U can talk properly. Come on, grow up.” Rp, throwing a sharp glance at the both sides comically, “Well, I’m done with my breakfast n I’ve to go, now.”

“Papa, actually we’re planning for a hangout, if u r fine with it.” Sanskar, innocently.

“Yeah sure, as far as ur hangout doesn’t cross it’s limit, I’ll be fine with it.” Rp, throwing a sharp glance at him.

“Oldy, u don’t worry, I’ll take care of him n Ragini will also be there with us.” Swaroop, smartly.

“Oh hello! don’t play smart, I know u three nuts very well n what will be ur hangouts.” Sujata, sharply.

“Papa, I want some cash.” Salina, hurriedly.

“For what?” Sujata, sternly.

“Shopping mom.” Salina.

“But u’ve just went for that 2 days back, what’s the need now?” Sujata, quizzically.

“Ohho momma, u always do this with me. Papa.” Salina, childishly.

“Relax guys.” Rp, stopping them in between n taking out his credit card.

“What r u doing Ram?” Sujata.

“Chill Sujata. Its the age for all this. Let them enjoy their moments n don’t worry. Trust them.” Rp, calmly.

“OK, then I’ve a condition. If u guys really want to enjoy then u have to take ur sisters also…”

Where Sanskar’s face brightened up with that Swaroop’s face dulled down.

“But gorgeous, what’s the need to tag them along? They r kids…” Swaroop.

“Handsome, don’t forget u guys r also kids for us n if u don’t want to hangout with ur sisters then u guys can go for a party in the farm house.”

“But…” Swaroop.

“I think its a great idea, guys.” Ragini, curtly.

“Yeah, we’re also fine with it.” Other three except for Swaroop.

“Ok, then done.” Rp, handing them his credit card, “Bye, n have fun kids.”

“U guys finish ur breakfast. I’ve an important call to make.” Sujata, following her husband.

“Ok guys, we need to hurry up.” Swaroop, excitedly.

“He is acting like an impatient idiot. Stupid. Jerk.” Salina muttered inside her breath infuriated.

“Hello, r u alright dea? Don’t put out ur frustration on ur food. Chill.” Swara, in a breathy whisper.

“Hey guys, do u have anything to say regarding party?” Sanskar, intently, staring at his life messer.

“Ok, I’m done guys n I don’t have any problems with anything, do whatever u guys want to do.” Ragini, stood up off her chair n left the place.

Salina let out a relaxed breath but it was short lived.

“Guys, I need to make a call, so excuse me.” Swaroop, slyly.

Salina elbowed Swara in tension.

“But ur breakfast Bhai…” Swara, hurriedly.

“I’m done. U guys carry on.” He, desperately.

“What call, man?” Sanskar, teasingly.

“Actually I’ve made a promise to mom that I’ll get Lucky out for a hangout. So, I need to inform him.” Swaroop.

“But…” Before Sanskar could go further Swaroop moved away from there.

‘Idiot. He is inviting a storm in his life gladly.’ Sanskar looking back at his friend’s moving posture.

His head buzzed up with the weird noises n vision blurred. He moved inside the fuzzy crowd. His eyes searching for someone, turned towards a group of girls n stuck there finding a girl in a golden dress. His body went taut as soon as she appeared clear to his vision. She is same, as before. Her blazing-black-candy eyes swirling in mischief n plumpy-red lips curving mockingly at him, rubbing salts on his deep, raw wounds. A tensed bubble rose up inside his chest n blasted out in his head.

“I hate u.”

A deep growl escaped his mouth following by her dominating, roaring laughter. She was humiliating him, he felt. Her laughter muffled down n she lift her hands up. Her face wearing a hard mask of venom n lips curled in a cruel smile as she pushed him off the surface. He felt like falling down in a deep dark hell.


A cloudy voice ringed inside his head as he felt suffocation from the feeling of falling down n down in the never ending suffering pit.


The voice come up clearly this time n he felt a warm angelic hand on his head, preventing his fall n pulling him back to life. His eyelids turned up n her bleary face occupied his vision. He struggled on getting a clear view, blinked several times n got a clear picture now. The hunting face changed into a motherly face of his loving aunt.

“R u alright dea? Bad dream?” Sumi, concerned.

“Yeah.” He let out a deep sigh, relaxing his senses.

“Ok, now go, freshen up n get ready, u r going out for a hangout.” She.

“But, I’m not feeling like going out, pinni.” He, reluctantly.

“No ifs n no buts. U r going out n that’s all. Swaroop will be here within half an hour so get fast, dea.” She, in a tone containing finality.

“OK, fine.” He, at last defeated.

Thank u so much for reading.


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