ps. I HATE YOU {The End}

Hello….well Sorry for the delay. You see right now i am boiling inside a pressure cooker so its a very bad situation and experience and that’s the reason why i couldn’t update it soon. So today the short story of Swasan shall end so lets see if it ends with a happy or a sad note😉

Swara sits in her cabin while chewing the back of her pen(bad manners). Her mind kept on rewinding Sanskar’s previous words. “then its better that you get to know the whole truth before taking any major steps.”
‘what truth was he even talking about?’ she asked herself. But didn’t get the time to find her answer as her duty called. She went to take her classes in the 2nd year slot but found a group of girls which consisted of kaveeta and Devanshi, leaving her classroom. Swara called after them but neither of them responded. This surprised Swara so she asked the whole class
Swara- why did that group leave the classroom without my permission?
No one replied which was irritating for her so she put all those thoughts at the dark corner of her mind and started teaching them. After the class got over Swara found a girl named Drishti come after her to clear some doubts. She silently went inside her cabin as the girl followed her.
Swara-(irritated) so what is it Drishti? What do you want?
Drishti-(frightened) mam i wanted to inform you something very serious.
Swara- yes what is it?
Drishti- mam please save Sanskar sir,
Swara got confused.
Swara-(confused) what do you mean by that?
Drishti- mam Sanskar sir is rusticated from his post as he is mingled up with false complain.
Swara understood the issue and didn’t speak anything. Drushti saw Swara’s expression hardening and froze for a moment.
Swara-(coldly) its okay. It was his fault to do all those stuff with the girls and so he is paying for it and now its better that u conc….
Drishti cut in…
Drishti- no mam. That means sir hasn’t told you anything about it.
Swara-(confused) about what?
Drishti- mam Sir was doing all these to save your reputation in the society. Kaveeta’s group knew that you both like each other a lot so they had made some fake picture of yours and him kissing each other and also some other bad postured pictures of yours. With that they had almost blackmailed him to satisfy them and that’s why to save you he had agreed…although he hadn’t done anything. This made the girls get angry on him and so they complained about his nature and fake molestation and so he has to face all these.
Drishti kneeled to her knees and kept her head close to Swara’s feet.
Drishti-(almost crying) please mam only you can save him mam. Please.
She looked up to see Swara’s shocked face. She had never thought of the other reasons he might have done that for. On the first sight of it she just judged him as a perverted pig but actually he was doing this for her. To save her from the animals of the society. She found her hands shaking as they tried to wipe the sweat appearing on her forehead. The thought of loosing him at that point of time made her teary eyed. She ran out from her cabin and went running to the principal’s office. She felt horrible. Wasn’t she the one who had threatened him of telling everything to the principal. ‘How can I?’
She burst inside the Principal’s office but didn’t find Sanskar there. The principal looked at her with a shocked expression.

Principal- what’s the matter?
Swara- sir, sir where’s Dr. Sanskar.
Principal-(looking at the other side) i have suspended him from this college. He was such a spoilt brat to spoil soo many life’s of our college students. I would never tolerate that.
Swara-(banging on his table,and crying) but it was not his fault at all.
And then she told everything to the principal and as a proof she made Devanshi and Kaveeta confess the truth.

After 1 year,
It was winter. Although winters in Kolkata doesn’t make much difference. She was wearing a white jacket and roaming around on one of the streets of Salt Lake. That was when suddenly she caught a glimpse of somebody familiar. He was wearing his coat and stethoscope and buying something from the near by pharmacy. Her heart skipped a bit but then she remembered all the incidents. How will she confront him with such big guilt in her heart. She put on her hood and started moving away but then suddenly felt somebody’s hand on her shoulder. She turned around to find his glowing face.
Swara-(whispering) Sanskar.
Sanskar(smiling)- where do you think you are going?
Swara- i was just,just taking a walk.
Sanskar- then let me accompany you.
Swara didn’t answer and started taking slow steps.
Sanskar- so, where are you working now?
Swara- umm,i am working in Medica Speciality Hospital.
Sanskar- neuro surgeon right?
She turned to him with a surprise.
Swara- ya, but how did you know?
Sanskar- well i knew everything. From the secret person who had given me a yellow rose in first year’s valentine to the secret person who had decorated my room on my birthday when we were in 3rd year.
Swara smiled as she remembered her excitement on all those days when she had placed the yellow rose in his cupboard just to approach him for friendship.
Swara-(almost whispering) then why didn’t you confess it?
After a long pause he at last replied,
Sanskar- do you think if i had confesses then this problem wouldn’t have arisen?
Swara slightly node.
Suddenly Sanskar shouted her name,and as she looked up she found a car almost hitting her.
After sometimes she opened her eyes while feeling safe under his warm,and strong hug.
She looked up to face him. The sight of that angelic face this time caught her breath.
Sanskar-(softly) are you okay?
Sanskar- you need to be careful.
Swara- won’t you be there to take care of me?
He looked at her eyes for a long time and then leaned down and gave her a soft kiss.
Sanskar-(with a bright smile) Il always be there to take care of you.
With this they hugged each other as the cute little boys from the neighbouring slum areas clapped and giggled As a little boy screamed I love you while a little girl turned around and made faces and at last shouted BUT I HATE YOUUU.

Ooohhh…babarey…at last it ended. Now Il start with my previous ff and maybe Il write some other short stories too. So please do comment and hope that i haven’t disappointed you all. And the ff which i am writing is SWASAN AN UNTOLD STORY (for ppl who are interested to read it) no offence.😊😊

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