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The episode starts with abhi asking pragya to get ready soon as it’s time for party.Abhi says I am just much excited to see Aryan.pragya feels sad and could not say to abhi anything.both comes down.
PRAGYA comes to tanu and hugs her.tanu asked are you sure it’s Aryan.pragya says yes and says I am tensed .if abhi comes to know about us…how will he take this matter.I should say to him.nikil says it’s not right time.bcoz it’s a big opportunity for abhi.if you inform him ,he will cancel this dealing.pragya says ok and nikil says don’t worry we are there for you.

At the time ,abhi calls pragya ….pragya goes near him.Abhi says hey pragya it’s Aryan.Aryan she is my wife pragya…Aryan was shocked.pragya looks at him and says hi.Aryan also says hi…and says to abhi…an looks beautiful. You are lucky man..pragya says abhi…woh …ma..pappa…ka car..breakdown..let’s go and pick up.Abhi asked how can I come.Aryan says I will go with pragya. PRAGYA says you are a guest thanks.nikil comes and says I will go with PRAGYA. PRAGYA and nikil gets in car.pragya thanks him.nikil says it’s my duty. .don’t worry.they picked Neil and ragini.

The party starts.pragya stands with abhi.Abhi says thank God came..I am bored without you…Aryan was constantly looking at pragya.pragya ignores him.Aryan gets the mike and says ..attention ladies and gentlemen. ..I am happy to be here…and the dance Starts.Abhi pragya, bulbul purab,tanu nikil ,ranveer ishani. Aryan dances with near by girl…..they should change the pair…finally pragya dances with Aryan..Aryan asked are you married…how could you..pragya says now I am wide of abhi.Aryan says my foot.pragya says you left me for your carrier…now you are asking me…Aryan says I am the best than abhi in all things.pragya says I agree you have more money,more power but not good heart…as abhi have more than you…he respect my feeling..excuse me and she leaves.Aryan looks at her.Abhi noticed pragya leaving from dance floor.pragya comes near the corner and cries. ..Abhi noticed it and asked what happened. .pragya says nothing ..Abhi asked them why are you crying.pragya says nothing abhi…Abhi asked will not say to me..fine.and was about to leave..but pragya says abhi.. and hugs him. Abhi asked what happened pragya..pragya cries…Abhi gets panicked and asked what happened.pragya says let’s go to room…I am not interested in this party.Abhi informs bulbul that he will come and leaves with pragya …Aryan wonders what’s happening. He follows them.

Abhi takes pragya to room..and asked her to say ..pragya thinks to say about Aryan or not.then thinks about nikil and says abhi…you will not leave me na…at any situation.Abhi asked what type of question. .ofcourse not..pragya hugs him..Abhi kisses on her forehead…Abhi takes pragya in his arms and placed on the bed…..they consummate their marriage..

Aryan says pragya will suit as a model…all shocked..pragya cries…

Credit to: aditi

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