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Hello everyone,your kavya is back again. Oops sorry your kavya(with her real name) is back again. Well i was in my depressed mode coz of very less comments in two of my ended ff’s so i got late…but then i suddenly came up with this new story of swasan. Okay well i know i don’t write dat well like others but with a new hope and courage i have started writing a short story on this lovely couple swasan…so plzzz donot forget to comment soo that soon you all can read my 2nd season of ‘It started with a Hate Request’???

She caught a glimpse of him again. He was busy taking a class in the opposite room,just beside her cabin. A cabin which read the name Dr.Swara Gadodia. Swara stared at his angelic face again. ‘even an angel is not as handsome as him’. She thought ,cheekily. The class got over as the bell rang. She saw him moving out of the classroom and then she started getting ready for her class. She opened the door and found him moving towards his own cabin which was just next to hers. She looked at him but he didn’t see her.
‘ya…this is the worse thing. We doctors don’t have time to look at each other…then romance…huh vo to durr Ki baat hai’ while thinking this she went for her classes.
she was coming back to her cabin when she suddenly found him running his fingers through her label “Dr. Swara Gadodia”.
She was shocked. ‘what is he doing over there’. Her heart skipped. ‘does that mean that he likes me too??’ she smiled and walked towards him.
She cleared her throat as she stood beside him.
He got startled and turned around.
Swara- do u need something Dr. Sanskar.
Sanskar- ummm,no actually i was thinking to put up a new wooden name plate on my door so that’s why i was just looking at ur name’s font format. I like it.
Swara could hear the shattering noise of her heart.?
Swara-(putting up a fake smile) oh. Acha.
Sanskar- sorry,if i have disturbed you.
Swara didn’t reply and went inside her room.
‘he’ll never understand it,never.’ she remembered her past experiences. She had been in love with him from the 1st year of there medical college. He was the famous ‘Handsome Boy’ of there batch. Almost every single girl had tried to be with him and when they didn’t succeed then they went to try for other boys. But For her he was her ‘first’&’last’ crush. Nobody had there hands in her hart except him. But he never understood that. All the time he seemed to be absorbed in some other world. He just didn’t care about the girls going gaga after him. She did find some of them going out with him, or moving inside his room with him but that didn’t change her mind. She was adamant about one thing if she really ‘HAS’ to get married then she’ll only be Swara Maheshwari nor nothing else.
‘and now it seems next to impossible’ she thought while slapping her forehead.
The day went smoothly except the bad news of a person with a broken heart.

At the end of the day when Swara was returning to her cabin she suddenly found a first year student almost sticking herself with Sanskar and moving towards his cabin.
Swara-(angry) huh, it seems as if somebody has applied fevistick on Sanskar’s shirt and that student got stuck in it.
Then suddenly she found the student holding a notebook. This sight made her relax.
‘maybe she has got some doubts that’s why she went to him’ she thought happily. But the bad thought hadn’t left her mind. So as soon as she found them entering and closing the door of the room,she swiftly went and put her ears on the thin walls to eavesdrop.

‘okay, i know this is wrong but pyar or yudh mai subluch jayaz hai na.’
With this she concentrated her work.
“sir plzzz sir, you are not understanding my situation, my desperation.”
Sanskar- miss Kaveeta, i don’t want to understand anything.
Kaveeta- sir please sir. Sir i swear Il be better than anybody else.
Sanskar- i am not asking you…i am ordering you. Just do it right now.
Suddenly swara heard the sound of something stripping.
Kaveeta- sir plaese sir please.
Sanskar- what are you yelping for?
Kaveeta-wow sir it feels soo good. Ah ah woww sir.
Swara couldn’t hear sanskar’s voice.
Kaveeta- faster sir faster.

Swara got up and went inside her cabin. She was furious,angry,frustrated. The only thing which was going inside her mind right now was that Sanskar Maheshwari will be the last person she’ll ever marry.
It was all clear to her what these two were doing. She was shattered. The only person she loved whom she had thought of like an angel was actually worse than a devil. This was the 2nd time in the day when her heart broke but this time it shattered into thousand pieces.
And as the day ended,swara was adamant of one thing. DR. SWARA GADODIA HATES SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.

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