Hey guys its my 15 th episode….and sorry guys i could not upload ….yesterday…

The episode starts with abhi says i want To say something. .pragya says ha…I want to say something. Abhi asked what .pragya says first you say.abhi says ladies first …you say…pragya says I …..I….and faints on abhi’s shoulder.Abhi asked what happened. .calls arjun.arjun and madhu takes abhi ,pragya to guest room.both sleeps….

After some time.Abhi gets up sees pragya sleeping near him.he just have hangover.he thinks about pragya ..bcoz she too drunk baang and calls arjun to bring lime juice.pragya wakes up and cries like a child saying abhi….head is spinning.Abhi says wait….and hugs her.pragya burries her face near crook of him neck. Madhu comes and gives like juice.Abhi says thanks …arjun enters and asked how is our baang.pragya asked abhi…where are we.Abhi asked you didn’t remember…arey…pragya says no…I could not.Abhi says we came to my friend’s house ,arjun’s house.pragya says yes…Abhi says thank God…arjun says come let’s have lunch. …madhu says I am leaving.arjun says come down as soon as you both feel good.Abhi nods …

Abhi gives lime juice and pragya drinks…Abhi asked are you feeling good.pragya says better..
Abhi says let’s go.Abhi ,pragya leaves

Abhigya comes.pragya says thanks madhu.madhu says my pleasure.arjun asked feeling better.pragya smiles. All had their lunch.
madhu and pragya was talking.Abhi was watching them from distance.arjun asked why are you staring her like this.she is your wife yaar.Abhi smiles.arjun asked I forgot to ask your marriage is love or arranged.Abhi tells everything. Arjun asked then till now you havn’t proposed her.abhi nods no and says tell me an idea.arjun tells him .Abhi says that’s my boy and hugs him….Abhi comes to pragya asking let’s go.pragya and madhu hugs each other and left.

They reached the resort. Abhi tells that I have meeting. ..I want to go now.pragya says ok.and abhi left…

It’s evening…
pragya recieves a parcel and opens it..there is a card with dress.she opens the card and reads that YOU SHOULD WEAR THIS….pragya sees its a pink and white coloured gown.and it’s accessories. PRAGYA gets ready and she knows that abhi called her and thinks it’s right time to propose him.she calls him but the phone was switched off.she thinks it’s his plan.soon she heard the voice of driver asking her to come as sir asked him to pick her.pragya agrees…and she leaves with driver.
soon the car stopped in a dark place.she gets down and she shouts abhi…game over.I know you asked me to come.please come ,I am feared of dark.she shouts please abhi.suddenly she sees a shadow …she goes and hugs him from behind saying I love you abhi…..and closes her eyes.
the man turns and pragya was shocked….

Pragya pushes him saying you….and tries to run but the goons surrounded her.pragya asked what you want..nikil laughs ….and says you love abhi…my foot..both sisters love him.pragya asked what are you saying.nikil says I divorced your sister because she loves abhi…not me…but my money…you are just a doll for don’t know about abhi and tanu.and abhi ,he is using you.he continues saying they both are in a relation.pragya slaps him.nikil says I am not lying…I am saying the truth.pragya says what’s the proof.nikil shows him the proof.pragya was shocked and moves back saying he could not do this to me.nikil says I said na …pragya says I am leaving.nikil says I will drop you and I M sorry ..though you didn’t accept me I am seeing you like my sister.and sorry it’s my plan ..not to hurt you.pragya says it’s ok.

Abhi comes back and searches for pragya as he had arranged a candle light dinner with her.pragya comes.Abhi asked where she have gone and says wait… you are looking good in this gown and why are you wearing this and where you have gone ..I am searching for you.pragya says nothing and I am tired I want to take rest….Abhi says ok .
pragya goes inside washroom and cries …she opens the tap and starts to cry hardly …after 2 mins…pragya wipes her tears and comes out.
pragya without facing abhi says let’s go home tomorrow.Abhi says but.pragya says I want TO meet ma and others. Abhi says sure. .as your wish.pragya lies on the bed and sleeps.Abhi thinks why she Is behaving so differently.and he too sleeps.

Next morning ..
Abhi gets up and sees pragya packing bags.Abhi says good morning. PRAGYA says I have packed all things get ready soon.Abhi pills her by wrist and says what happened to you…pragya says nothing happened to me.Abhi asked really …pragya turns to leave.Abhi says yesterday I planned a dinner with you but what you did.pragya asked how can I know and asked really you are worried.I think no.Abhi asked what are you saying.pragya says nothing. Get ready soon.

Abhi and pragya reaches India.
pragya didn’t speak to abhi a word and abhi was much worried.he thinks what happened. He thinks after she went to meet someone. Who is the person behind this.soon bulbul sees them and hugs pragya.pragya smiles. BULBUL asked how are you feeling now bhabhi.pragya says I am okay.and ranveer comes giving bone crushing hug to abhi saying I missed you both and asked abhi did he say.Abhi says I am tired I am leaving to room.pragya follows him.ranveer asked bulbul what happened to them.bulbul says don’t know.we have to find out..
pragya comes down. Priya hugs her and asked about trip.pragya says nice and asked can I go to home for a weak. Ram says why not…I will ask abhi to stop you.pragya says no uncle ..I will manage.I just came to ask your permission.priya says it’s ok beta …

PRAGYA packs her bags.and leaves without informing abhi…Abhi searched for pragya ,bulbul says she left to her home to meet Neil uncle and ragini aunty.

Pragya comes to her home.Neil and ragini hugs her.pragya says I came here to spend some time with you both.Neil says ok beta and hugs her.tanu comes there…and says pragya…pragya says dont even try to talk to me
I wish I should not see your face. And says dad I came to meet you and ma..that’s it and leaves…


Abhi comes to pragya’s home …

Hope you all love it…I know you must be eagerly waiting for abhigya union.but I don’t want their union like I tried this line …guys if you lyk this track

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