Hi guys…I think you have forgotten me…it’s aditi and I had exams and it’s not over ,I got a break so I thought to upload …

The episode starts with pragya gets up in the morning, and sees her room filled with roses.she thinks who had decorated it and thinks it may be abhi.she smiles and thinks hoho …rockstar wants to suprise me ,let’s play with him.that time abhi comes In with her morning tea.abhi says good morning. PRAGYA says morning.abhi asked my wife liked my arrangements. PRAGYA asked what arrangements .abhi asked can’t you are .wait I will get your chashma. Abhi makes her to wear and asked her to see.pragya says what’s there
Abhi now lost his control ,asking you can’t see .I think this chashma has got retired…pragya laughs at him.abhi says ek minute …don’t day you are playing pranks on me.pragya says why should I tell…you itself told na …abhi says naughty girl…pragya says it’s becauseof you rockstar.abhi sees pragya ‘s smile and thinks finally she is normal. PRAGYA asked where you have lost.abhi says get ready…pragya asked are we going out.abhi says shopping.pragya says shopping….ha …i will get ready in 2 minutes.abhi thinks why on this earth, girls love shopping. PRAGYA says I can hear you.abhi asked can you trace my thoughts..pragya says ofcourse.abhi says I am leaving. You come soon.

PRAGYA gets ready in one of her most beautifull red Saree and comes down. All were in living room looks at pragya.she smiles and asked why you people are looking like this.abhi says don’t think we saw because you are beautiful. PRAGYA looks at him shocked.abhi comes here and just passed her …pragya turns to see where he is going.robin comes behind pragya so abhi goes to him and hugs him..abhi says robin ,you look so beautiful and hugs him.pragya looks at abhi.robin says but sir ..I am not wearing any classy dress and I am just wearing the dress which I used to wear daily.In what angle I look beautiful.pragya burst out in laughter and also everyone.abhi thinks it’s ok..if all are happy..then nothing is there to be mocked off.abhi asked robin to go and asked pragya shall we move and both waves bye to all.

Abhi pragya reached the mall.abhi asked her to wait as he goes to park the car.nukil and tanu shouts near pragya”s ears suprise.pragya jerked and turns to see them.she asked you both Nukil says is there anything that we should not come to this mall.pragya nods no.tanu asked you came alone.pragya says no .abhi went to park the car.tanu says acha …ok we are leaving dont tel abhi that we are here.pragya says ok and both leaves.abhi comes there asking lets go.pragya and abhi entered the mall.pragya asked why this sudden shopping.abhi says just…an idea to be with you.pragya smiles.abhi says first dress.pragya says ok .abhi asked the person to bring a nice outfit.he selects for him and asked pragya to try western outfit.pragya says ok let me try.the man gets some short dresses.pragya shouts act him that she will not wear this type of dresses.abhi signs him to go.abhi says you know…the hot girls like actress used to wear this type of dresses.pragya says but I am not an actress
Abhi says but you are rockstar”s wife.pragya says you want me to look hot.abhi says not like that.pragya asked then ? In anger tone.abhi says leave it..pragya says no I will try this..and takes a blue shift dress..abhi smiles at her.
pragya goes to changing room angrily ,shr collides with tanu.tanu asked what happened why she is angry. Nikon too comes .pragya says whole thing.tanu says don’t worry…we will make rockstar to feel jealous. And shares a plan with both.pragya says no..if he gets angry then I am finished .tanu says nothing will happen trust me

Abhi comes to see whether pragya changes her mind.just then he sees pragya infornt of him turned opposite to him.he could not see her face.he thinks she is looking beautiful and was about to go near her when a man comes and starts flirting with pragya.abhi gets angry…the man says mam you look hot and beautiful..abhi says I can use these type of words to my can he and comes near him.and hugs pragya from behind.she jerks off from him.but it’s not pragya…another girl.the girl asked how dare you hug me.the man says it’s my girlfriend. Abhi asked girlfriend. And says sorry .I thought it’s my wife.pragya ,tanu and nikil comes there.pragya says agree you can’t see someone flirting with me.abhi says why not and both..I am defintely sure it’s your plan.nikil asked how he know.abhi says because pragya has no brain to think of like this pranks.pragya says excuse me ,what did you said.I am not having brain.
abhi says I said that you can’t think these cheap acts.pragya nods with smile.tanu says we are leaving as legal will be alone.pragya says ok and both leaves.
abhi says it’s better we can go to Saree section.

Screen shifts to mm…purab comes there to see pragya.but bulbul informs she is out.purab says ok I am leaving.bulbul says let’s have a talk .dadi comes there and asked purab how is he and ragini and Neil.purab says all are good.dadi says ok beta and tells bulbul that tomorrow is mehendi function and later sungeet function.
bulbul says ji dadi. And akash and rachna are coming tomorrow they asked me to inform you.dadi says ok .purab says ok I am leaving dadi.

PRAGYA and abhi gets out of mall with all the bags.pragya says pani poori. Abhi says I find like it.pragya says but I like and asked him to company her.abhi says ok.pragya starts to eat abhi just lost in her beauty.pragya asked if he wants .abhi miss no.pragya says how can a person in earth hates pani poori.abhi says not like that I don’t know how to eat.pragya says it’s not tough and showed him how to eat and abhi follows her.he eats. ..pragya asked how is it.abhi says I just loved it and both starts to ask one more….one more..

They both reached mm.abhi asked so happy mrs, pragya. PRAGYA says thanks..abhi says no thanks..pragya says ok fine.

Next day is mehendi function.
all girls put mehendi in their hands.abhi teases ranveer. Bulbul too blind with abhi.ranveer says’s enough.abhi says tit for tat. Ranveer asked for teased me on that day n.a…see god gave a wonderful chance to me.
bulbul says bhai come find your name in bhabhi’s hands.ranveer sits near ishani. Both were lost in thoughts.abhi says bhai..please can you find your name.ranveer breaks the eyelock and looks at ishani’s hands.dadi asked abhi to find his name on pragya ‘s hands.abhi asked pragya are you going to remarry.pragya asked what..come again.abhi says you are puting mehendi n.a.
..pragya smiles and asked him to find.abhi searches and says I got it and shows her.pragya says ok fine.abhi asked ranveer is he still searching.ranveer says ha…I got it..and shows.everyone praised two brothers. PRAGYA sees a shadow near their room and goes to find it.pragya was shocked to see Aryan.Aryan asked how is she and says I will not leave you both to live happily.pragya runs inside and calls abhi .she says she saw Aryan and both comes out.abhi asked where he is.pragya says he said that he will not leave us to live happily.abhi says it’s just your imagination.come let’s go in .pragya says why the hell you are not believing me.abhi asked her to talk silently as function is going on. PRAGYA asked abhi to believe but abhi says better you take some rest.pragya says no I am not coming.but abhi drags her to room.abhi says you better take rest in room.pragya says abhi..I want to come.abhi says no and locks the door..pragya asked abhi not to lock the door but he could nt hear as he is out.
abhi comes down.purab asked where is pragya.abhi says I locked her in room.purab asked what why you did so.she is having claustrophobia.abhi asked what and both rushed …they sees pragya trying hard to breathe.purab opens the window and abhi comes to pragya.she holds his kurta tightly as it’s difficult to breathe.abhi says I am sorry.purab gets her tablet and gives her.pragya was dozzed off.

Abhi asked so because of it ,she faints …purab says yes. Abhi thinks to ask sorry to pragya

Hope you all loved it……and many happy moments are waiting for you…and I am sure by the next episode aryan’s chapter will get close

Credit to: aditi

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