PS I Hate You 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayaan tells he is ready to spoil Dimple”s life..Aisha tells thats fantastic..Aisha tells Dimple should be ashamed that she cannot see her face..Ayan says ofcourse she deserves that..Ayaan tells he has to think unique to break dimple..Aisha tells to think fast..Ayaan tells this the only agenda of his life..Lara asks Simple why she hates she is best..Simple tells that DImple is very irritating..A girl comes and tells that Simple”s look was best in fashion week…And she is ruling on Internet..Simple sees the pics and gets happy…Simple gets happy tells Lara tat she cannot believe what is happening with her..Lara tells Simple that she is a part of Diva club..All this will happen.As Ayaan goes people comment on him says that he is very corrupt..A girl tells for money

Ayaan can do anythng Ayaan listen all this and gets angry..Dimple comes..Dimple about to say..Principle comes and tells Ayaan that Investigation is Over and he is innocent..Ayaan smiles..Principle goes..Dimple asks why he didnt said that he is Innocent..Ayaan tells “AYAAN DONT GIVE JUSTIFICATION”..Dimple goes..At library Mounika tells Dimple that she is feeling depression..Dimple tells its just a excuse to eat from canteen..DImple tells Mounika to collect the books after that they will go Canteen..AS MOunika goes..Ayan comes and pulls DImple..Ayaan asks Dimple she was the one who complaint..Ayaan tells he will get mad if he didnt got answer..Dimple tells Ayaan is already Mad.Ayaan asks next question asks that she is the kisser women..Dimple tells “DIMPLE SOOD DONT GIVE JUSTIFICATION”..Dimple goes while Ayaan is surprised..Mounika asks what was all that..Dimple tells Ayaan was little worried..Mounika tells boys will trap innocent girl..Dimple tells not to worry..As Simple comes in the Diva club Mrs Iyer tells Cover girl photoshoot is going on..tell Simple to get ready..Mrs iyer tells Aisha to ready SImple..Simple refuses but Iyer forces…Aisha selects a yellow dress Mrs Iyer tells that it is Simple dress….Aisha tells that it is Cover girl”s dress..Mrs Iyer tells that Cover girl is Simple..Aisha feels upset and keeps the dress……..
Dimple and Mounika practise hockey….Ayaan watches from far….Dimple goes and asks what he is seeing..ayaan tells to goal from centre…Dimple tells its her wish…Ayaan tells he was staring he wanted to known the mystery who kissed him..DImple tells ALL THE BEST and tells to continue..Ayaan tells he will find out by anyhow..
Aisha shouts at Mrs Iyer…Mrs Iyer tell that she did all this because Aisha”s matter should be resolved..Aisha smiles and hugs her…
Krrish clicks photograph of Simple…..Krissh tells SImple is lookin beautiful..Simple tells thankyou and smiles..Krrish tells he got an assignment and wanted to show the pics to her..Kriish tells he will come to her home tommorrow Simple agrees..
Kabir tells Simple that she is looking beautiful…Kabir tells that Tommorrow nighy he have arranged dinner for her…Simple asks why…Kabir tellss because they meet at boring places thats why…Simple smiles and agrees…At home Dimple comes towel is ties in her hairs….Suddenly Dimple sees the blue shoes..Dimple thinks…Dimple slips…kabir holds Both looks at each other….Dr Sood calls Dimple…Dimple is worried tell Ayaan to goo…Ayaan tell he didnt gt his answer…Ayaan asks hockey is her fav game Dimple says yes..Ayaan asks whether green colour is her favourite…Dimple says yes…Ayaan asks Dimple for a date…A tensed Dimple agrees…Dimplr forces Ayaan to go….As Dr Sood enters the Room…Dimple gets worried and turns see Ayaan…Ayaan goes…Dr Sood tells he Cooked “Choolay bateray”..and He and simple cannot controll…Dimple goes….
Next morning…Simple gets up..tells that she is late…tells she didnt have a good dress..what to do…Dimple tells why Ayaan asked her for a date..Something is fishy..Dimple tells that it may be Ayaan”s new trap…Dimple goes at table..Dr Sood says hi.
..Simple shows Dr Sood and asks which one is good…Dr Sood asks on sunday where she is going..Simple tells that she have to go diva club….Another side Aisha calls Kabir and tells she wanted to go Shopping to pick her up..Kabir refuses tells he is not well…Simple is ready..Comes down from stair..Krrish and Kabir sees..Simple tellss Sorry to krrish as she cannot refuse kabir..Krrish tells its okey…Simple hugs krrish says bye and goes….Simple gets happy by seeing the decorations….Simple tells kabir its awesome…kabir tells its only for SImple…BOth goes..
Dimple goes to garage..Dimple tells why vampire called her to a garage..Ayaan tells she is too hurry to see her face…Dimple tells she is not..Ayaan comes..Ayaan gets close to Dimple..Dimple tells that even 1 year boy will not scared from him…Ayaan tries to kiss Dimple..

Precap::kabir tells Simple to come along with him for bag photshoot..Simple tells that she have promised krrish…Kabir that famous photographer is coming..Simple agrees…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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