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the episode starts with abhi comes to room in anger. ..he throws all the stuffs …spreading the whole room.pragya comes in and thinks sure..he is in bad mood.and thinks not to speak a word.ahhh tells get ready as we have to go to mall….which is at short distance from here.pragya want to protest but she accepts. abhi leaves….

they both entered the mall.pragya was looking here and was her first time in Australia. ..abhi says come and both man comes and says hey abhi…abhi turns to see who is’s arjun.abhi says hey man are you.arjun says fine and asked its ur wife…abhi nods yes and says pragya..pragya smiles.arjun says nice to meet you bhabhi.arjun says you both have to come to my home tomorrow .abhi asked why.arjun says holi.abhi asked will you guys celebrate holi. arjun nods yes and he gets a call so left saying see you both tomorrow. abhi says it’s quite suprised..

in the mall. ..abhi and pragya sees shopping for all in home..when abhi gets a call he leaves to attend. …pragya was alone.she heard some voice behind her.a lady in veil. (actually it’s nikil) pragya looked on.he says tomorrow is the last day for your husband.inform him..and don’t even try to help him..otherwise you will also reach …..up….and runs from there. pragya tries to catch but failed ..she thinks who can be…abhi came back…abhi asked what happened now.pragya says everything.abhi says nothing will happen to me ..come let’s go..

in the room..pragya thinks about his words and thinks who can be.abhi asked her to sleep as they want to go to arjun ‘s house.pragya and abhi’s night when pragya gets up to get water.she saw man walking towards the corridor and panicked..and faints …falls on the floor.

it was about 2 am when abhi found pragya was not in bed .he gets up and sees pragya on floor.he picks her and sprinkles water on her face.pragya gets up and says woh. …abhi cuts off by saying arey forget about it…we came to Australia to have a change.but you are thinking about it.pragya looks at him.abhi asked her to sleep …

next day…
abhi pragya reaches arjun’s home.pragya was quite silent .she was holding abhi’s hands..arjun teased them.but pragya smiles not leaving his hand.abhi asked her to leave but pragya says no.arjun’s wife madhu comes and greets both.madhu takes pragya aside with her to introduce pragya.but pragya was constantly looking at abhi.arjun says to abhi that you are very lucky to have a wife like pragya.abhi smiles.arjun gives baang to abhi and says your favourite. abhi says not today as pragya came with me.but arjun insist on him .he drinks and was very happy.
pragya feels thirsty and ask for water.the waiter mistakenly gives baang to pragya….pragya drinks it.madhu comes to her and asked whether she drank baang.pragya nods no…but she was lost in happiness.pragya asked madhu to take her to abhi.madhu agrees and takes her to abhi.she sees abhi drinking baang and asked arjun what’s this…arjun says leave them alone and both leaves.abhi says pragya. ..I want to say something to you.pragya says I too want to say something

what abhi and pragya want to say
..happy holi guys…may this holi brings you happiness…

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  1. superb but one complaint episode was too short update the long one please if possible update today itself 😉

  2. superb but pls confess their love to each other faster

  3. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice one but write a bit longer.

  4. happy holi & awesome dear

  5. Nice episode.

  6. Nice 2dy itslf update nxt epi pls

  7. very nice

  8. Superb yaar… Really really really awesome n it’s tooooooooo cute BT one thg in next episode I want Abhigya cute conversation fight n love proposal in bang effect yaar…thn 2morow episode shd longer than normal coz today is somewhat short yaar… If u wish u can post today itself not actually I wish u too post today itself…

  9. nice but short ya..

  10. Yes durga is right we want a longer episode than the normal and today’s episode was superb keep going and wish you a happy and safe holi..

  11. I guess they will propose each other

  12. Nice nice…nice

  13. Super…….happy holi

  14. Happy holii ….superb epi

  15. Nice yaar…nd happy holi…….

  16. awesome episode they will propose each other i think but todays was awesome

  17. WoW……..Its Awesome……….

  18. Awesome yaar???

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