PS I Hate You 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

PS I Hate You 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simple drinks kerala juice..krrish calls but Simple sleeps…Suddenly Dimple gets shocked to see Ayaan as Vampire coming towards her and biting her…Dimple realises it was a dream…Dimple sees someone near the window..goes with hockey stick to beat but sees Krrish…Krrish tells he wanted to tell something…Krrish shows the video to Dimple in which Aisha is making plan against Simple’s fashion show..tellin that she will teach a lesson to Sood Sisters..Dimple tells may be Aisha is trying to spoil Simple”S dress in fashion show…
Simple gets up…sees in the mirror.tells that in excitment she didnt slept whole night…Simple goes to dr Sood and tells to pack something light for her breakfast.Dr Sood tells to eat bread and jam Simple tells she

want only bread as she is on Diet…Dimple comes and tells Simple that aisha is making a plan against her…Simple tells she dont want to listen anythng.and goes..Dr Sood asks what happened..Dimple tells that Aisha is planning..Dr Sood tells to leave Simple and do whatever she want….
Simple reaches the Diva club..thanks Aisha for giving her designer dress and makeup…Aisha tells its okey…A gal brings dress for Simple and tells only few work is left..Simple smiles goes …The girl tells Aisha that designer has changed the mind and tells that she and Simple have to wear the same dress…..Aisha says okey…..
Dimple goes to college with Mounika tries to get Volunteer..but the students refuses because of Aisha”s instructions..Dimple gets an idea and enters by showing her ID card…tells that she is editor of collge news paper..Aisha Sees Dimple gets scared tells that her plan will be spoiled..
Dimple search for Simple..Ayaan pull Dimple in a corner…and puts hand on her mouth…tells that he is confirming the same girl or kissing..As Ayaan tries to kiss he gets a call..Ayaan tells on phone that he is missing alot…Dimple tells Ayaan that already he had girlfriend but still kissing other girls..Ayaan tells to not to come on his way…..
Mounika tells Dimple that already time is up….Mounika and Simple follow the dress..and reaches the Room…Mounika hides the dress…As Miss Iyer comes…Mounika and Dimple hides near the table…Mounika feels hungry takes out choclate from her bag..keeps the Dress in table..The dress gets exchanged by Aisha…Dimple takes Aisha”s dress and goes……Aisha is getting ready….Fashion designer tells that Simple.cannot walk the Ramp as she is not getting dress…Simple pleases…Aisha tells if Simple didnt walked the ramp her plan will be spoiled….As the fashiom show starts…All model walks the ramp…music goes on background…Simple walks the ramp wearing black…Dimple gets shocked…Aisha comes and poses….Suddenly suffers wardrobe malfunction…Aisha gets shocked…Aisha cries….Everyone gets shocked….People take out camera and captures…

Precap::People takes out cameras captures….Dimple.and mounika gets shocked

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Omg!
    Waiting fr tmw epi!
    I gues Aisha fel in her own trap!

  2. wow ,thats what i called tit for tat

  3. wow ,thats what i call tit for tat

  4. Natasha not commenting in sadda haq

  5. You all said correct the tmrw epi will be interesting

  6. Sasshi,sadda haq is turning boring for me!
    I am loosing interest in it so i have left it!

  7. Update 19 nov epi plz!

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