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the episode starts with pragya comes to her room…she says ,Abhi
..I want you go to my home to take my books ..are you coming? Abhi says no I am having meeting you go by yourself.
pragya says fine and was about to leave when ranveer says bhabhi..I am free .I will take you.pragya says ok..

ranveer and pragya comes to pragya’s home…pragya calls ma…pa…the servant comes and says Neil and ragini went to temple…pragya says,ranveer wait here..I will come and leaves…ranveer sits on the sofa and starts to read paper

ishani comes and sees ranveer ..she thinks who is this and gets inside.ranveer sees her and asked who is she..ishani says I must ask you ..who are you..they both started to fyt ..pragya comes and says stop it..and says ranveer it’s ishani ,my didn’t see her on my wedding. ranveer nods no…pragya says and’s.ranveer ,abhii”s brother..ishani says I am sorry…rv says no I am really sorry…and ishani says pragya come to college tmrw early.pragya says sure…rv and pragya leaves…

next day all were at dinning hall…abhi leaves without telling anyone…ranveer says it’s ok ..may be he is busy and bhabhi I will drop you..
rv drops pragya and sees ishani says hi to her…ishani too says hi…and says pragya let’s leave…

in evening…
abhi comes home..he looks for pragya..and asked robin.robin says she didn’t reached home. .abhi thinks where is she…rv comes and asked what’s up bhai..abhi says pragya is not at home. rv says wait ..I will call ishani. .abhi asked ishani. .rv says ya..bhabhi’s friend and calls her
ishani says …ranveer ,I came home by afternoon..but pragya must reached home by now.okay you come to college straightly. I will come and cuts the call.

ranveer says everythg to abhi.abhi and rv leaves…rv ,abhi ,ishani reaches college.abhi asked watchman is anyone inside…he says no.rv says let’s check and ishani ,rv gets inside and checks…abhi takes his phone and calls but pragya didn’t pick her call…abhi says pick up….
rv and ishani comes out…abhi asked what.rv says no bhai…

pragya opens her eyes.’s almost dark.she tries to move but couldn’t..she was tied…she thinks where am I and calls someone ….here…

she sees someone coming…she was shocked….she says raju …raju says yes I am…pragya asked why you tied me here..leave me..all will be searching for me..raju comes near pragya and says pragya ,you don’t know…I am mad on you…I want you as my life.I know there is nothing between you and rockstar…pragya says enough…he ( abhi) was ryt but I was fool …raju says whatever
..stay here for one day nyt. .tomorrow we are going to see new world. ..and leaves…
pragya cries saying where are you abhi…

abhi ,ranveer,ishani comes to police station and files a complaint.abhi says nothing should happen to my wife…comissioner says ok…

hope you all love it

Credit to: aditi


  1. shree

    Aditi it’s too short yar… yesterday u are not uploaded na so u upload another episode today please… today’s episode was awesome

  2. surbhi

    hey that’s not fare yr you left the episode in suspense any ways awesome twist dea please update the next episode soon and yes the bigger one also 😉

  3. Sharmi

    Superbbb yaar…..diff track…i really luvd it yaar….keep going…..waiting 4 d nxt epi. ….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.