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recap….abhi ..pragya become friends….

the episode starts with pragya says shall I ask you something. .abhi says yes, go ahead. ..pragya says I want to continue my I got married suddenly..abhi says I can understood. tomorrow let’s go to our college..ok Miss.India….pragya asked what
.abhi says you want to save this world na…so …its just a joke…pragya says ok Bewada…..abhi asked what do you say…pragya says bewada…abhi asked who he is…pragya asked you don’t know The meaning and says. ..,The person who loves drinking alcohol even though they can’t handle it. So in the end they behave in a very funny manner. As alcohol enters them they loose their controlbut still won’t leave it, they keep drinking until and unless they pass out or they can’t handle it..abhi says am I looking like a funny character..pragya says I am going to sleep Nd went..abhi says how dare she….

the next morning all comes to dinning table. ..abhi greets ram and priya…bulbul says bhai I am in leave its boring let’s go anywhere
..ranveer says ha bhai let’s go..pragya comes
..abhi says ha..but I have an important work..pragya says no problem tmrw we can go to college. ram asked college..abhi says dad ,pragya want to continue her studies..bulbul says please lets go out..ram says that’s great..ok tmrw you both go to college..abhi says join with us dad.ram says i have work guys carry on.priya says i have to go to function guys carry on.

abhi,pragya,ranveer,bulbul gets ready and abhi drives the car.pragya sits beside him..bulbul and rv at the back..
they went to their farm house which has a lake with it.but people will not go to that lake as it’s danger. abhi forgot to tell to pragya not to go…

she went without seeing the danger board.she was enjoying there and she was standing at the edge of land..abhi sees this and shouts PRAGYA…when pragya hears and turns to see, she unbalanced and fells In it….she shouts for help.bulbul,ranveer ,abhi comes there.almost pragya lost con ciousness..abhi jumped in and saves her…he takes her to room…bulbul and ranveer panicks bcoz of abhi’s anger..

after some time pragya opens her eyes…and gets up..abhi comes and slapped her.pragya was shocked.Abhi asked ,why did you want there. .it’s almost danger…and if something happened to you. .what will I say to our family.pragya slowly says i don’t know that it is danger…I am sorry …she slowly gets up and goes to her room..abhi thinks yes …I didn’t informed about it ….my mistake…and goes to her room..she slept…abhi covers her with blanket and sleeps at the other and of bed.

next morning, abhi gets up and sees pragya sleeping.he thinks she may be tired and leaves to washroom

he comes and sees the time ,it’s ten.abhi says ,pragya wake’s 10.abhi goes near her and shook her.he feels like she is burning.he turns her and touches her forehead…oh….shit …she is having fever…and he runs down. ..

Credit to: aditi

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