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The episode starts with abhi ,pragya on their way to hospital.pragya says hope tanu should be fine.Abhi says she will.don’t take stress on your head.Abhi stopped the car ,pragya asked why he stopped…Abhi says look there. Pragya asked what and was shocked.ranveer and ishani was in cave.Abhi says let’s go.and both enters the cafe.ishani or ranveer does nt noticed abhigya.Abhi and pragya sits behind ishveer ‘s table.ranveer says ofcourse baba I love…you.I will talk to bhai.about our marriage.ishani asked when after 60 years.ranveer says but..ishani says you know na…I am going to complete my studies In one month.ranveer says ok I will speak to bhai.Abhi and pragya hears it.pragya asked if ranveer loves is it possible. Abhi says you and me loved na…it’s possible that.pragya gets irked.Abhi says just a joke.pragya says I will ask them.Abhi holds her saying let’s go.pragya says hey …I will ask …Abhi says I have a plan let’s go..Abhi drags pragya out of the cafe.pragya asked why he dragged her out.Abhi says atleast let them be happy.pragya asked what.Abhi says nothing let’s go.and both leaves to hospital

They enters tanu’s room.tanu gets happy on seeing them.pragya thinks she is normal
and sits beside her.she asked how is she
She says fine. And said finally abhi confessed you.because of me you guys.pragya says it’s nothing like that.Abhi says thanks tanu for helping me.tanu says my pleasure. Pragya asked so its ur plan. BULBUL comes in saying sorry di. PRAGYA asked so you are also with them.BULBUL hugs her from behind saying I am always in your side bhabhi…pragya smiles.Neil and ragini smiles that pragya got attached with abhi’s family.nikil enters..tanu asked why did he came here.nikil asked her to forgive him.tanu says don’t even dare to stand before me.nikil comes near her
Tanu shouts don’t come near me but nikil sits beside her ..holding her hand.asking her to forgive else he will die.he says I was cheap ..but I want a second chance.pragya too says tanu ..please forgive him.tanu says it’s your last chance.if you miss it…then I will not come to you anymore.both hugs.pragya smiles at abhi.ragini Nd Neil gets happy.

Abhi and pragya was on their way to home.pragya asked what’s your plan in ranveer ‘s marriage. Abhi shares a plan.pragya says super…and both enters the home.Abhi says dadi,dasi….all pleas come I have an announcement. All comes.ranveer asked what bhai.Abhi says wait.. and says dasi asked him to say. Abhi says the news is I decided ranveer to get married.he has grown up na.ranveer says bhai…now…so soon.Abhi says chup. ..tomorrow we are going to girl’s house…that’s it.and both pragya ,abhi leaves from there.pragya laughs harder…See it’s not fair his face turned…i could not control my laughter.Abhi says me too.

RANVEER calls ishani and says everythg.ishani says hence this comes to an end ..plse move on your life …don’t call me here after and cuts the call.ranveer cries

Next day all gets ready…ranveer and others goes to the girl’s house.ranveer was not interested.when the girl comes out…dadi ,dasi and every one says super…ranveer didn’t looked at her.pragya asked him to notice.ranveer looks and was shocked.he says ishani and hufd her.ishani says’s me..Abhi..pragya laughed.ranveer says it means your plan bhai.Abhi says you didn’t informed that you love na …hence its a punishment. Abhi says to falguni ma that soon…marriage should take place.all accepts.Abhi asked let’s go.pragya hugs ishani saying…thank God. ..i could not believe you madam.ishani blushes…all left …

In night..
everyone where in the living hall.Abhi comes saying….i am so happy…dadi asked for what.Abhi says dadi …i gonna do a project with the actor Aryan…pragya drops the glass from her hand hearing it.all looks at her.Abhi rushed towards her she is fine.pragya nods yes…and says me…glass…Abhi says it’s ok.robin clean this come.pragya says I am leaving to room.i am tired.Abhi says ok ….pragya comes to room…and panicked.if he comes ro know that I am here…then what will happen and calls tanu.tanu attends the call.pragya says tanu…Aryan is coming.tanu asked what? How…pragya tells her everything. Tanu asked her not to worry and everything will be fine.pragya says hope so and cuts the call.pragya thinks should I inform abhi about my past or not…no it’s not the right time…Abhi comes there hugged her from behind. Pragya turns to face him.Abhi asked did you cried.pragya says no..Abhi says don’t lie. PRAGYA says I am saying no na…Abhi says ok cool down …pragya asked are you gonna do that project.Abhi asked why he is asking like this.pragya says just I asked.Abhi says ofcourse I’s great offer for him..and for me.and you know one thing..he gonna come tomorrow and we are going to have a party…pragya asked party…Abhi says yes and asked her ti sleep as she looks tired.pragya gets panicked…

Aryan comes to mm….hugs abhi…Abhi introduced pragya as his wife..Aryan looks on.. hope you all love it…

Credit to: aditi

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