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PS I Hate You 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple gets a message saying “to the best gal in collegee”…DImple sees ayaan Smiling .. Mounikaa says that she is sure that ayaan gave….Dimple imagines Ayaan coming towards her both smiles ….Ayaan gives rose flower to Dimple….Dimple takes and gets hurted by thorns ..Dimple tells Mounika to stop thinking….
Principal tells Dimple that her event is cancelled .Dimple is shocked..And tells that all was arranged Pricipal tells all happened because of her sister Simple.As Simple organised Rose day event…
Dimple comes in the auditorium removes all the decorations….. .Simple asks what happened…. Dimple tells that her hockey event was cancelled because of Simple… Simple is shocked…Dimple tells that all snackes and cold drink

she buyedd…..Dimple collect all the snacks and throughs in the polytene…Ayesha comes and consoles Simple.tells let it be..and tells Everytime Dimple spoiles childhood dimple of becoming Miss world…Dimple turns back and snatches the snackes from Aisha”s hand and throws..Aisha fells awkward….
Simple comes in canteen cries and hugs Krissh…..tells that her show is destroyed…..Aisha comes and tells Simple to be not to worried…Aisha tells Kabir to drop Simple…Kabir tells that today it was their date Aisha tells later…Kabir drops Simple….At homes Dimple is Angry…Sees pinko(Simple”s teady bear)..and smiles…Dr sood….Mounika…and Simple knocks the door…Dimple smiles and opens the door..Mounika is shocked….Simple goes and Sees Pinko and gets shocked as his ears are destroyed by Dimple…Simple hugs pinko and cries…Dr Sood comes and Says what happend…Simple tells taht Dimple”s hockey event was cancelled that why she is Angry… Dr Sood scolds Simple saying that she got Admission in River dale..and Diva club also but Dimple didnt set up hockey event….He says that dimple spent all her savings…Dr sood tells Simple to stop being selfish and goes. ..Simple says what to do as it is her mistake..Mounika says that Dimple is very much hurted..
Next morning Simple and Dimple comes to college….Simple calls Dimple but Dimple ignores and go…Simple asks for help to Mounika..Mounika gives a idea to Simple by returning Dimple”s money Rs 20,000rs..Simple tells from where She bring the money…Mounika tella that not her problem and goes…Simple thinks what to do…to collect money Simple thinks to dance….Then she gots an idea of waitress…Simple goes to Canteen where Aisha calls her…..kabir brings a chair on which it is written “Simple”…Ayesha sats that “Welcome to diva club”….Aisha tells that 3days back Simple came and pleased and proved that she is cable of becoming a member of diva club..All claps…Dimple comes…Simple calls her but Dimple ignores and goes ….Aisha says Simple to leave it as Dimple will again “Spoil ” …Aisha tells Simple to sit….Simple smiles says yes and sits…
Dimple makes posters mounika comes and asks what she is doing…Simple tells that She got punishment because she throw garbage on Ayaan….Mounika tells that Aisha is behind all the plan…Dimple tells that she is hurted because Simple being her sister hurted her…..However Dimple tells that she is worried how to setup a girl”s hockey team..Mounika tells its very easy…Mounika tells to check the sports quota which girls took part in sports..Dimple can approach them for playin hockey…Dimple tells that is the best idea..but Dimple tells that secretery is Dracula Ayaan….till that Comes and touches Dimple teaches to write….Dimple asks what he is doing…Ayaan says he is teaching…Dimple stares Ayaan….Ayaan writes “idiot” on posters. .Dimple throws paint on Ayaan and leaves the brush…Ayaan laughs loudly…and goes…Mounika says that Ayaan and Dimple chemistry are awesome…Dimple tells to stop itt….Mounika takes out Ayaan”s laptop..Dimple checks the list Ayaan comes..Epsiode ends..

Precap::Aisha shows give picture to kabir and tells to make its 50 copies

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. nice episode but what is the prob in the susters life can any one tell me pls

    1. samira i m not sure but by seeing the 1st episode it is clear that the fight was due to pinko,the doll which dimple destroy 2day…that a incident is linked with it..i think both dimple & simple like it but eventually simple got it by anymeans…

      1. i thought pinko was a guy si i was confused from where this secound pinko came

  2. nice episode but what is the prob in the sisters life can any one tell me pls

  3. thankss ansari for the update..

  4. samira pinko is the name of the doll…

    1. yeah and thanks for clearing the doubt actually confusion

  5. r u the same samira who reply in kyy & ja

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