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PRAGYA goes to her room and closed the door.she sits crying….she recalls all the happy moments….sanam re ..plays. ..
abhi comes TO his room …searching for pragya..bulbul says she left to her home. Abhi thinks what happened to her and thinks to meet her tomorrow.
ragini Nd Neil comes to pragya’s room..pragya wiped her tears and acts to be normal
Neil asked where is abhi…he may atleast droped you na?.pragya says dad he is out of station.ragini says ok beta…take rest…

Next day…

Abhi comes to pragya’s home.Neil was shocked.he asked abhi when did he came.pragya said you are out of station. Abhi thinks so pragya lied to them and says ha uncle tday morning.ragini greets him.Neil asked how servant to call pragya.
the servant calls pragya. PRAGYA asked why dad called me.servant says don’t know and leaves.pragya comes down to see ….she asked dad …why you called me and was shocked to see abhi…she didn’t expect him.Abhi says hey pragya and hugs her.pragya could not protest bcoz Neil and ragini were there.she just smiled and pushed him…asking when did you come.Abhi says just now.pragya smiles.Abhi asked Neil…uncle can I stay here…Neil asked what’s this question…ofcourse .pragya asked why…abhi says where a wife is there….husband should also must BE there. PRAGYA asked Is it….ragini and Neil smiles. PRAGYA says I didn’t heard this kind of proverbs…Abhi says it’s exclusive only for clever people.pragya gets irked and leaves.

PRAGYA in her room…thinking why abhi came here..Abhi comes in..pragya asked what you are up to do..Abhi saying me….next lunch.pragya asked what…Abhi says ha…I am going to do lunch. ..after that a short nap….then dinner. .pragya says enough and went from there.Abhi says I will not leave you pragya…and smiles

Nikil drinks and thinks about how he loved tanu…he drinks more and says I will kill you tanu. .and gets a plan.
it’s dinner time.tanu, ragini and Neil sits to have dinner.Abhi comes and joins with them.ragini says I will serve.Abhi smiles. But tanu says ma..I will…
Abhi gets angry and was about to stop but pragya comes inbetween saying he is my husband…I am here to serve and serves him.Abhi was happy that pragya served him…

After dinner…ragini asked pragya to give milk to tanu..she refuses but ragini asked her to do …pragya goes to tanu’s room and stopped by hearing the voice…
tanu says I am feared abhi….I want no one to know about this….Abhi help me…you will be with me na…and hugs him.Abhi says I will be and breaks the hug..he leaves.pragya then comes from behind and wipes her tears and went into tanu’s room…she gives the milk and was about to leave when she heard the sound…the balcony of tanu’s room for fire.’s spreading whole room.tanu suffered to breathe.pragya pushes her outside and she was about to go…but stopped.she thinks why should I go…is there anyone who cares for me..Abhi,ragini, Neil comes and all shouts pragya to come out.Abhi asked her to come but pragya asked why should I come…is there anyone who cares for me…no…Abhi says please we can talk but first come.pragya says no…and says all forget me..tanu says first come out.pragya says you don’t talk to are the one…bcoz of you…I am here…and says I will not come.ragini asked to do something. PRAGYA faints and abhi comes in and catches her.he takes her out of that room and takes her to her room.
PRAGYA opened eyes….she sees Abhi sitting beside her.she tries to get up..but could not.Abhi helps her and he didn’t speak a word…he says I will inform uncle and aunty and leaves…
Tanu comes in …she sits beside her holding her hands.pragya could not do anything so she kept silent.tanu asked why did she do so…pragya says bcoz you both ….tanu asked if nikil said anything. .how could you think about us…I mean leave could you think about abhi..pragya shows the pictures where abhi and tanu hugs each other,abhi takes tanu in his arms …pragya asked is this true..
tanu says hey…it’s true but we…I mean pragya know my married life is not good.nikil beats me everyday saying that I have an affair with abhi. And one day when I met abhi ..I just fainted. .he just took me to hospital. ..that’s it …and I am pregnant…I could not risk my child’s I came here and cries.pragya hugs her saying I am sorry tanu…she says it’s ok…atleast you should be happy. ..and kisses on her forehead. Meanwhile …Abhi,ragini Nd Neil comes in.pragya looks at abhi.but he was sad…she thinks to say sorry to him..hug him…ragini asked if she is okay…pragya miss yes.all leaves and ABhi went to balcony.PRAGYA follows him…she hugs him from behind and cries…she says I am sorry. ..please forgive me…Abhi turns…he asked how can you pragya…how can you think and tanu and says don’t talk to me…and was about to leave but pragya holds his hands saying sorry…Abhi says leave me and looks on her angrily. ..

Abhi sings….pragya gets happy….

Credit to: aditi

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