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the episode starts with abhi in the garden….sitting…and thinking how to propose pragya. ..
he thinks now a days I could not face her. she is traping me so easily….ranveer comes and asking …bhai…what are you doing here? Abhi says fishing…see…fishes are so active..ranveer says bhai..bad joke. abhi says kya yaar..I am just sitting.ranveer says it doesn’t seems like are in big problem right.abhi says how you know
.ranveer says Comon bhai…what’s ur problem..abhi thinks to get an idea from ranveer…abhi asked how to propose.ranveer asked bhai…you are such a romantic are asking me and wait you gonna propose whom..abhi says my girlfriend
ranveer says wait ..I will say to bhabhi…and gets up. abhi says arey propose your bhabhi I am asking…ranveer says acha…ok..he thinks for sometime and says arrange a romantic dinner and ask her to dance with you and propose her.abhi says ok I will think about it and leaves ..ranveer says i have to do something and he too leaves..

pragya was speaking to dadi..ranveer comes and says bhabhi..bhai wants to speak to you…an important thing.pragya says ok I will go and leaves.ranveer says’s your turn to say…

abhi in his room ,sitting with note pad..trying to compose song..pragya comes in and asked what’s the matter.abhi says what…nothing..pragya says then why you called me.abhi asked who called you..pragya says ranveer told me.abhi thinks ha..this yamatharman….and thinks wat to say.pragya asked what you are thinking…abhi says woh. ..I called you to ask whether you packed all our stuffs..pragya says you seriously called me for this..I mean..abhi says you are thinking that I am lying …why should I…pragya says no you can asked it to ranveer ..abhi says ahh I asked but he said don’t know…so I called you..It clearly seems you didn’t asked him…abhi looks on.pragya says bcoz he only helped me in packing…abhi thinks again I am trapped..he says ok leave it.pragya thinks what halpened to him..

next day…pragya and abhi gets blessings from ram ,priya and dadi..ranveer says bhai …think about what I said and …abhi cuts off him by saying it’s time…bulbul asked what you said…ranveer says I will tell you later…bulbul says ok and hugs pragya saying have a great time bhabhi….pragya smiles at her.ragini and Neil comes there….they wished them and both leaves to airport. .

abhi and pragya in flight. ..pragya was praying to God… know na I am feared of this fight journey. .plse help me.abhi asked what hapnd.pragya says I M feared.abhi asked its her 1st time.pragya nods yes.and says my friend told many incidents that a flight falls In an ocean …a flight blast.. abhi says stop it nothing will happen like that..okay.pragya nods and says okay…when the flight stared…pragya hugged Abhi…abhi smiles at her fear and wants to tease her…he plans something…he remains silent till the flight is about to departure….he says pragya….the flight is going to crush….see how spead it’s gonna land…pragya was almost to cry….she begins to cry…abhi laughs and says cool’s gonna land ..thats it.pragya gets angry on him and abhi still laughs at her.

pragya was silent…not talking to him. abhi asked her to speak and says sorry..but pragya didn’t ….abhi thinks how to calm her ..pragya gets a taxi and looks at abhi.he too gets in.they reached the resort. ..abhi looks at pragya but pragya looks away….he says pragya stop reacting like this.pragya looks at him and turned away….abhi says go to the hell and leaves….

okay guys there are some twist ..before abhi proposes to pragya…I am sure that abhi will propose her bcoz in real kkb…pragya will …but let’s see what pragya wil say…
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and sowmiya…I am really a great fan of you. …and thanks for commenting. ..and thanks to all…support yaar..

Credit to: aditi


  1. durga

    Nice yaar… Toooo cute episode BT plzzzzzz make abhi confess his feeling to pragya as soon as possible yaar..

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