PS I Hate You 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the shoes fits in Dimple”s foot Ayaan tells Dimple behave hitler in college and at parties “serial kisser”..Ayaan scolds Dimple tells that kissing him free to take out her works but…not raise her standard….Aisha tells that now her show will get a warm welcome….All the girls tells that Dimple is very clever..She kiss boys so that her work wil over….Dimple feels embarass and goes…..As dimple sits..Simple tries to talk..But dimple tells her to shut up….Aisha comes and taunts dimple..Tells to take care of her reputation as she is member of Diva club…Dimple calls Simple come home ..Aisha tells Simple that she will drop..Simple refuses to go along with Dimple..Dimple feels Angry and goes…….
At home Dr sood asks

Dimple what happened..Dimple gives example of her friend tells that she is very bold but got insulted in college and wanted to leave the college…Dr sood tells that she knoe the girl…tells that girl beat every boy in Amritsar…with her hockeystick..because of her small Sister has a good will power No one can fail her..Dimple Smiles and nodes the head…………….
Aisha and all her friends cheer”s as All work of fashion week over…Gunjan tells Kriish that he got a good idea to impress Dimple….Gunjan imagines dancing in garden in a song “Naino mein sapna..sapne mein Saajna”…Dimple is wearing yellow saree…Both dances…krrish tells gunjan that his idea will be failed and will be “phussed”…Krrish goes to the room to take his camera..but room is locked..Krissh forces peon to open the door..but he refuses..krish tells he want to take camera..Peon refuses..krrish goes….later Aisha and Miss Iyer goes in that records their conversation…
Next morning..Dr Sood asks Simple what happened with Dimple…Simple tells that All happened because of her mistake only..Dimple comes and tells that all happened because of Simple….Dimple tells that what Aisha said her…Simple and Dimple fights…
Dimple goes in the class..lecturer tells that her partner is Ayaan..Ayaan tells himself that he will torture her now…Dimple goes and sits.. Dimple argues with Ayaan and goes …..Ayaan gets a call…Ayaan talks on phone very sweetly…Dimple follows and tells that Ayaan have girlfriend also…Gunjan tells he has a idea krish tells he dont want to.listen his flop ideas..Gunjan.tells ok…Krissh says to tel..Gunjan tells to gift Simple makeup kit….krissh says ok….Another side Aisha tells Simple to.loose her weight..Simple Says okey…krrish says ok…krrish gift Simple makeup kit..Simple becomes happy and thanks..tells that she was in.need of that…Simple tells that krrish is a good “Gay friend”…Krrish says himself that idea is flop…Simple tells kabir that krrish is her good friend…Krrish opens camera and sees video of Aisha talking against Simple…

Precap::Dimple tells Simple that she wanted to talk about aisha…Simple tells to stop.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Thnx fr d update!
    Waiting fr tmw epi!

    1. whom do u think that simple will accept?… krish or kabir?

  2. I think its krish who simple last show jhalli anjali amisha was shown with dhruv n at last amisha luvd VP,so I think in this show simple will accept krish

  3. Simple-krish

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