PS I Hate You 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Ayaan comes and sees Dimple….Somehow Dimple Manages to keep the laptop..Dimple makes posters Ayaan goes
Aisha calls Simple for photoshoot…Aisha tells that her photshoot are based on social issues like cleanliness…women empowerment etc…Aisha poses..Krissh takes the pics…. Kabir tells Simple that she is looking soo beautiful..Aisha comes..Simple goes and thanks Aisha..Aisha tells welcome…
Aisha takes 500rs from kabir..and goes to computer lab..
Aisha gives money to a ed shirt boy saying well job..Aisha tells to make 10000 copies of this picture and stick in whole college…Dimple hides and sees all this ….Aisha goes….Dimple comes is shocked to see picture of Simple preganat..Dimple tells that Aisha is playing double game….Dimple

sits in canteen thinks what to do…Dimple sees Krissh…Dimple tells all to Krissh…Kriish tells they have to do something…Dimple sees that red-t shirt guys and tells this was the one…krish tells that his name is lucky…and will do all work for Ayaan…and illegal work of Aisha…At home Dr sood completes the Surgery of Pinko(Simple”s teady bear)…And places his ears..Simple tells thankyou to his father..Dr sood tells that Dimple gave the ears..Simple is shocked..
Dimple goes to lucky’s office while krissh hides Dimple and tells that the order of pictures Aisha has cancelled …lucky tells that he is not dumb.Dimple comes back..Krish and his friend comes in lucky”s office tells that they had a good offer for him….lucky tells yes he want to listen…lucky..krish and his friend comes out of the office…Slowly Dimple goes in the office and delete all the pictures from the computer…Ayaan comes in Lucky”s office…Dimple hides..Dimple takes the ID card..Lucky comes and sees Ayaan…Ayaan asks where is the “ID card”…Lucky searches and tells it was here only…Ayaan goes and finds Dimple outside…Ayan calls her “Goodie ..Goodie”…Ayaan says that gals should not be out of house till late night..Dimple says to exprience ghost…Dimple imagines Ayaan biting her..Dimple comes to senses..and tells this all is mounika”s thinking…while Ayaan is shocked..
Aisha comes to college and tells Simple to enjoy the day..The whole college sees Aisha and laughs…Aisha is shocked to see her posters showing baby bump. …Aisha feels awkward… Dimple comes and tells Aisha to stay away from her…tells that she will destroy her life… Simple comes and asks what she did…Dimple tells simple that Aisha has planned all against her..made her vulgur posters…Simple scolds Dimple tells that she hates her and goes…Aisha sees all the people laughing at her Aisha removes the posters…Kabir sees the poster..Aisha scolds kabir..comes and sits in the room…Aisha cries…Simple comes and apologises because of dimple…Aisha tells to shut up…Kabir comes and tells Simple that she was looking stunning ..and apologises as her pics were replaced…Aisha tells simple that she is out of diva club..and goes taking Kabir along with her…Simple comes home and tells Dimple that today she crossed all her limits…Dimple tells Simple taht why she is not trying to understand..that Aisha planned against her…Dimple tells that
Next day in college…Simple apologises to Aisha..Simple takes Aisha to auditorium.Aisha shocked to see students crowd is gathered.posterss on which it is written “teenage pregancy”..Principal claps and tells that Aisha and Simple have make new record by promoting “teenage preganancy”..Principal tells all ths students to clap for aisha and Simple…all claps…Aisha comes and tells Dimpls that all her hardwork spoilt in just one instance…Aisha tells that from.nowonwards Simple is in her team…Dimple tells Aisha a butterfly without wings..and tells not to try to fly high..

Precap::Dimple tells Simple to be in Aisha”s team but whenever problem arises she will nt help

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  5. I think dimple right the problem is same with me i have a sis and she always does the same…..:'(

  6. I think dimple right the problem is same with me also …..

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