guys as your wish..I updated tday..I don’t know whether it will update by telly updates.

Abhi cries thinking of pragya…he cries shouting where are you…
raju comes and gives food to eat for pragya.but she refuses.raju says dont test my patience. ..but she says better I will die but I will not eat this.raju slaps her and pragya gets unconscious and falls on floor. raju says take care of her.

abhi ,ranveer,ishani was searching with commissioner. one police comes to them and says ..sir your wife’s phone has been switched off….if it is on…for one minute..we could trace sir…abhi prays to God…

after sometime..
pragya wakes up and sees nobody is there.she sees mobile phone and takes it and calls abhi..abhi takes the phone.he says to ranveer ,an unknown number.ishani ask him to take.abhi takes it.pragya says Abhi…it’s pragya..abhi says hey…pragya where are you…pragya says I don’t know…plse help me
.abhi says don’t worry ..I will come..

a police man says we have tracked sir. .it’s near …I mean 5 minutes from here…that old temple…all leaves there..

abhi says ranveer and ishani to stop at entrance and he goes in with police force.raju was speaking to pragya.abhi comes from behind. .all police surrounds the goons…pragya sees abhi and runs towards him..and hugs him…she cries hardly…raju tries to escape.ishani comes in and abhi says take care of pragya and leaves her ….she hugs her in fear.abhi beats raju saying she is my wife…how could you kidnap her..and beats hardly.police takes raju and his friends…
abhi comes and says don’t worry..PRAGYA could not control ..she hugs him.saying…I am sorry abhi
I should have listened to you…I am really sorry.abhi says it’s ok.come let’s go home.

meanwhile all were panicked..bulbul pacifies dadi and Sarla ma..abhi ,ranveer ,pragya comes..dadi hugs pragya ..Sarla also hugs her.abhi says come let’s go to room and says we can talk tomorrow .all leaves.

abhi makes pragya sleep and was about to move but she catches his hand in sleep.abhi sleeps with her.
in the midnight …pragya gets dream of that incident and gets up in fear.abhi asked what happened.pragya says raju…abhi says hey..he is not here..PRAGYA looks on.she lies down and abhi beside her.she hugs him and burries her face on his chest.abhi could feel the pain.he simply holds her.they both slept.

next day …abhi gets up and fresh up..he takes coffee from kitchen to his room.he wakes pragya and she wakes up and gets her coffee saying thank you.

they both comes down .bulbul asked how she Is feeling. pragya says good.ranveer says bhabhi from tday I will drop you at the college and I will pick up.pragya says no..I am not going to that college.abhi could see fear in her eyes.he says ha pragya will not go..okay..and winks at ranveer.he says pragya don’t worry I will talk to your principal .come let’s go.ranveer says I am too coming.pragya says ok..

abhi,ranveer ,pragya reached college.
pragya says to abhi…you should wait here. .you should not go.ranveer says bhabhi …I will wait.abhi says no you go to class..I will wait.and pragya leaves as ishani comes.ranveer messages ishani to take care of pragya.abhi asked ranveer to go
ranveer leaves.abhi sits there in a bench.

time passed.pragya comes. pragya was normal. abhi was relaxed. ishani says bye to them and leaves.

guys as your wish I updated…as it’s small. .please forgive me

Credit to: aditi

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