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The episode starts with tanu saying to pragya…why you married him…bcoz they compelled you…pragya looks on her…tanu says pragya …speak…I am asking na…and ebooks her..pragya says what kind of a girl you are…broking one person’s heart for money…and dad and mom…don’t speak about them you have lost your ryt to talk about them …and mind it…I did this marriage only for my parents…their happiness…tanu asked…i will see how long you are going to keep this marriage affair ..I am sure you can’t live one day with him…
Neil says ok we will take care …and I have only one daughter….pragya …we want to do last rituals of her marriage…so you plse leave…when nikil and tanu was about to leave…ragini says wait…and goes near tanu…slapped her….don’t even show your face even I am dead…pragya says ma…and run towards her…abhi looks on disbelief..he could not believe his eyes that his loved tanu married another man for money….and was ashamed for himself…rv comes and pacifies abhi….

Nikil ,tanu left….dadi says okay we will take pragya to home….pragya hugs Neil and ragini…cries hard…and then purab rushes and hugs pragya…then priya asked bulbul and aliya yo bring pragya…they two brings her and all gives vida to mehra’s family….

Bullbul came up to me to take me to his room, like a lifeless body pragya climbed up the stairs still in disbelieve to take in all that had happened some time back. With heavy steps she entered the room decorated with flowers and aromatic candles, the fragrance of all this instead of making her feel nice was making her dizzy and nauseated. Sitting on the huge king size bed pragya watched bulbul leave the room quietly after keeping a small bag carrying her basic stuff brought from her house. PRAGYA turned her neck to the right and saw herself in the mirror, a part of which was showing tanu’s smiling picture hanging on the opposite wall and the remaining had her reflection. For the first time she saw herself in that heavy shimmering outfit which belonged to her sister and who’s weight was crushing her down, the beautiful embroidery work done on it was pricking her skin now, the vermillion in her parting reminded her that she ad married to future brother in law, which made her loath herself, she couldn’t bear to see herself like that.she gripped the bed sheet underneath in her fist tightly and pressed her lips hard as she glanced at the bed covered with rose petals, squeezing hereyes in disgust she questioned herself,” why am I sitting on this bed of thorns?” Enough was enough i couldn’t take it anymore and stood up at once and rushed to the washroom with the bag.After taking a long shower she stepped out in her own clothes and watched herself in the mirror once again, the vermillion and chain were still there, she sighed deeply thought some things couldn’t be changed, they had to be accepted either out of will or compulsion but they would stay with her forever. She opened the french door, and stood near it, the aroma of the candles was suffocating, fiddling with the gold chain she gazed out, there was a strange sadness and grief in the atmosphere, life would take such a dramatic turn she had never imagined, closing her eyes I leaned against the panel when all of a suddenthe door open up and the wind chimes hangingabove made a noise breaking the silence that had over shadowed the room earlier.she turned around and saw his swaying figure walk in, he was clearly on a high with anger oozing out of his each and every pore. He pulled down the wind chimes and smashed them across the huge mirror creating a deep crack on it. She took some hurried steps to stophim but he was unstoppable, his eyes were full of rage and fury, he walked near the walland pulled out tanu’s picture, gazed at it for a moment before throwing it on the floor. The glass frame shattered into pieces but even that wasn’t enough for him, he looked around for new things to break, he began blowing off and chucking the candles everywhere making the room fall into darkness. Scared of darkness pragya immediately switched on the nearby lamp and said, “I am afraid of darkness. May I keep this lamp on?”he turned and looked at her in confusion as if all along he didn’t know that I was also present in the room watching him create that ruckus. He near her…pragya walks back but stopped by wall…abhi says why did you lyk this to me…you know I love tanu but how can you marry me…pragya says but ma..but abhi didn’t give way to speak…he angrily says dammit…. withh staggering feet he reached the bed and at once collapsed on it. PRAGYA glanced at the broken glass pieces scattered all around. …she sits on the couch…and thinks it means abhi didnt know anythg…but ma …why did she told me you tat…she remembers tanu’s words. ..” dad and mom will use you for them” pragya says no ma… ma could not lie to me…and I will speak to her tomorrow. ….and sleeps…

Next morning….
PRAGYA gets up and does her pooja. ..abhi gets up by the sound and remembers how he saw tanu doing pooja’s
fb starts…

While abhi was following tanu ..he stands outside her house and sees a girl doing prayers…but he could not see her face…he assumes it may be tanu….and says so she do prayers…

Fb ends…
abhi looks on the Ganesh idol…but pragya was nowhere…she left down…
pragya comes to kitchen ..sees priya doing parotta…pragya says good morning aunty…priya says arey good morning…pragya ask can I help you…priya says sure…bulbul rushed down and says ma…I am getting late…I don’t want breakfast and runs….pragya says arey eat this banana. ..tanu and you can go…..and stops
..pragya thinks what I have told…bulbul turns. ..priya says beta eat and go…bulbul says okay ma..pragya says I am sorry …priya says it’s okay beta…priya gives a coffee mug and says plse give it to your husband….pragya looks on..priya says beta…I know he is at top of anger…but give him some time ..sure he will change. ..

PRAGYA enters the room with coffee mug…abhi was still sitting on bed …pragya gives him coffee ..abhi gets it and drank…pragya asked can I go to my home ….I want to see ma and dad..abhi asked why you are asking me …you asked me before the marriage that If have any interest to marry you…but now why you are asking me…it’s your wish and he leaves…

PRAGYA comes down after getting ready and says to priya that she is going to get home…pragya asked are you going alone..and calls abhi to go with her…abhi says but ma…ram comes there and says abhi….atleast you can do this for me na..abhi says okay..

Abhi says I will just drop you and give a call when I have to come and pick you…pragya says its okay I will come..abhi says I am saying na I will come…

PRAGYA enters her house…ragini sees her and hugs her..she asked abhi didn’t come…pragya says how he will come and ma…I want to ask you onething..if abhi knows before the marriage that I am bride…ragini looks on…pragya says ma..tell…ragini says beta…no…he doesn’t know.. pragya thinks i got the answer for my question…so only he is angry on me..pragya asked ma…why you lied to me and cries…ragini says betA plse forgive me …I had no option..pragya says ….and says I M leaving…ragini says beta …don’t cry…pragya turns her face and leaves…..

She comes out ….and walks on street….she calls abhi but he didn’t pick…so she decides to go by herself…and takes an auto…

Abhi sees the missed calls and called her back..pragya says I am on the way to home..abhi says okay and cuts the call..
abhi thinks i know I have to move on..but what if she leave me like her sister.

Next morning…when abhi gets fresh up…he sees his dress ,wallet on bed…he looks at pragya who comes in…he looks at her and says itting my teeth I said,” hey you..” she whispered back in a trembling voice,” pragya..its pragya.” Which angered abhi more,she had the courage to correct me? He wrinkled his nose and spoke this time more harshly,” without my permission, don’t even think of touching my belongings.” She seemed rattled. Good. She ought to be.abhi
moved toward the bed, picked up the clothesshe had taken out for me, my eyes trailed from the suit to her face then without breaking the eye lock I chucked the suit aside and went to the cupboard to select what I wished to wear. Gazing at the varioussuits hanging before him…they heard a knock at the door, turning to look into that direction, they found bulbul standing. Pragya went back to picking my clothes when she asked,” what is this bhabhi, you are still in your old clothes? That cupboard is full of new suits and saris. Wear anything that you like.”….

PRECAP….abhi says bulbul get her whatever she wants…bulbul says but bhai…there are new sarees na…abhi says burn it…

Credit to: aditi

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