Thanks for per your request I am updating…but short episode…I have not prepared it’s small episode..

The episode starts with abhi asked her to move but pragya says I don’t have have fear on death …when you are here.abhi looks on.pragya smiles.

Ranveer and nikil comes there with police force.the commissioner asked to surround the place.ranveer says do anything but I want my bhai and bhabhi safe.nikil says let’s search

Pragya turns to face Aryan.she says I am ready.come on shoot me.Aryan says so much love on your husband.but remember I am not going to leave you or your husband.pragya says as your wish.but shoot ne first.abhi says no me…pragya shouts no me…and they both moves close to each other.Aryan says shut up and was about to fire but the commissioner shoots him.Aryan falls on ground.pragya gets scared and hugs abhi..abhi says nothing ,let’s go.ranveer and nikil comes there.ranveer asked are you fine na bhabhi.let’s go and takes both of them out.pragya was scared because she had saw Aryan ‘s death in front of her eyes..

Abhi and pragya reached home with ranveer and nikil.all hugs both of them.bulbul makes pragya to sit and gives her water.pragya didn’t speak to anyone.tanu asked why she is silent.abhi says woh. ..the police shooted that Aryan in front of her eyes …so she is quite IN shock..she will be okay tomorrow.okay pragya let’s go to room.

Dadi says beta one second….after all these issues ,let’s do ranveer and ishani”s engagement.priya says ha…good idea.ram says if you all are okay then no problem.abhi says we have to ask only TO mr. Ranveer ,call your sweety and tell her to come tomorrow.ranveer blushes.abhi says see who is blushing.tanu was constantly looking on pragya who was lost in thoughts.tanu keeps her hands on pragya ‘s shoulders ,pragya jerked. Tanu asked is everything okay.pragya asked where is payal.tanu called her.pragya asked payal …who told you to that I am your mom.PayPal says Aryan uncle.pragya says don’t say lie …beta…I know. .you are forced…please say the truth.payal says woh..actually aunty..I am a orphan.Aryan uncle adopted me.he says that I have to act .so I did …that’s it aunty and cries.
abhi says it’s ok beta…but you should be truthfull na…payal says sorry.pragya sits shocked.tanu kneels down towards payal and asked will you accept me as your I have no children. Patel looks on.nikil too comes there and asked will you accept beta…payal says ok ….tanu hugs her.she holds pragya’s hands saying I lost my child and I know that I could not bear a I want payal as my daughter..please accept pragya. Prague says ok and hugs payal.she says you have to behave as a good child and kisses her cheek.all leaves.

Abhigya’s room…
abhi asked pragya why you didnt say about would have told na…I would have warned him before.and I told you there should be no secrets between us.pragya says ha…I would have told you..but nikil says it will spoil your career so…abhi asked so you hide that matter.
pragya says ha…if I would have told you,Aryan would have not been’s because of me,he passed away…I killed him and sits on bed crying abhi noticed that she is serious and sits beside her saying …you not…pragya.don’t think like that.pragya says I am sorry abhi..I thought if I said the truth you will leave ME .if I informed you
.you would have thought that I too betrayed you like my sister.I don’t want you to hate me and hugs him.

abhi says let’s talk tomorrow. Now sleep…pragya calls abhi…but abhi leaves the room.pragya cries….

Ok guys don’t think I am gonna seperate abhigya…there is a twist.
..waiting for you…keep reading

Credit to: aditi

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