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The episode starts with pragya wakes up in the morning and sees abhi sleeping peacefully.she smiles remembering last night.she gets ready and leaves to hall.she greets bulbul and priya.bulbul says ma..see today someone is blushing…pragya smiles.priya asked her to stop teasing. Abhi comes saying stop teasing my wife. Bulbil says ok…..priya asked why you both left yesterday.many people asked about you both.Abhi says woh. …pragya says ma…yesterday I got a headache so I asked abhi to come with me.priya asked are you fine now
Prague nods yes.bulbul says acha

Abhi says I am having work…and was about to leave but stopped seeing Aryan.Abhi says hi…what’s up…Aryan asked if I disturbed you.Abhi says not at that time nikil and tanu comes.pragya hugs tanu.tanu says don’t worry we are here na.nikil says woh..we came to take pragya with us.Abhi asked where…tanu says my aunt want to see her.Abhi says ok…pragya says I will come and was about to leave but Aryan calls pragya.Abhi looks on.Aryan says I am sorry. Abhi says it’s ok.Aryan says I came to inform that our model left the studio in anger and actually she said that she will not work and calls his assistant to come.his assistant says we have to search for a new model and says she perfectly suits..and points on pragya.ram and dadi comes.pragya asked I will not.dadi says accept beta.ram too says you gonna act with your husband only..bulbul says yes ofcourse bhabhi…pragya looks on abhi.Abhi nods his head .pragya says ok I will …Abhi hugs pragya..Aryan gets angry.pragya looks on Aryan and frees from abhi.Abhi says so Mrs.pragya mehra…today you are free.but from tomorrow you should come to studio and smiles at her.pragya nods yes.bulbul asked them yo stop their romance..pragya says nikil and tanu to wait .

In abhi pragya ‘s room.
Ptagya was standing infront of mirror. Abhi comes there and hugs her from behind.Abhi asked are you happy.pragya says if you are happy..I will.Abhi says thanks for accepting.pragya says it’s ok.Abhi asked do you remember..we tday…pragya says how could I…ok I will reach the directly after meeting aunty.Abhi says that’s my girl.

PRAGYA comes down and they three leaves.tanu asked are you wanna do this.pragya says I know it’s aryan’s plan.nikil asked her to be careful.pragya asked tanu where is aunty.tanu says there is no aunty ..I just want to rescue you.pragya says ok let’s go to restaurant.and nikil says to tanu how cool she is.pragya smiles at him.all three have lunch.pragya gets call from abhi.pragya says it’s abhi.tanu asked her to continue…pragya attends the call.Abhi asked where are you.pragya says restaurant.Abhi asked restaurent.nikil and tanu laughs.pragya says woh. .yaa …she is in restaurant.we all having lunch.Abhi says ok…and says I love you…pragya says hmm..Abhi asked what hmmm.pragya says all are near me..and says bye I will see you later and cuts the call.Abhi says she understood what I asked. .but she never says the three words
Nikil says how cute you both are,tanu says ha…pragya smiles…

Aryan calls pragya…pragya attends the call and says hello.Aryan says hey pragya.pragya asked Aryan you.Aryan asked you guessed me correctly..pragya asked what you want..Aryan says I want to meet you. PRAGYA asked why. Aryan says just five minutes.pragya says ok .Aryan says I Wil message you the place
PRAGYA thinks why he wants to meet me..

PRAGYA comes to the place.Aryan says came.pragya asked what you want to say.Aryan says first sit.pragya thinks it’s time.Abhi asked me to come as it is special day for him.pragya sits .Aryan asked coffee.pragya says no.Aryan says ok..I will say.I mean..I wa first shocked that you married abhi.but now I understood that you made for each other.pragya was shocked.she thinks it’s can he change but ok ..however it’s good.

PRAGYA says I am sorry if I hurted you and now I have to leave because my husband will be waiting for me.Aryan says ok and pragya leaves.

Abhi was waiting for pragya.he says I told her how important was today but she was late.pragya comes saying sorry…please forgive me.Abhi asked why you came now..pragya asked what..Abhi says I am waiting for know..I want to share my important things with you.pragya says arey I am saying sorry na…Abhi says ok come let’s go.both had a perfect dinner.pragya says thanks…Abhi says I have to say thanks as today was the day when I started my career…and I celebrated here only.pragya smiles.Abhi says so are you ready for tomorrow ‘s shoot.pragya says I am little bit feared.but you will be there na

Abhi says ofcourse I will be…pragya says I love you.Abhi asked what did you said.pragya says the words will be said only once.Abhi asked her to say again.pragya says it’s your should have listened.Abhi says please.pragya says no
.and leaves..saying come.let’s go…
Abhi says it’s not fair yaar.

Hope you all loved..

Credit to: aditi

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