PS I Hate You 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayaan tells Aisha that dimple said about fake id”s…Ayaan tells that fighting with Ayaan…may be very bad person..
Mounika tells that she will go.and meet sports quota members…Dimples goes and meet many gal..but they refuse…Mounika tells that atleast last three gals dont refuse…Aisha suddenly comes and tears the paper…Mounika tells that there are two copies…Aisha tels taht hockey team will made if Dimple stays in college for 2 months….Dimple tells who will detain hee out of college…Aisha or her frienda like dolls….Aisha tells that she alone can kick out Dimple out of college…Dimple tells to try…Aisha tells no hockey team ans hockey..On another aide Ayaan sits in a dark room and recalls all the moments of Dimple fightening

with him…Ayaan is angry..Ayaan says he has alot of attitude…Ayaan tells that dimple messed with a wrong guy…Now he will show him…Ayaan goes to principal office and sends the newspaper joining application by doing fake signatures of Dimple..Principal gets shocked…
Krissh and Simple are sitting…Krish thinks all the moments he spent with Simple…song goes on background “muskuranay ki wajah tum ho”…As Krrish friends comes and sits Simple goes away saying she will talk later..Krish tells his friend that he had a problem ….Simple thinks that he is a gay…His friend says that its good..So that Simple runs from other boys and come toward him…Krish is confused
Pummy maasi goes to college along with simple….Dimple..and Mounika …Pummy.maasi.says that she will teach a lesson to Aisha..Simple says sorry…Dimple also.says sorry..Pummy.maasi agrees…
Principal tells congrats to Dimple that she has accepted Dimple request..and tells that positive feedback…Dimple asks which request…Principal says of joining college newspaper..Dimple tells its fake she didnt applied…Principal tella that now she cannot backout as she talked to college management…Principal tells that she have to work for atleast two months…Principal tells that if Dimple increase the leaderahip…then she will help in hockey tean…Dimple agrees…
Lara comes and tells Aisha that kabir failed three times.kabir tells wow hatrick and laughs..puts headphones and dances..Lara says that kabir failed once more he have to repeat…And proff said that if Kabir passed in the subject he will.leave the lectureship…Aisha geta worried…Simple comes..says hi to.Aisha and Lara…Simple gives notes to kabir…Kabir says thankyou….Anotherside. Dimple goes to the newspaper office and tells that she is new columnist…The man sees and laughs tells that When last columist joined his hair was black but became white…He tells no student is ready to do this…Dimple tells she will do…..Dimple starts carry handfull of news paper and tells Babaji that she trapped in a new problem..where she is goalkeeper well as stricker…..Ayaan comes…Dimple aska why he is following her…Ayaan tells that in the college she didnt read the warning “Beware of Ayaan”…Dimple.laughs and tells that he comes in dogs category…Dimple asks why did he did fake sign of her…Ayaan says that like fake id he will also do many fake things..Dimple laughs…Ayaan tells that she will be lying in that old newspaper office..and no news will be published..and no hockey team will be published..

Preacap::Simple goes back of Aisha and tells to give her last chance…Aisha tells to do her project and submit on Monday..Simple tells that she is not a science student..Aisha tells she doesnt cares and goes….Simple calls Krrish for help….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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