Protecting her part 19 (name changed from pyaar ki ek anokhi kahaani (

Ok guys I know it’s been a long time but I was a little disturbed and needed some time and as u all can see I have changed the name because I thought it was not suiting the story
Night at 3 am:
Sanskaar woke up to go to the washroom but swara was sleeping on top of him. If he will try to move her she will wake up. So he did it carefully and somehow he shifted her. He caressed her hair and went to the washroom. When he came back he saw swara was on the edge and was about to fall he ran and caught her at the last moment. Swara woke up with a jerk and sanskaar made her sit. She hugged him tightly and he hugged him back.

“What happened Shona?”
She didn’t reply infact hugged him more tight. “Sanku I love u” she said.
“I love u too my baccha” he replied kissing her head. He asked why she woke up with a jerk. “Wo I was having a bad dream” Sanskaar didn’t want to stress her out so didn’t ask about the dream and just hugged her tightly telling her that he is with her always.
Swara slept in his embrace and sanskaar made her sleep on the bed and he too slept hugging her tightly.


Sunlight peeked through swasan’s window disturbing sanskaar’s princess’s sleep. She cuddled more into sanskaar to hide herself and feeling peace sanskaar wrapped her arms around her. Sanskaar woke up kissed his princess’s forehead and checked the time. He was shocked to see that it was 9:30 am! Sanskaar woke up swara.

“Shona princess wake up! We have to go to the hospital na to meet Dr. Murthy.” Swara woke up and hugged sanskaar hugging him by his waist. Sanskaar caressed her hair. He picked her up and placed her on his lap and she buried her face in his neck.

“Sanku everything will be fine na?” She asked him with teary eyes.
“Yes princess ofcourse and I’m with you na ?”

Swara got some courage and she went to change. She walked to the washroom and was about to faint when sanskaar held her worriedly “swara”. He made her go to the washroom and made her shower and changed her clothes and his clothes too. They had breakfast and left home. They were driving and there was silence when suddenly swara put her hand around sanskaar’s arm and rested her head on his shoulder. Sanskaar kissed her forehead. To make her mood he turned on the radio and luckily it was her favourite song

Jaane Kaise Baandhe Tune Akhiyon Ke Dor
Mann Mera Khicha Chala Aya Teri Or
Mere Chihre Ke Subh Zulfon Ki Shaam
Mera Sab Kuch Hai Piya Ab Se Tere Naam.

Nazron Ne Teri Chhuwa
To Hai Yeh Jaadu Hua
Hone Lagi Hoon Main Haseen
Aafreen Aafreen … Aafreen (X4)

Sanskaar was waiting for her to sing but she didn’t sing but a slight smile came on her face he was content.

The car came to a halt and swara tightened her grip on sanskaar’s arm. Sanskaar kissed her forehead came out of the car and made her come out too. He held her by her shoulder and led her to Dr. Murthy’s cabin.

Dr. Murthy’s cabin
Sanskaar and swara entered the cabin and sat on the chair holding hands.

“Look swara… your cancer is not on the last stage thankfully it is on the second stage which is easy to cure IF we cure it carefully”

“So doctor when do we start the treatment?”
“actually sanskaar in swara’s case we should start with chemotherapy first and I know it’s a bit painful but we have to do it.”

Swara was just looking blankly towards the wall. “Doctor can u just give us 2 minutes” sanskaar requested the doctor and she nodded and left.

Sanskaar faced swara and lifted her chin. He could see tears in her eyes threatning to come out.
“Nhi shona! U cannot become weak! You’re my brave princess na? Comeon tell me…”
Swara couldn’t control and hugged him tightly and broke down feeling scared.
“Sanskaar what if I go away? What if..” she couldn’t continue as she felt a finger on her lips. (Don’t be naughty guys ?)
“Shhhhhh shona don’t talk like this we’ll start your treatment and it will be successful you trust your sanskaar na? So start your treatment with a fresh mind no stress ok?” Swara hugged him tight and sanskaar hugged her back as if taking all her pain.

They both went in a room entangling their hands. Swara seeing all the equipments tightened her grip on sanskaar’s hand and sanskaar kissed in her hand. They went and Dr. Murthy told swara to change into a dress and was about to send a nurse with her when sanskaar said that he will go with her making swara feel overwhelmed on his care and he went with her. He made swara change and when they were about to go out swara hugged him tight. “Shona don’t get scared hmm? I’m with you always”

Swara went outside with him acting confident but sanskaar knew she was scared like hell. He made her lie down on the bed still holding her hand while the nurse was preparing the drip. Swara was just seeing it with a fear in her eyes and tightening her grip on sanskaar’s hand and just before the nurse was going to inject it swara turned abruptly and hid her face in sanskaar’s stomach who was sitting next to her and she held his hand tight. Sanskaar and the others got startled. She started crying. Sanskaar caressed her hair and held her hand tightly. The nurse injected the needle in her vein and swara screamed in pain “Aaaahhh sanskaar”
“Shhhhhh bas bas bas hogaya princess see nothing happened I’m with you na? See open your eyes.”

Swara opened her eyes and she felt a pain in her hand so she closed her eyes and fell asleep on his lap. Sanskaar caressed her hair and slept in a sitting position.

Precap: Swasan coming back home and sanskaar taking care of swara.

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