PS I Hate You 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


PS I Hate You 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple beats Pinko…Simple comes and takes Pinko…Dimple tells because of her she have to sufffer…She have to sit in Magzine the whole day…Dr sood comes…comes and sits ans tells to do Yoga…Dr Sood tells that on college he used to back.of a girl…But she ignored him…Dr sood was soo Sad that he started studying and became the topper..Soo Dr Sood tells everytime to.keep positive thinking…DImple smiles and says yes…
Dimple comes in class…Aisha sees…Aisha writes on a paper and.passes…Every student reads and laughs Dimple snatches it and reads “Remove Dimple and pollution will removed”….Dimple calls Aisha a plastic doll everyone laughs…Aisha stands and tells Sir to remove Dimple from class…Sir

tells Dimple to get out of class…Aisha tells Dimple see she wil insult…Dimple tells she will.insult not do actions…Krissh takes pics…Simple comes and tells to help her to.impress Aisha…As Aisha comes Dimples runs behind and asks to give her second last chance..Aisha tells ok..tells to do her project and Submit on friday..Simple tells she is a Science student..Aisha tells she doesnt cares and goes…Simple calls Krissh for help as he is Science student…Kriish Agrees…Krrish Says “YE ISHQ NAHI AASAN BASS ITNA SAMJHLOU EK AAG KA DAARIYAN HAIN”..
At newspaper office..Ayaan comes and teases Dimple..Sir tells nice couple…Dimple tells enough…Ayaan says to do the work…Dimple controls herself..Ayaan goes..At home Simple and.Krish completes Aisha”s project Krish says himself that Simple is very pretty but running behind of “Thorns”(Aisha)..Aisha tells kabir that in last five days he have changed five tutor…kabir calls “shoonaa”….Aisha gets irritate and tells to stop…
Dimple shows Articles to Dr Sood and tells its very confusing..Dr Sood tells to do what they facebook.timeeline..Simple tells that she is unable to understand..Dr sood to include pictures and less articles…Dimple tells that is a good idea…student will be attracted…Dimple goes to krissh asks for help..Krrish tells he cannot as he have to complete Aisha”s project..Dimple gets Angry..Dr Sood tells to take the photograph herself…Dimple tells he dont know how to hold camera..Dr Sood tells to take pictures herself as new Innovative ideas wil come..Dimple agrees..DImple goes to college and takes pictures of all students..
At makeover room Dimple and Mounika sees Aisha without makeup and laughs.and clicks the picture..At home krishh..And Simple are doing project…Mounika and Simple comes…Mounika Says “hi gunjan”…..pummy maasi sees mounika gets scared..Dimple makes articles..writes “plastic doll” and laughs….Gunjan tries to flirt with Dimple…Dimple ties him on chair ans says if he tries more the she will.make him “Gabbar of Sholaay”…krish ans Simple paints combinely..Dimple makes all articles..tells that finally her work is over…just print will appear on Monday….Simple goes to Aisha and give her project..Aisha calls her “Desperate”…..As Aisha goes and attends a call….Kabir is studying unable to understand…simple comes and explains him…Aisha goes to Simple and tells that she is giving her Second chance to enter into Diva club..tells to become kabir tutor..If his grades increased she will give Second chance,,Simple agrees.
Everyone sees Aisha and laughs..A girl shows news paper to Aisha and tells to calm down..Aisha snatches the newspaper and sees her weird pictures..without makeup..Aisha shouts..Dimple comes and says see properly…

Precap:Dimple says mounika now see it turn to teach lesson to mouse(Ayaan).

Update Credit to: Ansari

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