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PS I HATE YOU 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pummy maasi comes in party…while Simple and Mounika hides behind the sofa…..Dimple tries to come inside the party but Security officer doesnt allow him…Dimple argues but also he doesnt agrees…Dimple gets an idea…Dimple enters the party from backdoor….As pummy maasi comes towards sofa…Dimple tightly hugs and kisses Ayaan…Pummy maasi sees and feels bad and goes…Simple and Mounika comes out from backdoor…Simple hugs Dimple tells that she got the best sister in the world…Simple tells thankyou…Dimple tells that she kissed Ayaan atleast two times..that because of Simple..Mounika tells that Dimple is in love with Ayaan…Dimple tells to shut up otherwise she will tell to pummy maasi…Simple tells thats no need..Dimple and

Mounika is shocked to see Pummy maasi along with Dr sood..Dr Sood tells after going home they will talk…..
Ayaan tells that it was the same girl who kissed before…Ayaan tells that he has a special connection with her…
At home Pummy maasi gives punishment to Simple..Dimple..and Mounika….to make 20 phulkas(roti”s)….and goes….Mounika tells she dont even know to make flour…..Simple..Mounika. make rotis..however..but Dimple is unable to do….Dr sood comes… Simple comes to his father and tells to decrease her punishment..Dr sood tells that Pummy maasi gave punishment now its his turn..He tells that Simple”s pocket money is stopped till 2 weeks..Simple becomes sad and goes…Dr sood goes to Dimple apologises tells that because of Simple she too got punishment..Dimple tells its her responsibility to take care of her small sister..Dr Sood tells that Dimple talks like her mother..He help Dimple……
Next day at College Simple comes…Simple tells that her nails are destroyed almost…Aisha tells that it almost tough to handle attention…Kabir tells that he feel jeoulous when all boys see Aisha…Aisha says to be chill…and relax..tells that the biggest thing is that he is her boyfriend…Aisha sees Simple and Mounika..and tells that they left early..because their Phsycho aunty came to picked..Aisha tells Simple that from next time to lock the psycho aunty and come..pummy maasi comes and tells Aisha that now she wil be locked in principal room….
Ayaan comes to principal office.Pummy maasi tells Principal that Ayaan and Aisha are responsible…Pummy maasi says that Ayaan will make fake id while Aisha takes underage girls to party…Ayaan says that he dont want any interrogation…Aisha call her father…principal goes out of the room…Aisha”s father call her and ask if any complaint…Principal says no…Aisha father says that That its good news..and he will give funds..Pummy maaaasi listens all this…Principal tells that Ayaan and Aisha can go…both goes …Another side…Simple tells Krissh that her life horoscope is not nothing is goin well…Krissh sayss to be chill as there is noo big scene Aisha”a father called and said to principal…And her reputation is also good…Simple tells that Aisha is annoyed from her..after pummy.maasi came into college…Kriish says anyway will come out not to be worried….Aisha tells that it was hard to handle psycho aunties….Ayaan tells Aisha to stop her stupidity..tells that her buisness is spoiled…Aisha tells that she swear she dont knoe anythng…who said about illegal fake id”s..Ayaan thinks and sees Dimple..

Precap::Dimple tells that thankgod as everthng is fine..Aisha says that Dimple”s “The End” is in her hand..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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