PS I Hate You 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayaan enters Dimple Room asks whose was the shoes…Dimple says it was not her….Ayaan says the the shoes was in her room…Dimple says that he is also in the room it doesnt mean that he belongs to her.Ayaan asks what Dimple says nothing..Ayaan sees Simple and Dimple”s picture and thinks that the shoe belongs to Simple and goes…Dimple tells thankgod Dracula(Ayaan) went…Dimple gets scared as Ayaan will be thinking that Simple is the girl who kissed him in the party..Dimple tells she have to do something..
Next day in college Simple goes in the canteen and orders a veg sandwhich and orange juice..Ayaan comes and stares Simple…Ayaan goes to talk to Simple….but krrish calls…Simple goes…Krrish gifts Simple music Cd…Simple thanks…and

smiles..krissh tells that love is not about each other likes its about good feeling..Simple tells krish is good soft hearted…sensitive like girls..Ayaan sees Simple talking to kriish and tells that cheap small towny doing two times…Krish about to say that he loves Simple…Gunjan comes…Simple tells that both suits each other..
In class Ayaan gets a call he goes….Dimple follows Ayaan and listens him talking sweetly to someone.and getss shocked..
Gunjan tells Krish atleast Simple thinks him soft hearted and cute..krrishsays yes and thinks Simple coming in Saree and hugging him saying “I love u”….Krrish asks whats the further plan…Gunjan about to say Suddenly Mounika comes takes out tiffin..Both Gunjan and Mounika eats…Mounika tells shs is fat because of homw cook food…Gunjan says not worry as he like healthy girls…
Ayaan comes in Simple “s house by back window putting ladder…Ayaan gets shocked to see Dr Sood talking to Pinko (teady bear)…Ayaan tells that whole family is mental….Ayaan further moves falls down from the window due to banana….Ayaan sees Simple teaching Kabir..Ayaan tells that Simple is very smart..As in college she is with krrish…In parties with him..and at home kabir..Next day in college…Simple practise Rampwalk.. Kabir sees and tells its perfect…Kabir tells that she is perfect….Kabir tells Simple that they to will do phootshoot in paris..Simple smiles and nodes the head..Aisha comes and tells Simple good going…Aisha tells Mrs Bhatia that first time Simple is going to be the show stopper of fashion show…Aisha gives a dress to Simple..Simple gets happy..
Dimple imagines Ayaan running behind Simple and torturing..and asking..about the shoes…Dimple tells that Somehow she have to Save Simple from Ayaan and tell the whole truth…
AS the lecture starts Sir tells everyone that today’s theme is love…and have to draw a painting ..Ayaan tells Dimple that in love there should be connection..Ayaan asks whether she did the painting or not…Dimple asks whether she.had Alladin magic lamp that will do drawing…Ayaan says Dimple that she had good passion for love…Dimple tells to shut up…Ayaan goes from classs….Another side…Simple tells a girl that she look awesome in show stopper dress…The girl tells that they will buy a shoes too….Simple goes and check the shoes…Suddenly Ayaan comes and puts shoes in Simple”s foot…Simple shouts and tells its paining…Ayaan tells to keep quiet….As shoes doesnt not fit in Simple”s foot…Ayaan is thinking…Simple sees Dimple…..Ayaan sees Dimple And puts shoes in Dimple”s foot…Ayaan is shocked shoe”s are fit…Dimple gets scared…

Precap::Gunjan says Krrish that he will impress Dimple by anyhow….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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