ps. I HATE YOU (Part 2)


At the starting of the story A BASKET FULL OF SORRYZZZZZZZ…i am really feeling guilty and bad for this late update. Most of the ppl must have probably forgotten my story but what to do my hectic schedule on top of that such less reviews so i have decided that this ps i hate u will be of three shots and so this my 2nd part. Hope that you all guys shall like it. O Ya ND SPECIAL THANKS TO- vyshu10, Sny, Khushiii, Tamanna, Varu, S, Bresh and Tani. Thank you soo much for commenting and supporting in my prev epi. So here i gooooooooo….bhrooooooommmm…

Recently her days started with some common words. ‘hate you’, ‘Disgusting’, ‘perverted pig’, ‘idiot’ and what not and the most irritating part of her life was that her cabin was just besides Sanskar’s . So all the time she would find him standing before his cabin’s door or working something with the label and she will just curse him under her breath and walk away totally ignoring his presence although by appearance but not mentally. Unfortunately her heart couldn’t believe the fact that Dr. Sanskar Maheshwari the person she had always loved can just come out to be such a pervert. ‘but thank god i got to see his true colours before i accidentally confessed anything to him’ she thought with a sigh of relief. Her clock struck 12pm which declared that it was time for the interns to take rounds in the hospital. She warily got up, took her coat and started to open the door when suddenly the view infront of her made her freeze. A 2nd year student named Devanshi, who was one of her favourite junior and was also famous for her discipline, was holding sanskar’s right hand and went inside his cabin with him. Swara came out of her room as she found his door getting locked from inside. It was not that she hadn’t notice him taking different female students inside his cabin for these past few days but this particular view made her angry. ‘ how can he stoop so low. He is literally trying to ruin this good girl’s future’. Swara went and tried to eavesdrop but she didn’t hear any sound. She turned the lock but the door didn’t open. ‘ no more of it Sanskar, i shall expose you by today but for that i need proof and Il get it anyhow’. She frantically looked around to get some idea when something weird popped up in her mind. ‘idea, now its time for CID’s Daya style’. She took few steps back and made some space between sanskar’s room door and herself and then with full force she charged towards it when suddenly or rather unfortunately she found the door knob turn she tried to stop herself but it was too late.

As she opened her eyes she found his angelic face just under her’s. He looked at her with a confused look.
Swara- ummm…wait.
As she spoke those words she suddenly felt his warm breath on her face. She again looked at him and understood. They were in a very bad posture and the worst part was that they were too close. If anyone of them tried to speak something then there lips might touch. Which will never be accepted by Swara after whatever she found out about Sanskar. She moved and tried to get up while giving her body pressure on both her hands but the slippery tiles didn’t allow her to do that. She slipped and, Thump; There face came closer again. She turned to her left side,trying to escape from his gaze but the view boiled her blood. She found Devanshi standing there with her half unbuttoned shirt. Her hair wasn’t messy as it was supposed to be if Sanskar had forced her. Swara turned around to Sanskar who gave her a small smile and tried to get up with both his and her weight.

When they had settled themselves Swara turned to Devanshi and harshly ordered,
Swara- Devanshi, can you please give us some moment.
Devanshi reluctantly node, buttoned her shirt and left.
She turned towards Sanskar,
Swara- i want an explanation.
Sanskar-(confused) what explanation?
Swara- what the hell was she doing in your room?
Sanskar-(calmly) how would i know?
Swara-(very angry) stop kidding me Sanskar.
Sanskar- shouldn’t i ask you, what were you doing before my room?
Swara-(cheeks red) it was an accident.
Sanskar- ya, an accidental sequence from some fairytale.
Swara-(threatening) listen sanskar,if this goes on then Il make it sure that the issue is conducted by the Principal himself.
With this she started walking at a brisk pace when suddenly she was interrupted by his cold voice.
Sanskar-(coldly) then its better that you get to know the whole truth before taking any major steps.
She turned back to ask him further about the topic but found him briskly walking away by her side.

To be continued….

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