Psycho (Episode 1)


Hello friends. For the first time I’m going to write down a ff on the pairs RagLak n SwaSan. Hope, u’ll like it. So let’s go inside the world of Psycho…

She is lost in the smoky fogs all around her, drowning her deep inside the world of the pleasure n peace, her paradise. Her journey reached at its end with the last suction of marijuana n release of a last round smoky puff out of her mouth. She dozed off on the couch, where she was, till now n a small cylindrical piece fell off her fingers with an ashes.

Ragini Rai___a hippie.

She stepped outside the house, in the wee hours n found someone outside there, waiting for her with a bicycle. She took her bicycle n left with the person, her best friend, Salina, who has a crush on her elder brother Swaroop. They run on the speed of their thoughts, lost in their desired world, freely.

‘I love nature, open air, rain, greenery n all. I love my little beautiful world n my family. I want my life to be like this always, running in my speed, on my path, with my rules.

Swara Sen____a fantasy girl.

His eyes opened up with an affect of the alarm ringing near his bedside cabinets. Its 6:00 a.m. the time to get up n go for her home, just to see her dear face. He is doing this since a weak, going her home early in the morning, with an excuse of meeting his friend Swaroop, her brother.

‘She is my sister’s friend n my friend’s sister, but god knows how her curious, deep, beautiful black eyes grabbed my attention all of a sudden n created a great vacuum in me.’

Sanskar Malhotra_____a playboy.

His eyes were glued on the white paper on the white paper attached on the canvas, having a portrait of a girl’s cruel smile.

“‘Colours’___makes everything beautiful if it could be use in an appropriate way. Colours___my world, my friend n everything. After learning a great lesson of my life from someone special, it is the only source which helped me to express my feelings through the portraits. The portraits that speaks my words.’

Laksh Reddy____An introvert.

Thank u so much for reading.

Just an introduction chapter, guys. I’m really busy but I’ll try to post soon.


Credit to: RSR

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  1. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    RSR it was awsm pairs should be swasan and raglak continue soon

  2. I like d characterisation….. waiting 4 d plot to reveal..

  3. Nice

  4. Wow Ragini a hippie…never imagined her in that way but l m now very excited to read the next chapter…pls post soon but 1 question dear, is Ragini in the lead here?

    1. Without any doubt she is a lead here also dea. I’ll give equal importance to both of the girls. Thank u so much Nupur.

  5. interesting. plz continue soon.pair should be swasan n raglak

  6. What an introduction dear !!!!
    It was no less than a jolt of 1000 volt ,so mysterious and secretive .
    U have really got me hooked to your ffs.
    I loved your token of gratitude.Gee!!!
    two ffs uploaded on a single day.
    Really looking forward to the ff.
    What an irony !!! I mean i should be presenting gifts to u for this special occasion but here it’s the other way round , u have bestowed me with two pleasant and beautiful gifts but ya whenever i will visit W.B. ,then i definately treat u with special gifts and surprizes. I sincerely hope the day comes.
    Ok ,enjoy and take care.
    Happy Birthday dear once again.

    1. U liked this update, my token of gratitude, I’m glad to know this.

      Oh!! what to say Needhi, I’m growing older n wish to have a child treatments from everyone. About the gifts, just be with me through the ffs, it’ll be the best gift for me, ever. Little bit candy, no? What to do excessive sweets ride over my mind, still…LOL. Thank u so…much for everything dea…

  7. Awesome waiting for next part

  8. Wow!! An awesome intro i liked it. Keep writing..

    Eager for the next part.

  9. Ur bday??????? Welll i dnt have any idea about ur bday………

    Tum jiyo hajaro saal aur stories likho 2 hajar??

    Birthday wish karne ki ha humri yeh ada
    Khushiyon se bhare daman tumhara sada
    Jindgi ka har pal khoobsurat ho,
    Janmadin tumhe tah-e-dil se mubarak ho………

    Happy birthday………..

    U r back wid 2 beautiful stories………very nice Mr.some1 somewhere……….. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u so much my utterly butterly friend for the beautiful birthday rhyming. Wish to hear ur dear, charming voice rhyming this all, right here in front of me…

      Well bit errror, it’s Miss dea…hehe

  10. Oh so u r back and d title is awsm. Nd my dear pls read my ff 2 ,it’s name is REALITY

    1. And what is meaning of introvert ??

      1. Oh it,s ur b’day!!!Happy birthday dear. Be blessed and keep writing wonder fully. Sorry but l don’t know much to give long wishes??

      2. One, who remains within himself, aloof type.

        Thank u so much Amna n will definitely go for ur treat. love u dea…

        Thank u so much for the birthday wish n u wished me, that’s a lot for me, no matter how long or short it is because it succeeded in conveying ur lobely message. So thank u dea…

  11. interesting………nice

  12. You have really givem and awesome intro and with a different concept…loved the way you introduced the character and hope its gonna be full of surprises..Al the best for the ff keep going

    1. I’ll try my best to come come up with ur wish dea n thanks for the lovely comment.

  13. gr8 start..

  14. Wow I loved it yr… The intro of the characters were awesome loved it

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