Hi guys …I know you are waiting for next episode….I am really happy that you people like my ff. ..
The episode starts with pragya gets up in the morning. And it’s ranveer’s birthday.she asked abhi to wake up .but he she gets ready and comes down.bulbul and priya were busy in their works.she asked bulbul did she wished ranveer. Bulnul says no.ishani comes there.pragya hugs her and bulbul and pragya starts to tease her.ishani blushes.pragya says to bulbul that some one is blushing.abhi comes down asking normally you should blush.who is that competitor ..pragya looks angry. And she moved.bulbul asked bhai..why are you teasing bhabhi.abhi says she looks cute even when she is in anger.bulbul says oh…people will say is blind…is that bhai.abhi asked her to shut up and says you have to grow.bulbul smirks at him and leaves.ranveer comes down .abhi wished ranveer ,he says thanks bhai.abhi says I am first to wish my brother.bulbul wished ranveer. Ishani too wished him.ranveer says bhai…you are not the one who wished me first…abhi asked then who

.mom..or else…robin. ranveer says more dearest person….pragya bhabhi…abhi says pragya and says what’s there matter who wished you first ..and says I am leaving. Every one laughs.

Prague called ragini saying that’s there is a she invites all.bulbul comes saying all are ready bhabhi.both smiles.

In the party. ..
all were enjoying.Dadi and dasi were speaking to the guest, abhi was talking to his producers…but keeps a look on pragya.pragya was chating with nikil and tanu …all were happy.suddenly a small girl of 6 years old comes and calls pragya as mumma.all were shocked.abhi comes to pragya.pragya was shocked to see her.she looks at abhi.abhi looks at pragya.pragya asked whom she is.pragya says I don’t know.abhi asked then she is calling you mumma ..wait I will ask.abhi asked whats her name by taking her in his arms.she says payal.abhi asked sweet .where is your dad and is here and my uncle brought me here.she shouts come na…all looks at him.Aryan comes there.pragya moved back and tanu holds her.Aryan asked pragya to come with him as he wants to talk with her.abhi asked why you want to talk to my wife and who is this girl.Aryan says pragya I am waiting in your room. PRAGYA goes behind him.abhi goes with her.
in abhigya’s room….abhi asked what’s happening here.Aryan says I am sorry abhi for troubling you but I need your help.actually my wife arti died in an accident when payal was 1 year old.I showed pragya ‘s photo and said she is her’s my mistake I agree..because I don’t want my daughter to know that her mom is dead.and now payal want to do the operation immediately she is having a hole in her heart.but she is not willing to do until she sees her I brought her here.she doesn’t know that I am her father,please both introduce as her father and mother.I will do all things ,but pleae take care of my child.he bents down..abhi says I am sorry Aryan ,without knowing the truth…but don’t worry…she is our daughter from now.I accept her as my daughter.pragya says ha…don’t worry…

They threw comes down.payal who was sitting near tanu who gives her chocolate runs towards her screaming mumma…pragya takes her in her arms and kisses her cheeks.abhi says let’s go.

Abhi announces that the party is cancelled .all leaves except their family members.pragya asked bulbul to take payal to their room.they both leaves.ragini asked whats going on here.abhi tells everything.Dadi says I too accept her as my grandchild.Aryan says it’s enough.I am leaving and he leaves.ishani says it’s too late I am also leaving.ranveer says I will drop you.tanu and nikil asked pragya to take care and they leaves.ragini and Neil leaves.all went to their rooms.

Abhi ,pragya sees payal playing with bulbul.abhi asked bulbul to go to her room.payal says good night…..and bulbul missed her forehead saying good night.abhi sits near payal but she moved back .pragya noticed to keep payal comfortable she sits beside her.payal hugged pragya and burried her face with fear.pragya caresses her hair asking what happened to my baby and looks at abhi.abhi said I am your pappa…da come to me.payal does NT look at him for once and starts to cry.abhi asked why she is crying.pragya asked what happened and wipes her tears.payal didn’t say anything and cries.abhi was about to touch her but she shouts not to touch.abhi looks shocked .she says no …you don’t touch me…you don’t like me na…so only you left me…In that dark room.abhi was confused.pragya asked what are you saying beta.payal says Aryan uncle told that my pappa never loves me and you left me in that dark room and cries.abhi takes her in his arms and says no …no..not like that..who told that I never loved you..ofcourse I loved you so much.that Aryan na…lied to you.let him come tomorrow we will break his hands.payal asked you love me…abhi says ofcourse and kissed her forehead. Payal says I love you pappa.pragya says it’s time to sleep lets go….and abhi makes payal to sleep and moved to balcony.ha called Aryan and asked why did he said that her father hates her.Aryan says if she came to know the truth that I am her father…then she will not leave me.I want her to hate me…so only I lied to her. Did she troubled you both.abhi says no she slept.

Aryan cuts the call and laughs …he says wait and watch Mr.ABHISHEK MEHRA. gonna lose your wife.
next morning ..
pragya sees payal sleeping and gets up from the bed.she gets ready and asked abhi and payal to wake up.both gets up.abhi whispers in pragya’s ears that there is a suprise for her and leaves.she makes payal to get ready and three leaves to living room.

BULBUL takes payal with her and makes her to eat.abhi says ok I am leaving …..and looks at pragya.payal says bye pappa.abhi smiles at her.

At around 11 am …pragya gets a call from unknown number.she picks up and the man asked are you Mrs.abhishek mehra….pragya says yes.he says your husband is met with an accident.pragya was shocked and asked the place.he says aaaa place.pragya leaves to that place

She sees no one and shouts abhi.she says I know you were playing with me..but come back I am scared reply…suddenly she feels a touch on her shoulder. She turns without seeing hugs him saying abhi…I was scared….and breaks the hug ..shocked to see Aryan.Aryan says sorry…if I scared you…but please don’t leave me.pragya asked it’s your plan and tried to escape but some goons held her hands.Aryan says now wait and watch …you are only to me…

Precap. ..
Aryan calls abhi…abhi shouts not to harm pragya.Aryan asked him to come to aaaa place.abhi agrees .Aryan says tday abhi is finished..and pragya prays to God..that abhi should not come. .

What will I know…all are anger at me..but I promise next episode abhi will find pragya and interesting twist are waiting for you keep reading…

Credit to: aditi

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