PS I Hate You 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aisha gets angry on seeing Simple..and Kabir. …krissh too comes shirtless…Simple gets shocked on seeing Krish Dimple tries to practise but cannot due to pain…kabir comes and does excercise..kabir sees Dimple from far….kabir comes and says not when sprain is there in foot…Dimple says not to show fake concern…..Simple apologises to Aisha… Aisha imagines everyone teasing as her boyfriend is lost.and her reputation is lost Aisha tells its okey..Aisha tells Simple to go and wash kabir”s tshirt as it is expensive..All girls calls Simple “Washer of Diva club”..Simple gets worried..kabir shows his abs…Simple says it is awesome.and smiles..Aisha tells Simple to come tommorrow sharp at 1….Dimple goes from the steps..and thinks

all the moments spent with Ayaan…Dimple imagines Ayaan and she kissing…..Dimple says that some “Chemical Locha” happened in her mind…dimple goes..Another side..Simple asks krrish why he is roaming without tshirt…krissh goes in flashback and thinks that gunjan advice him…for impressing Simple…Simple asks what happened… krrish says just to feel better..GUnjan comes and whispers krissh that girl impressed and tells he(krissh) is looking hot..Simple shouts at krrish and tells kabir to show there love story somewhere else and goes…
Next day…Simple knocks the door and gets worried as what Aisha wil do.. Simple goes in everyone claps…Aisha comes congrats Simple as she is welcome to diva club….and is the show stopper of the fashion week..Simple smiles..gets happy…Aisha gives a crown to.Simple saying it is the symbol of Diva club….Simple says sorry as she was with kabir..tells that it was just a accident..Aisha tells not to be worried as she is not insecure about kabir….she is confident and tells that kabir”s choice is classy…Simple feels awkward…Another side..kabir sticks the poster of blue shoes everywhere..(whom he kissed)
Krish and Gunjaan sitting in canteen…kriish says that still Simple thinks him gay…Gunjan says they have to do something….Gunjan says to send a romantic song CD to Simple as she will be happy…Mounika and Simple comes….Simple says hii to kriish…Dimple also comes…Dimple asks Simple why her hairs are spoiled…..Simple says it is a symbol. As she entered the Diva club…Dimple says that Aisha would be very happy..Simple to shut up..Both fight..Simpe says “I hate u” to dimple ….Dimple says “I hate u too”…..Aisha is sitting and a girl massages her…. Aisha gets a call…Miss bhatia calls Aisha and tells her to.come staffroom..Anotherside…Dimple plays music player and dances…Ayaan puts a ladder from.back and sees Dimple dancing…Ayaan says that it is a different enjoyment to challenge enemy in his house…Ayaan says that Dimple its very great combination as she is hitler in college and dance queen in home…Ayaan gets shocked to see dimple’s blue shoe..

Precap::Ayaan smiles and talks on phone…Dimple gets shocked

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Epi is going good bt its moving very fast!
    Thanx fr d update!

  2. Thanks for the epi

  3. What’s the meaning of ps plzz someone tell 🙁

    1. Ps means post script which is normally used when u forget to mention smthng in a letter or speech or anythng and tgem in the end you can write the post script i.e PS

      1. Thanx sweetipie muskan 🙂

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