Thanks guys for support…I crossed my 20 th episode.thanks to all readers.

The episode begins with abhi,pragya getting ready .Abhi looks dashing in blue suit.he wonders where is pragya.just then she comes in blue gown.Abhi says looking cute.pragya smiles.Abhi hugs her saying don’t fear I am with you…Abhi was about to kiss when bulbul comes..she says oops… called both of you.pragya leaves with bulbul and abhi follows them.all wished pragya..Neil ,ragini ,tanu and nikil comes.pragya waves bye to all and leaves.

In the studio…
it was first shot.
Abhi must come from behind and hug her.Aryan thinks it will not come to an end as pragya fears of light,camera’s. He smiled ..many shots cancelled…pragya could not do.she was nervous. The director asked abhi to speak to her.Aryan says she could not do.Abhi says I will speak to her and takes pragya aside.Abhi asked what happened. PRAGYA says I could not do abhi.I will get dear infront of camera’s. Abhi says see take your own time..see I am going to with you fear.pragya hugs abhi.Abhi pats her back.Aryan looks at them. PRAGYA sees Aryan in the mirror and thinks i am right.he is upto do something and breaks the hug saying i am ready.abhi asked are you sure. PRAGYA nods yes.

They again shotted.but this time pragya was bold ,not feared and the shot was fantastic.all praised for their chemistry.Abhi wraps his arm around her waist saying thank you.pragya smiles.Aryan fines in anger.
the whole shot completed..both abhi and pragya are back to home.Abhi asked how is this experience. PRAGYA says quite good.Abhi says let’s wait for tomorrow what people are saying.they reached mm

Next morning. .
The producer comes shouting abhi.all comes .pragya thinks why he is angry.Abhi asked what happened. The producer asked you don’t know..I anger tone.Abhi says no…the producer says the ad was a huge success…all smiles happily.Abhi says thank God…pragya smiles.the producer says one more thing..Abhi asked what…producer says mr. Yash Johar,agneepath director wants pragya to be the actress of his next film..all gets happy ,except abhi.pragya sees him.Abhi smiles at her.bulbul says it’s celebration time.priya and ram congrats pragya.pragya comes to abhi and asked if he is okay with it.Abhi nods yes.purab comes there and asked them to switch on news…pragya abhishek mehra won millions of hearts.all were happy.the producer says ok I will inform Yash Johar and leaves.
nikil and tanu comes and wishes her.Aryan comes there and was about to hug pragya but tanu hugs pragya coming inbetween Aryan and nikil.Aryan thinks these two sisters na….and leaves from there.pragya thanks her.

Yash Johar enters mm….all welcomed him.he congratulated pragya for wonderful acting.pragya thanked him.Aryan sees abhi boiling inside.he thinks it’s right time to seperate them .pragya signed a contract with yash johar.all leaves.

Abhi was in his room…sitting angrily.pragya comes into room.she sits beside him placing her head on his shoulders .but abhi moved off.pragya thinks what happened to him.Abhi pushes near by flower all things he could.he pushed their marriage photo.pragya asked what happened to him and picks the glasses from the floor but she gets hurt.Abhi sees pragya’s hands bleeding…he rushes and brings the first aid box ,sits beside her.Abhi says I am sorry…pragya says leave…I know this will happen so that I didn’t agree to do..but you all forced me…now see who is getting hurt..its me..not you and cries.Abhi says I am sorry and hugs her.pragya says don’t go far away from me.I could not handle your rejection…I will die..Abhi asked her not to speak like this ..pragya takes her phone and calls yash .she informs that she is not ready to act in films and cuts the call.she takes the contract paper and burns it…Abhi asked her not to do but she burnt it.pragya says i will be with you always …I love you abhi.Abhi was silent.pragya asked did you hear me.Abhi nods yes and says sorry.pragya hugs him….

Finally happy ending…hope you all loved it…..

There is a party in mm….a girl comes from behind pragya and says mumma….all are confused…pragya was shocked..

Hope you all were really waiting for precap…intresting twist in abhigya’s life…

Credit to: aditi

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