PS I Hate You 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

PS I Hate You 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple calls Ayaan but phone is out of reachable…Dimple calls special care..Asks about Ayaan’s mother..The lady in counter tells that Ayaan has paid in advanced of Six months..She tells that Ayaan’s Mother is alright..Dimple feels Sad tells that Ayaan left the city..
Avanti comes searching for Diva club..she bumps into Simple…Simple tells to see is walk..Avanti tells that she has no time..As Time is money..She asks for Miss person tells that Simple is head of Diva club..Avanti sees Simple…Simple calls and asks Mounika is Dimple is coming..Mounika says yes…One man says that parcel has arrived,,Simple goes and check but one consignment is missing…Avanti tells that she will help..Simple says noo..Avanti..Simple agrees..Avanti takes out Sarees

from her bag..Lara wears..Lara tells Saree are awesome..Simple agrees..The girl tells that it will good if her Saree are solded…Mounika and Dimple comes to college…The annual fest starts As the fashion show starts….Models walk the ramp…Lara walk in Saree..Everyone is present Dr Sood..Principal..Mounika..The host calls Simple at the last…Simple comes and sees kabir gets upset..The host gives mic to Simple…Simple tells thanks to all..and thanks she helped by giving Saree…Avanti comes on stage and thanks,,,and tells they can buy the saree…Avanti counts the money..Lara tells that Avanti’s all Saree’s are solded..Avanti gives money to Simple but Simple does’nt accepts…Avanti tells please..Simple takes…Avanti..Simple and Lara hugs.
.After the ramp walk Host tells that Best Hockey team Award goes to “Dimple”…Everyone claps.Dimple gets shocked asks mounika is it a misunderstanding..Mounika says noo and tells to go on stage..Dimple goes on stage..Principal gives Dimple award..Dimple gets shocked and asks Principal..Principal tells that her team is given approval..AS last night Ayaan said her all…At last night Ayaan came to her house..and said that he wanted to give approval for Dimple’s Hockey’s team,,,as due his personal issues he cannot come..Principal agrees..Host tells Dimple to say something…
Dimple thanks her parents..everyone,,and Ayaan..Dimple tells it is her big Day and Ayaan is not present she feels bad..Dimple tells if Ayaan is anywhere he should be happy..Dimple goes from stage but Suddenly Ayaan comes…Ayaan takes mike and tells that First time he met DImple thought hitler..tells that first time he met a girl who is soo Courageous..She was the first girl who didnt think Ayaan a Vampire…On Another side kabir says sorry to Simple..Simple tells she is forgiving him but cannot trust him and does’nt love him anymore..
Avanti tells this is first step to come out of middle class..Avanti tells daily to join her journey..Ayaan tells that daily he fight with Dimple but forgets..Ayaan tells he have done alot of mistakes but he loves Dimple…Ayaan tells ‘I love you’ to Dimple….Ayaan sings song “Tum hi ho”..All audience claps…Dimple feels shy..Dimple thinks all the time spent with Ayaan…Ayaan Sings by Seeing Dimple..Dimple and Ayaan looks at each other..All audience claps..Ayaan sits on his knees and asks Dimple If she loves him…All audience shouts Dimple’s name..Ayaan holds Dimple’s hand…Dimple removes her hand..Dimple tells “I hate you”..Dimple tells she hate when Ayaan gets entertained with her emotional talk…and when she give lecture he gets bore…Dimple tells “I love you Soo Much”…Dimple and Ayaan hugs..Ayaan thanks Simple..Ayaan tells that Simple called him and said to comeback as Dimple is upset..DImple gets happy and hugs Simple..Ayaan Smiles…Simple says “I love you” to Dimple…Dimple says “I love you too”…Ayaan tells no lets click pictures…All group takes pictures..

Precap:Avanti tells its just the beggining..and tells to see how she earns money

Update Credit to: Ansari


  1. ...PS I HATE U...

    D last 5 comments is a thankyou gift to d whole team of this show who created such an awsome show n made us happy!
    We all wil mis d show a lot!
    But we also hope that d whole team wil come up with a new series of show n wil rock it again!

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