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The episode starts with abhi packs his bags and want to speak to pragya so he comes out of wardrobe but she is not he asked robin to take all the bags and he comes to living room .he sees pragya chatting with ranveer and ishani and thinks may be she will not miss me and takes blessings from dadi.ranveer says all the best thing don’t get emotional on the stage.pragya says chup …abhi thinks why he is saying like this. Ranveer says bhai..bhabhi is not coming you may miss her n.a…that what I said.abhi sees pragya and gets sad.pragya acts to get pain.ishani says let’s go to room di. ..pragya says bye and leaves.
Abhi leaves to airport.

PRAGYA ,ishani and ranveer comes to room.ishani says pragya you act well pa..I have to say.ranveer says ha bhabhi.fb shown..
PRAGYA thinks it’s on abhi’s birthday and thinks how to suprise him.ishani tells her plan.pragya walks and falls down.ishani says I will call the doctor and asked doctor to say that she could not travel for a week.the doctor too agreed with her.
Fb ends.

PRAGYA says thanks guys.ishani says our duty .ranveer says are you ready bhabhi…let’s go .pragya says ha ..I packed my things.ishani says me too.ranveer says ok we will go and get ready and drags ishani. PRAGYA says ek minute. Ranveer asked what …pragya says we are going to suprise your bhai ..not for honey moon.okay.ranveer says bhabhi..pragya pats his head saying hey ready fast.

Abhi reached airport and he boarded the flight.he thinks about pragya.he wants to call her but he is on flight so he thinks to call her once he landed .

PRAGYA ,ranveer and ishani reached airport.they boarded the flight and they too reached Pune.

Abhi reached the hotel.he gets into his room.
PRAGYA ,ranveer and ishani reached the same hotel. They three gets to room opposite to abhi ‘s room.

In night,
PRAGYA can’t sleep so she decides to go for a walk.when she opens the door,she sees abhi coming out from opposite room.she suddenly closed the door.pragya calls ranveer and ishani .pragya says what you did ranveer.Abhi is in opposite room.ranveer asked it is possible.I checked with his manager.pragya says if abhi comes to know about our plan n.a…then I will defintely kill you.ranveer says bhabhi..I am sorry. PRAGYA says ha….oh god. .help me.ishani says pragya we will think about it.ishani says there is only one way ,we should not go out…pragya says you are right and three didn’t even opened the door.

On the day of award function
Abhi is on full black suit. He comes to that function. All greets him.Abhi thinks to call pragya.he calls but the phone is switched off. He thinks what she is doing …that time the program started.they started with dance.Abhi feels like boring.the anchor says it’s time to call our rockstar .he says comeon mr. Abhishek mehra…Abhi comes to stage.he says we are proud to inform that the best achiever award for this year goes to abhishek.abhishek recieves it.all claps for him.the anchor asked abhi to speak some words
Abhi says thanks to all.mainly I want to thank my wife ,my family .and my fans ….love you all.the anchor says abhi ek minute …there is a suprise for you from your dear one.Abhi asked who…anchor says sir…but suddenly lights go off…the light spotted on a girl who wears pink gown with light makeup. Abhi thinks who is this.the girl turns .Abhi could not believe its pragya.he was in shock…

If I could sing,
I’d sing a song
Filled with love and praise,
Using notes and melody,
Musical bouquets..

.If I could paint, with brush strokes ICould show you how I feel;
With colors, light and texture,
I’d prove my love is real.
If I could fly,
I’d soar so highGrazing heaven above,
Trailing a giant banner
Abhi is the one I love!
I can’t do those, but I can do this
I can hug you tight and say,
I hope your birthday is the best,
A joy-filled pleasure buffet!

Happy birthday abhi…
Abhi could not get his eyes off.he hugs her saying thank you…and you remember it’s my birthday and breaks the hug.Abhi asked so you planned for my birthday…pragya says sorry.Abhi says it’s ok and hugs her.everyone claps.Abhi breaks the hug and says sorry a little bit emotional. Abhi asked did you came alone.pragya says no Nd points ranveer and ishani.they both smiles.Abhi says so it’s your plan.the anchor asked pragya ji…you have wished abhi but gift…you brought any gift to him.pragya says ha…I am having now.Abhi asked where give me..pragya says close your eyes.Abhi says why.pragya says you want n.a….Abhi closed his eyes.pragya takes abhi’s hands in his and placed on her tummy.pragya says I can only give you after 9 months.Abhi opens his eyes and sees his hands in her tummy and gets happy.he asked really are you pregnant.pragya says yes…Abhi hugs her..all shouts happy birthday papa….Abhi smiles and kissed pragya on her forehead.

Hope you all loved it…

Credit to: aditi

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