PS I Hate You 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayaan acts as kissing Dimple but takes hammer from backside…Ayaan tells the mechanics why didnt they came on time…..Ayaan stands near jeep…Dimple sees it…one of the boy tells to stay away as Ayaan since two days cannot repair that…The Mechanic tells that girls look good in kitchen..Dimple tells that only “DIMPLE SOOD” can repair that…Ayaan tells if Dimple repaired the jeep they should give Rs1000 each to Dimple..The Mechanic agress..
Simple sees the garden and gets happy…Kabir tells he made that only for Simple…Simple is amused..Aisha calls Kabir and tells that she is feeling bored and want to go for shopping..Aisha tells kabir to come…kabir tells that he is doing workout in gym…Simple says the garden is awesome,,,Aisha

listens..Aisha asks who is the gal..Kabir tells its trainer..Aisha keeps the phone Aisha tells that it is Simple”s voice..
Kabir shows Simple handful of dishes…tells that japanese sushi made by best chef of delhi…Simple smiles..Simple and Kabir sit for lunch..Simple cannot hold the chopstick…Sushi falls on Simple”s dress..Simple gets nervous and says sorry…Kabir tells its okey.. Kabir tells to go and change the dress….
On another side Dimple repairs Ayaan’s jeep…Song goes on “Mann Mast Magan”….Dimple goes bottom of the jeep and repairs..Ayaan stares Dimple…Both Ayaan and Dimple looks at each other….Dimple comes out..Ayaan smiles and Sees Dimple…Dimple opens her hair…Ayaan starts the jeep..The jeep starts…Ayaan asks money from all the mechanics…One boy tells that it is cheating…Because Ayaan helped Dimple ..dimple tells she didnt asked for help…Simple comes wearing a red shirt.Kabir tells Simple is looking hot and s*xy..Simple feels shy…Simple apologises because his plan all spoiled…Kabir tells its okey….Kabir tells he believes in inner beauty…kabir tells he likes the way she is…Kabir hugs Simple…Aisha sees from back..and get angry …
Dimple rides the jeep ..while Ayaan is sitting…Ayaan gives Dimple half of the money of bet but Dimple refuses..Dimple tells she cant take the money of bet..
Ayaan tells that Money is a very good it can buy…emotions…Dimple tells she cannot believe that…Ayaan tells it can because he is happy as he got money and he is happy…At home Dimple lies on bed and thinks the moment spent with ayaan..ayaan text Dimple at gym…Dimple gets surprised….Next day at college Simple says sorry to Krrish..Simple says that today she promise that she will spend the whole day…kabir comes and sits..Kabir tells Simple today he had to for photoshoot and famous photographer is coming..Simple gets happy and asks really??Kriish gets upset..Simple tells but she promised Krrish..Kabir tells to postpond that..Simple turns and sees Krrish.But Kriish goes….
Dimple comes to gym to met Ayaan…but listens Ayaan talking to someone sweetly…Ayaan tells “I love you”.and goes.Dimple gets Angry and goes..Ayaan turns back and is surprised not to find Dimple…..In classroom Dimple starts painting..Kabir comes to class..and sits back of Dimple..Ayaan gives a chit to dimple “Why didnt you came?”.
Dimple throws…Ayaan gives another Chit “What is the problem”…Dimple again throws..As the bell rings..Ayaan comes infront of Dimple and stops her..
Ayaan tells why dont she answers his questions…..Ayaan asks what is her problem..Dimple tells that she will answer all the questions if asked directly…Ayaan practise hockey…Aisha comes in his room..Aisha tells Ayaan that she gave her money not to flirt but to spoil Dimple”s life…Ayaan tells that he will do the work…Aisha tells that because of Simple her life is spoiled..Ayaan asks is her life a tissue paper…that anyone can scrumble and throw…Aisha tells to mind only with the work..Ayaan asks to destroy Simple or Dimple…Aisha tells Dimple..As she is the life jacket of Simple…tells that she want everythng of Dimple…as Simple snatched her boyfriend…Ayaan tells thats the reason..
Aisha tells she wanted to press Simple”s neck…but didnt because she wanted to destroy both of them simualtaneously.

Precap::Kabir arranges a date for Aisha..Aisha gets happy and hugs kabir…Simple sees and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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