Thanks guys for your support. …ha I gonna end this as I could not drag more .so let’s finish off here and start a fresh one.I will surely start a new one to disturb you all don’t worry….

The episode starts with dadi, dasi sitting with pragya.dadi asked her to take rest as she is week.pragya says Dadi, don’t say loud. .he may hear.abhi said I am here madam.pragya says oh. .dadi can I leave to my home.dadi asked why? What happened beta. PRAGYA says I could not tolerate abhi dadi…he is asking me to drink 5 cups of juices each stomach will burst.abhi says excuse me..I am giving to my child.pragya says oh…abhi sits beside her.dadi says if you want to fight ho to your room and fight .abhi says dadi demand accepted .pragya says ok dadi ..take your medicines.I will come tomorrow.abhi helps pragya to come to their room.pragya says I am not feeling to sleep
Abhi says what should I do.pragya says let’s talk something. Abhi says it’s not good for your health.pragya says please.abhi says ok..let’s speak.pragya and abhi starts their talks..within10 minutes ,pragya dozzed off.abhi says this pragya n.a…and takes her to bed.he thinks how she is over weight….I could not carry her …and makes her to sleep comfortable.

Four months passed
PRAGYA comes to living room.ranveer and ishani were chating with bulbul.seeing pragya ,ranveer makes her to sit on sofa carefully. PRAGYA says I am feeling thirsty. Bulbul goes to get water.pragya asked about abhi.ranveer says he went for work.suddenly pragya feels pain .she shouts aaaa…..ishani says let’s take her to hospital.ranveer takes pragya in his arms.bulbul calls ram and priya and all left.ranveer was driving the car.pragya shouts in pain.ishani asked her not to worry. There was heavy traffic.ranveer says it’s going on beyond..bhabhi don’t worry ,and prays to god. Bulbul calls abhi and abhi asked where you are …he says it’s near my building I will come and runs out. Ranveer says ma…heavy traffic.the car can’t move an inch.abhi comes there.ranveer says bhai…traffic.abhi says we can’t late. Ishani says she is getting unconscious. …priya says no she should not.abhi gets in car asking her to open her eyes.but pragya didn’t.abhi says I will take her to hospital.ranveer asked but how bhai.abhi takes pragya in his arms and starts to walk.ranveer and ishani comes with him.they moves the street overcrowded. Ranveer and ishani shouts to give them way. Abhi while walking…tells pragya to wake up..the people seeing this helped them…they reached hospital. PRAGYA was taken to OT. ..
abhi prays to god to help her .ranveer says don’t worry bhai.abhi says I hope she will be fine.Neil ,ragini,tanu and nikil comes.nikil hugs abhi .all waits restless.

The doctor comes out .abhi rushed towards him.the doctor says don’t worry..your wife is good and congrats it’s baby daughter.all gets happy.abhi asked can I see them.the doctor agrees.abhi enters the room.
Abhi sits beside pragya…he sees a little girl and takes her in his hands.he asked pragya to open her eyes.pragya slowly opened her eyes.she sees abhi sitting near her.she tries to get up.abhi helps her.both kissed the baby
All comes in.abhi gives the baby to dadi.all praised the baby girl.abhi ,prata smiles happily.

The end…..

Hope you all loved it and this story happened real .I mean that abhi carried pragya to’s not reel. .it’s real caring her husband. And hope you all will be waiting for my answer…actually it’s a simple one.pragya after her daughter’s birth starts to write novels.the first one is ps I love you …part 2 …it’s their story….
Hope so you all loved ..thanks for all….who commented…love you guys….

Credit to: aditi

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