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The episode starts with abhi coming back to home.bulbul asked bhai…you came home so early.abhi asked why I should not come.bulbul says not like that..where is bhabhi.abhi : I have to ask ,where is she? bulbul :bhai,don’t play.where is she? Abhi : arey seriously I don’t know I am coming from office now only could I..actually I want to say sorry,I promised her to take her to date but could NT.bulbul : didn’t called her.she went saying you called her .abhi : I didn’t called her.wait I will call her.
bulbul: bhai…I am worried
abhi calls pragya but her phone is switched off.
abhi: switched off.ok call ranveer
bulbul calls ranveer and soon bulbul and ranveer comes.
ranveer: bhai what happened.where she went
abhi: I don’t know yaar…
ranveer : ok bhai dont worry.I will ask ishani.

pragya sits crying….Aryan comes there with food.
aryan: how are you feeling now…you didn’t expect this.
pragya: no….please leave me.I have to go.everybody in house will be waiting
aryan.: you returned back to me after long years how can I leave you
pragya cries loudly
aryan : I know a married girl can’t marry another man when her husband is alive …what to do..better we can kill him
pragya was shocked
pragya: don’t do like that…
aryan : then eat
pragya: I will die rather than to eat this food

ranveer calls ishani
ranveer: ishani did bhabhi came there
ishani: no ranveer. ..she didn’t .what happened
ranveer : nothing and cuts the call.

all the family members gathered in living room.priya prays ” nothing should happen to pragya”
Neil,ragini,tanu,nikil comes….ragini hugs priya.
abhi gets a call….
abhi : hello
aryan: hey abhi’s Aryan.are you searching for your wife
abhi: ha… know where is she.
aryan: she is with me only
abhi : what you mean…
pragya gets the phone and says abhi…please don’t come…aryan snatches the phone and slaps her.pragya cries.abhi asked not to hurt pragya.aryan says then come to aaaa place.abhi says ok I will come.
abhi says this to everyone.ranveer says let’s go bhai.abhi says no I will go alone.Nikki says I will come with you. abhi says no …and leaves.

abhi reached the place and calls pragya.aryan says well….you reached mr. rockstar.
abhi: leave her.what you want
aryan …: I want pragya.
abhi asked what…

aryan asked pragya: you didn’t say about us to him.well I will say…

fb starts..
pragya was studying in 3rd year.aryan was also 3rd year.both Aryan and pragya liked each other.but they didn’t confess.pragya liked the way he care for day Aryan proposed pragya,pragya too accept him.both were known as love birds IN the day Aryan got a chance to act in film.he said pragya to wait for him as he have to go for shoot.pragya demanded that she could not live without seeing both used to meet each other daily.aryan refused. pragya asked if she is important or job.aryan says my job and leaves.pragya cries…..

fb ends.

aryan moves to pragya…saying I returned back to say sorry but you were not there.I had been searching for you…till now.when I saw you in the party…I thought my love is back.
abhi was shocked .pragya looks at abhi.and asked Aryan TO stop.aryan says ok its time for climax. and takes the gun and points out on abhi.pragya asked abhi why did he came here.abhi asked her to keep quite.pragya asked aryan to leave him .aryan laughs.pragya : aryan,if something happens to him then i will not be alive.aryan asked why..why this much concern for him.pragya: because I love him…yes I love him…more than me ,anything in this world.he cares for me…he wants me to see happy.I love him more than anything in this world…abhi smiles.abhi says now I am ready even to die because my wife. life lives me..come on shoot me and closed his eyes.pragya free her hands from ropes and hugged him saying I love you abhi and cries…abhi too hugs her.Allah waariyan plays…

aryan says if you are not for me…then you should not belong to anybody and points on her.abhi asked her to move but pragya doesn’t.abhi says please move..but pragya smiles at him…

ranveer and nikil comes to that place…..

Credit to: aditi

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