PS I Hate You 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aisha shakes hand with Ayaan…Dimple was about to come but Mounika comes in between…Dimple gooes with mounika
Everyone congratulates Simple…peon gives flowers…and choclates….kabir calls Simple and asks how was the surprise…Simple gets and thanks kabit..
Ayaan do pushups…The boy comes and tells he want his money back…Ayaan tells he will not give..tells that he is the hero and villian of collge…the boys gets scared and goes….Mounikaa…krrish and Gunjan are sitting…Gunjan tells krrish to make a application so that all hot girls number comes in his mobile..kriish tells Gunjan that he will never be good..Gunjan tells krrish that Simple is coming…but kabir also coming…Simple ignores krissh and goes…krrish

gets upset…krish gives Simple”s scarf..Simple thanks and goes….gunjan comes and tells krrish not fo be upset…Simple does photshoot while krrish stands by…Simple sees the photos…asks kabir how is it…Principal calls Ayaan…Ayaan goes..Ayaan sees the boy(who asked money)…on wheelchair one hand is broken…Principal tells that the boy Ajit complained that Ayaan bet Ajit along with his gang…and Ayaan took Rs 50thousand also..Ayaan tells that Ajit is lying..Principal tells Ayaan how can can ajit lie as he is not in the position..
Simple again does photoshoot…while kabir stands side by..Aisha calls kabir Simple feels jeolous….Dimple sees ayan near principal office and asks what happened..Mounikaa tells that Ayaan bet Ajit…Outside principal office Ayaan asks Ajit why is he lying. Ajit pushes Ayaan hand and acts as if Ayaan is pressing his neck Principal comes suddenly calls Peon..Peon comes and pulls Ayaan..Principal tells Ayaan to come in her office..Dimple goes and asks ayaan that he really bet ajit..Ayaan refuses….Dimple tells okey..
Simple again does photoshoot..while kabir stares her…Aisha suddenly comes..Kabir asks what she is doing..Aisha tells that diva club is her she can come anytime..kabir says yes….Aisha and kabir hugs….simple feels jeoulous seeing this….Aisha talk to simple…aisha tells that she forgot to complement Her dress…Simple tells that thankgod kabir brought the dress otherewise it would have problem…Aisha tells that dress was her…Simple gets upset…Aisha tells no need to say thankyou as she has habit of doing charity…Aisha goes….Principal calls Ayaan again…Principal tells Ayaan that she will expel him and also file police complaint against him…Dimple comes…Principal asks what happened…Dimple tell she want to talk ajit…Principal agrees…Dimple asks Ajit how many people were there…Ajit tells it was 4-5…Dimple asks at what time Ayaan came to beat Ajit..Ajit tells at 10…Dimple tells from 9:30 to was with him..Pricipal asks why in night Dimple was with ayaan…Dimple tells that Ayaan and she are in relationship…they are dating…Principal tells okey..
Dimple says that Ajit is good…and his upbringing is also good…Dimple suddenly throws Band…Ajit catches it from the broken hand…Dimple tells principal to see….Principal asks Ajit what is this..Principal tells Ajit that he put serious Allegation on Ayaan.. Principal tells Ayaan that he can go…Principal scolds Ajit….Dimple comes to.Ayaan and says “My pleasure”…because may be Ayaan will be saying thankyou…Ayaan holds dimple hand and asks why she did all…Dimple tells that she is trusting him..Ayaan and Dimple looks at each other…

Precap:::Aisha tells Simple that Kabir deserves a bhenji like her

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Thanks fr d update

  2. Nice epi

  3. Hey luv d show

  4. I too lyk it

  5. Btw it luks lyk ayaan ko acting nahi ati!

  6. Plz 28 nov written update

  7. 28 nov epi ws gud!

  8. If u have seen it thn plz update it

  9. Aisha n kabir ka break up!
    Dimple finding abut ayaans life secretly but by d end of d show ayaan gets angry on her n talks to her rudely n throws her out of his house n dimple gets shattered!
    Precap-ayaan talking to his mom about dimple!

  10. Thanks fr d incomplete update!

  11. Someone update 28 Nov episode

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