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the episode starts with bulbul bringing food to pragya.she opens the door and finds dark so she turns on light.she sees pragya sleeping and wakes her…bhabhi ,get up…she gets shocked seeing blood and shouts bhai…
abhi and ranveer hears the sound and rushes to room.Abhi asked why you shouted.bulbul shows him.he sees its from pragya’s hands.he shouts pragya and takes her in his arms.he shouts pragya ,open your eyes..I am sorry yaar..please .ranveer call the doctor.she tells bulbul to get the first aid box

the doctor comes and dresses pragya’s wound.he says thank God it’s not deep.abhi says thanks and ranveer takes doctor with him
abhi sits beside pragya.he caresses her hair .pragya opened her eyes
abhi asked di you want anything and helps her to sit.she asked did he got feared.abhi says I am not in mood to speak..are you mad.if something happened to you..then how can I live. I would habe come with you to torture in heaven.pragya says I am mad because of you.I cant take of your ignorance. I will die if you try this cheap tricks on me.abhi says sorry and hugs her.pragya breaks the hug asking how you confirmed that you will come with me to heaven.ya…obviously I will go to heaven bcoz I am a good girl..but you…you will go to hell. abhi says arey in this stage also you are teasing me na and hugs her
pragya says just for fun.abhi says it’s ok.

bulbul and ranveer comes there and takes a snap of their happy faces….

abhi says wait I will go and get your dinner here.pragya asked did you eat.abhi says yes.pragya asked how can you eat like this without me.abhi says you think I can..pragya asked so you lied…you too not eaten na..bring two’s my order.abhi says ok madam and leaves .
pragya was happy that her life is back…suddenly the lights turned off.she shouts abhi…abhi…don’t play like this you know na I am scared.she sees the shadow near balcony.she asked who is that.and was scared to see.the air was blowing heavily.she goes near balcony and sees a man standing turning back.pragya asked who is it.the man turns …..pragya says Aryan ….and falls dizzy….

abhi comes with two plates.he thinks why the lights are off..and switched on…..he calls pragya come.but no reply.he sees the door of balcony is opened.he thinks she may be there.he sees pragya lying on the floor and takes her to bed.he sprinkled water on pragya”s face. ..she opens and sees abhi.she shouts abhi and hugs him.abhi asked what happened.pragya says Aryan…Aryan …in the balcony..abhi asked Aryan .pragya nods yes.abhi says there is no one pragya..and you are in fear..tgats it come on like a good girl.pragya was not satisfied by the answer..

ranveer – ishani sungeet function. .abhi pragya dances. pragya again sees Aryan…

if Aryan is alive or it’s pragya ‘s thought….wait …many suspenses are waiting for you…

guys I want to know is this track boring if so I will change. .
and ya it’s small bcoz I typed in phone that’s why…

Credit to: aditi

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  1. How many times pragya ll faint? Again this irritating Aryan came… Aditi except aryan scene episode was nice as usual… Want more Abhigya’s happy moments,bring twist later…

  2. very nice..but its very short..keep going..and update regularly…

  3. Nice but want more abhigya happy scenes.

  4. ash(akshaya)

    Awesome yaar Continue soon dear
    It’s very interesting and good

  5. Dr please post more ishveer scenes plz

  6. Nice

  7. Nice ya. Need abhigya scenes more. And one more thing don’t make pragya weak hearted make her strong willed like lady mogambo in original kkb. Don’t make Aryan as ghost it’ll be boring. Continue like this with happy twists yaar. It’ll be nice

  8. Superb…….Need ABHIGYA scenes more………….

  9. Nice but need more abhigya scenes……..

  10. Superb yaar…

  11. Waiting fa the next twist

  12. Put equal importance for both ishveer and abhigya plz plz plz

  13. Pls update ur nxt episode. Eagarly waiting

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