PS I Hate You 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simple tells that she is trapped one side well another side.. Simple tells its tough question..Dimple tells Simple tht if she trapped in any situation she will not help.. Aisha tells Simple that how she manages this “horific creature”…(Dimple)….Aisha tells that this day is for celebration…Mounika tells Dimple not to be tensed because of Simple…Dimple tells she dont want to talk..Mounika tells to chill..Mounika says they wil do breakfast..Dimple refuses..Mounika goes…..Dimple sits..Krrissh friends comes and flirts with dimple..Dimple show the ID card to krrish…krissh asks where did she got it from..Dimple replies from lucky”s office..Krissh tells that two guys in tution carries fake id card…Dimple tells krrish that they will go and meer

them..krrish friend tells that they will start their “love scence”…Dimple tells to shutup otherwise she will break his jaws and beat like that will not be able to seen till 2km…Krissh friend replies…that he like social work..Krish tells to shut up…Dimple show hockey stick to the boys…and asks who made the fake id cards..Boys gets scared…They tells thw name of Ayaan…Ayan comes and snatches ID card from Dimple…Ayaan tell not to interfere interfere in other”s life…Dimple tell her moral duty is to teach them..Ayaan tells that she dont who is he…Dimple tells that she changed many criminals like him..Dimple tells she is not scared of anyone..Dimple tells that she will expose him…Ayaan tells dimple that his friends will scared..krissh goes..Dimple also..Aisha tells Simple to drinknas it is anti oxidant…and helps in weight loss….Aisha thanks Simple for the promoting the campaighn…Aisha tells that she is takin to a club..Aisha gives the passes…Girl tells that only 25+ age people are allowed..Aisha tells dont worry she will do anythng..Aisha tells Krish to take passport sizes photos of all girls..Aisha Goes …Krissh tells Simple not to go in party..Simple tells that she cannot miss the golden oppurtunity…Simple tells that already Dimple spoilt her entry in diva club…Simple pleases Mounika to come along with her..Mounika refuses..But simple tells that in the party there will be hot boys and alot of food….Mounika agrees..Simple tells thankyou…Simple writes the adress in paper shows to moumika and goes..
Ayan gives picture of Simple to make a fake id…Ayaan tells that he want extra charge…Aisha tells that money in not a problem..Aisha gives the money…At night..simple enters in the party..Mounika tells that she is scared as she have not Id card…Simple gives an mounika….Mounika acts to talk on phone saying to take care of her kids nd give milk on timee…security officer thinks mounika elder..and leaves her..mounika and Simple goes in..Aisha welcomes her….Aisha gives drink to Simple…Simple drinks…Simpke and Aisha dance….Two boys cones and dance with Simple…Simple moves..they dance with Aisha….Dimple comes and asks Dr sood where is Simple…He tells that Mounika and simple gone for movie….Dimple calls Mounika but she doesnt picks up….Maasi(mounika”s mother) comes and is surprised not to find Mounika on bed..She sees the address of party club written on paper…Simple tells Aisha that two boys are staring her..Aisha tells to chill as boys flirt.. .Aisha ans simple dance..Mounika is shocked to see pummy(her mother)…mounika hides and calls Dimple…Mounika tells dimple to save her…as pummy came here..Dimple says that whats bad in seein movie..Mounika tells they have gone to pub..Dimple is shocked..

Precap::Dimple comes in the party to save Mounika…Dimple sees pummy maasi coming towards her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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