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the episode starts with abhi comes down and gets some hot water and goes to his room…he comes near pragya and wets the cloth in hot water and keeps on her forehead…he keeps on doing…he thinks TO continue
..bcoz ranveer and bulbul had left in the morning…it’s almost three when pragya opens her eyes.she could not clearly see and she feels a wait on her forehead and sees abhi sleeping near her.
she wakes him ..abhi says got up..pragya ,how are you now. .I am sorry’s my fault ..I didn’t informed you about that know it’s really danger..but you didn’t see the board..Pratt says that there is no board..abhi says ok I will see about it but I am sorry once again
.pragya says it’s k
..abhi says ok now what you want to have …miss beauty..
pragya says arey again changed my name…if you keep on changing my day I will have all the names on this world. ..abhi says so what I Wil buy this whole world for PRAGYA asked what..abhi says nothing..please answer my question.pragya says i want to have soup.abhi says soup …oh poor girl..I will get it..and you fresh up fast..pragya asked you gonna do.abhi says you know I am chef…pragya asked really.abhi says yes madam.and leaves…

he comes to kitchen…and says oh god…I am not a chef..and I havnt entered the I gonna do soup.if I said that I don’t know yo cook. .she would have come.and she will not take rest..what to do…come on abhi….and says net….internet..ha .smart boy and takes his phone..he does as it is done in youtube..he goes to room and sees pragya is ready for soup…he gives the soup…pragya takes one spoon and taste it…abhi prays to God…pragya says really nice abhi…and abhi says i will taste. .pragya says no I will not and drinks the soup…fully. .abhi says cheater….pragya smiles …

time passed….at 5 when abhi enters his room …he sees pragya running to washroom. ..abhi calls pragya but she didn’t stopped. ..she vomits and abhi holds her and pats on her back…abhi asked what hapnd…pragya says nothing I am fine….

that time bulbul and ranveer comes…bulbul says bhabhi…I bought a Saree for you..abhi says thank God you came…see your bhabhi gets vomit…ranveer says it’s just 1 week how could she become pregnant..abhi says shut up…otherwise you will not have mouth to speak.ranveer says it’s just a joke bhai…bulbul as she is doing medicine checks pragya…abhi says she had a fever but….bulbul asked pragya did she ate anything…abhi said yes it..pragya says bulbul I..bulbul says ha bhai…in that soup salt and pepper has been more so it’s undigested that’s it.
abhi says’s my fault..bulbul says what bhai..pragya says nothing
…you go to your rooms and take some rest…you may be tired na …they both leaves…

abhi sits near pragya. .abhi asked why you didn’t say anythg…ha …it’s the reason you had tat soup fully.
.pragya says I know that you didn’t know to cook…I mean.priya ma…called me after you went to make soup..she says that you didn’t know to cook and it’s first time you are cooking….I don’t want to disappoint you…abhi says I am sorry..pragya says how many times you will say sorry in a day…it’s okay…pragya says I am bored to stay here…let’s go out …abhi says sure get ready….and leaves…

pragya thinks why I am feeling comfortable when abhi is with me…

abhi thinks why I am feeling comfortable with pragya….
sanam re …..plays

hope you all loved it….

Credit to: aditi

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