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the episode starts with abhi talking in phone and says ok sir..I will be…there by tomorrow. pragya wondered to whom he is speaking.abhi says ,pragya I am leaving to goa tomorrow as I have a concert there.and it will take three days to you have any problem…pragya says no…and thinks why I am feeling lonely..why I want him not to go…
abhi thinks why pragya didn’t stopped me..wait..why I am thinking her to stop abhi….you are wrong..

ranveer comes to pragya ‘s room.pragya asked arey you…what hapnd..ranveer asked where is bhai.pragya says I don’t know yaar.and bulbul also comes.bulbul says let’s go out tomorrow.ranveer says yup bhai will not be here..let’s go bhabhi.pragya says sure…

at night…abhi gets ready and comes down.he gets blessings from dadi,dasi..and asked rv to take care of pragya.bulbul says …see ranveer how much caring is bhai..abhi says oi …and says ok bye all and leaves…

pragya goes to her room. ..she missed abhi so much..abhi also in his flight misses pragya …he thinks may be this must be love …really if I love pragya…abhi says I will propose tomorrow…in the concert…pragya thinks i will propose once he return and smiles…

next day…ranveer,pragya,bulbul gets ready.ishani comes there.pragya says oh. .we gonna have fun…the four goes to movie…

in the concert…
abhi sings a song…Sanam re….and every one enjoys the concert…ranveer ,pragya,bulbul,ishani stopped in a showroom where abhi’s concert have been telecasting.
abhi says tday I am going to say something…about my life…I got a new person..who is now close to my heart…and that time…a stone falls on his face.blood comes.pragya asked what ‘s happening…and the telecast has been stopped.pragya almost cries and asked ranveer to do something. he calls the producer …abhi…but all line are busy…ranveer says bhabhi let’s go to home…

pragya was crying continuously. ..bulbul consoles her…but pragya asked her to go and sleep as it’s late.
bulbul leaves…
next day …abhi returns home with a small bandage.rv sees him and hugs asking is he fine…abhi says fyn yaar.pragya comes down rushing…and hugs abhi..abhi says hey pragya …nothing hapnd to me…see I am fine..pragya almost cries.abhi consoles her.pragya brokes the big when dadi comes.bulbul ,dasi,and all comes.abhi says I am fine.

purab comes home…pragya asked what hapnd…purab says di and hugs her.abhi asked what hapnd man…purab asked them to turn on t.v.. rv turns on t.v..

supermodel tanu breaks all ties with her husband…

pragya and all shocked..

Credit to: aditi

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  1. Pls dnt wrte tat tanu is pregnant wth abhi nd bla bla pls wrte somethng different
    2dy epi was grt

  2. Wow wow wow wow, soooooo gud, awesome yaar,

  3. I expect this tanu matter… today’s episode was superb…

  4. Interesting…but y tanu as she married to nikhil yr anyway Continue yr

  5. Nice… But don’t separate Abhigya for tanu… N don’t make Pragya to sacrifice her love for her sis… I asked about sarla ma… But u didn’t reply

  6. Nice yaar…..

  7. guys pls reply ,while posting an ff,they’re asking captcha,wat is the captcha of kkb ff..basically could someone clear me the process for posting and ff…

  8. Superb yaar… Bt suddenly y tz tanu entry plzzzzzzzzz u give whatever twist u like bt don’t separate abhi n pragya yaar…

  9. guys its asking me like== captcha(required 1 plus 10-6)..then wat am i supposed to write

    1. baby u have write 5 there as 10-6=4 and plus 1=5 its the answer dear 🙂

    2. Hey just write 5as the ans is 5na . Post fast goooooo

  10. Wow very interesting I’m waiting for next episode pls upload fast year don’t separate abhigyaa

  11. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. very very super pa………

  13. where are priya and ram i ask questiobn is correct a?

  14. Tanu chapter comes no interest to read anymore. Sorry.

  15. Awesome dear superb

  16. Really superb yaar…but pls don’t separate abhigya..

  17. todays episode was amazing very nice update the next one soon na…

  18. surperb aditi

  19. Pls wrt long epi yaar
    today epi was good

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