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pragya gets ready and comes down.she sees abhi,bulbul,ranveer chating. she thinks abhi would praise her as she is first time wearing Saree after marriage. she comes down.bulbul sees and says osum bhabhi…looking good …and ranveer says ha bhabhi..abhi says boring sarees…pragya looked at him…and then she thinks ya…why I expect him TO say that I am beautiful
…pragya you are…a….abhi says let’s go…pragya follows him.

abhi opens the car door…pragya says car? no abhi the restaurent is in walkable distance na..let’s go by walk.abhi asked are you sure.pragya says yes.both walks …..pragya sees a dhaba Nd says let’s go…there…no restaurant…abhi says but..pragya says are you coming or not…and leaves…abhi says arey yaar your first date with your beautiful wife in this dhaba..and thinks if tanu and pragya are sisters…one want a luxurious life other wants to live a simple life…his thoughts werestopped by pragya…she calls come and sit here…

abhi and pragya had their dinner. abhi gets a’s ranveer. ..he attends and says….ya…….ok we will come you both get ready….

pragya asked what hapnd.
.abhi says let’s go.we are leaving to home tonight.pragya asked why…abhi says ranveer is having a problem in his company..pragya says ok let’s leave….

pragya abhi reaches home. ..bulbul says bhabhi ..I have packed your stuffs..and car is ready. let’s go…

ranveer says it’s my chance. .I will drive and bulbul you sit in front
abhi says ok and abhi..pragya sits at back. ranveer and bulbul puts hi-fi…..

as they reached home.ranveer stops the car.bulbul says deko. ..they both are sleeping
…and was about to wake them…pragya placed her head on abhi’s shoulders….

ranveer says no and takes his mobile and took a picture of them…and they took selfies. ..abhi got up and says arey tum dono
..way are you doing…and sees pragya sleeping on his shoulders

..he carefully takes her in his arms and says to bulbul and ranveer. .let’s deal with this tmrw….and leaves…

bulbul and ranveer sees them and says good they are getting together…..

abhi placed pragya on the bed…and was about to move..but pragya holds his collars…abhi tries his best to remove but he couldn’t and later he sees her face and says arey tum na…tday you look beautiful ..and blows on her face…pragya smiles and leaves the collar
.abhi smiles

next morning abhi wakes up and was shocked to see pragya..

guess guys

Credit to: aditi


  1. vaishali

    awesome episode today very nice pragya might be getting ready in western outfit but todays episode cute

  2. sana

    arey…really superb yaar….pls update next episode as soon as…and pls update large episode…it is too small…yaar

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