Guys I am really sorry for late updates..actually I typed but unfortunately my phone fell in water …so I am not sad that my phone is off but I am sad bcoz I could not upload…so sorry guys…
and from tday there will be ishveer scenes also as many people asked me…

The episode starts with purab says I am leaving’s time and I will inform all.abhi thanks him and purab leaves.abhi sits beside pragya holding her hands …he says I am sorry…I am really sorry…I made a big mistake ..please forgive me.pragya without Opening her eyes says sorry accepted.abhi looks on.abhi asked is she awake.pragya says yup by opening her eyes.abhi hugs her.pragya says I can’t breathe…abhi breaks the hug saying sorry.pragya asked how much sorry you will say in a day. Abhi says if that sorry makes you to smile ..I will say continuously. PRAGYA says you better try in will become a nice actor.abhi says arey you will not leave a single chance to tease me.pragya says I liked it.
ranveer and ishani ,bulbul comes in.ranveer asked what happened bhabhi.abhi says she is fine.don’t worry.ranveer says I asked to bhabhi..abhi says arey…pragya says I am fine.bulbul asked abhi to take care of her.ishani continues saying as you are responsible for this.abhi asked all supports to pragya.trio shouts yes.abhi smiles….seeing them.
trio leaves.abhi asked holding pragya’s hands are you happy .pragya says ofcourse ,what type of question is this.abhi hugs her.pragya says let’s go down all will be waiting for us n.a..abhi says not now.take rest, i will say to them.pragya says please …my sweet husband n.a..abhi says ok permission granted.
abhi pragya comes to living room.dadi says fine you both came.ishani says I am leaving its time.dadi says now you are bahu of this house how can you must stay here from now its my order.priya says but ranveer and ishani should not meet each other n.a.. dadi says I have an idea .abhi asked what idea.dadi says abhi you should sleep in ranveer ‘s room for next two days and ishani will stay in your’s room.abhi pragya looked at each other. Abhi says but dadi. Dasi says it’s only two days n.a….and pragya will not run anywhere .pragya says ji dadi.abhi looks on pragya.

In night…
pragya could not sleep she starts to read a book”ps I love you” .she finishes the book .she sees the time its 1:30 and ishani sleeping peacefully.pragya could not sleep as she miss abhi.she daily used to keep her head on his’s her pillow but today she totally miss everything.she thinks about the book Gerry really cared for his wife.

Abhi sees ranveer sleeping,he caresed his face.he too miss pragya ,so he decides to meet her.he went out of room.ranveer gets up Nd thinks sure bhai is going to see bhabhi and follows him.abhi calls pragya to come with him.pragya says I will not.abhi asked she didn’t missed him.pragya says no.abhi says really but you eyes are saying you missed me.pragya asked how.abhi says if you have not missed me you would have slept n.a….come and drags her to terrace. Ranveer enters the room and sits near ishani he caresed her face.

Abhi and pragya sits on the sofa ,immediately pragya hugs him .abhi says this tells you how much you missed me.pragya says yes more.abhi says it’s just for two days n.a..pragya says two days baba. ..abhi says don’t worry.
Ranveer was about to kiss ishani,ishani opens her eyes and shouts…ranveer closed her mouth and says it’s me.ishani moved his hands and asked you ,what are you doing…and pragya. .ranveer says bhai Nd bhabhi went to terrace.
abhi says it’s ishani ‘s voice n.a…pragya says and both rushed down.
ranveer and ishani hears foot steps.ishani asked ranveer to hide .ranveer hides behind bed.dadi ,dasi and all comes.dadi asked what happened beta. Ishani says nothing dadi..I saw a cat ..dadi asked cat. Priya asked how can cat come here.ram says it may be dream.better you sleep.priya asked where is pragya.pragya comes there saying here.behind abhi smiles at them.dadi asked where she went.pragya says went to drink water.priya says it’s time let’s sleep.tomorrow sangeet function na. All leaves.abhi closed the door and asked cat..ishani says yes.abhi asked how it looks like.pragya asked how a cat all look like.abhi says no ..I know a cat which is fair and tall ..pragya asked really
Abhi says will look like man.ranveer comes out.abhi says this cat.pragya smiles.ishani blushes.abhi asked ranveer what he is doing.ranveer asked what he is doing.abhi says I came to meet my wife.ranveer says me too.abhi says let’s go and takes ranveer.pragya says these two n.a. ishani says ji pragya..both sleeps.

Next Morning
pragya wakes up.ishani gets ready in blue lehenga.ishani asked how is it.pragya says super.ishani says ranveer brought for me.pragya says acha…nice pathi. .ishani says not only for me,abhi too brought a gift …pragya asked really.ishani gives a card to her and says abhi gave this and asked you to follow the instructions. PRAGYA opens the card…

My dear love..
please open the cuboard and you will find your first gift.pragya rushes and opens it
There is a green colour Saree for her with a note.”happy…green suits for you..and you have to wear this.and after wearing the accessories are in your dressing table.pragya gets happy and gets ready…

She searches for abhi and asjed robin.robin says sir is in ranveer ‘s room.pragya gets in and sees abhi sitting on couch.pragya stands before him.he looks at her and says beautiful. PRAGYA hugs him tightly saying thank you….and kisses him in cheeks.abhi asked her is she pragya.pragya says arey …and hugs him.
ranveer comes out from washroom and sees them …says oops.pragya breaks the hug.abhi asked you are not ashamed.ranveer asked why should I.abhi gets irked.ranveer says bhabhi you look beautiful. PRAGYA thanks him
Ranceet says bhai you are right. Green suits for her.pragya looks at abhi.ranveer says actually we purchased in online.pragya says thanks.ranveer says bhabhi…bhai came to your room and checked if you slept.may be ten times.pragya looks at abhi.ranveer says bhabhi…you two n.a. best pair and hugs them.ishani comes asking can I join.pragya says ofcourse and hugs .
abhi says many suprises are waiting for you.pragya asked him to say but abhi didn’t say and leaves.

In sangeet function.
bulbul says attention ladies..its time to dance and asked ranveer and ishani to come to stage.they both dances for tum hi ho…everyone claps.pragya wonders where did abhi went.then bulbul says it’s special performance by bhai to bhabhi.pragya was supeised.abhi sings and dances for saiyaara…and takes pragya in his arms.both shared an eyelock.pragya asked him to leave.everyone claps.

Bulbhl says bhai you danced well and bhabhi you were rocking the stage. Abhi says I have an important work I am leaving but pragya be with bulbul.pragya asked what happened. Abhi says nothing and leaves .

Abhi comes out and searched .suddenly ten goons surrounded him.Aryan comes from behind and he places a gun near his head.Aryan asked how are you rockstar. Abhi says leave me otherwise I will..Aryan asked what you will do..

PRAGYA says let’s go bulbul. Bulbul says but bhabhi ,bhai asked us not to come. Ranveer and ishani comes there.ranveer asked bhabhi what happened.bulbul says everything. Samberg says let’s go.the four searches abhi.PRAGYA shouts abhi and was shocked.she runs towards them.
Aryan says I know you will are you.pragya says leave him.Aryan says I will leave him but you have to sign in this papers and gives her. PRAGYA sees it” divorce papers ” .abhi says don’t sign.Aryan says within ten seconds you have to sign or I will shoot him.pragya says I will sign.abhi thinks it’s going on..I have to end.and takes chilli powder from his pocket and throws on Aryan ‘a face.Aryan falls on the floor. Abhi rushed to pragya and tears the papers.pragya hugs him…Allah waariyan plays.abhi says arrest him. The police from all the side surrounds him.abhi says I know you are alive as the comissioner said to me.but I want you to come before me..for that such much drama.Aryan says I will not leave you.abhi says better luck next time.the police takes Aryan…

Abhi informs there is an award function .he asked can I take pragya.dadi says no..abhi gets sad

Hope you all liked..

Credit to: aditi

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